Expert consultant for your online and offline business

In this recent online business trend, it is hard to see an expert consultant who can help one promote his/her business online. The majority of individuals who claims to know how to make one business goes viral on the internet are mostly learners. Due to this frequent occurrence, deep research has been made to carefully select an expert consultant for an internet firm. These sets of individuals have gone through lots of training with valid experience which made them perfect in this field. Most of these consultants are Marketers, SEO specialists and online business promoters.

Quickly, we will be looking at some of this expert consultant that can be easily contacted for the promotion of a business

Top 4 Expert consultant for your online and offline business

In this sector, the individual who is going to make one organization to grow from local to national or international level will be highlighted out below.

  1. Neil Patel
  2. Backlinko
  3. Sam Hardvard
  4. Rand Fishkin

1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel Expert consultant for business

Neil Patel has been a great SEO specialist and online business promoter. Neil Patel has also been noted to have helped thousands of organizations to grow online and offline. He is mainly based on ranking a website on search engines but he has also been known for possessing some dynamic marketing strategies that make an organization easily grow. For good reference about him, he has helped companies like Amazon, Viacom, Hp and other big firms to increase their earnings rapidly.
Neil Patel was given birth to on the 24th Of April 1985. In calculation, Neil Patel is 36 years Of Age which made been listed among the most successful young entrepreneurs.

Reasons why Neil Patel will be suitable for been your business expert consultant

According to the autobiography of Neil, it is well known that he has been in the business promotion game for a long. With this, it has made him gather lots of valid experience in this field.

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1. He is a professional Online business promotion
2. He is an expert in SEO and Content marketing
3. Has works with large Big Firms
4. Neil posses high tech platforms that are used for online business promotion.

These are the reasons why you should consider Neil Patel for being your business consultant.

2. Backlinko (Brian Dean)

Backlinko Expert consultant for you business

Backlinko is a well known popular SEO specialist that deals with website rankings, backlink creation and increasing traffic. Backlinko mainly focuses on off-page SEO to help a growing business site get massive traffic from other popular sites. In fact, he has been a challenging competitor for Neil Patel since they both deal on the same Niche. For backlinko, He mainly deals on stuff with website rankings in order to increase business sales.

Little Autobiography of Backlinko

Autobiography of backlinko

Only a few information about backlinko can be obtained from our research.

Brain Dean has been an SEO specialist for 12 years who have tried out 5 different online business but failed. Currently, Brain dean owns a large SEO service network at This website business service was created after the failure of the first 5 different business startups.

This made brain Dean to come up with From research, this blog website has been recommended by different giant blogs and firms like; Amazon, Inc, Forbes,

Why you should Try out backlinko for your business development

Since Brain Dean is a popular SEO specialist, there are lots of benefits obtainable when thinking of working with him.

  1. SEO genius
  2. Good at helping businesses to make massive sales online
  3. Posses High content marketing skills
  4. Ability to rank a website on the Search engine for traffic

These are the reasons why Brain dean should be chosen as your consultant.

3. Sam Asiwaju Hardvard

Sam Asiwaju Hardvard

Sam Asiwaju Harvdvard is another expert consultant for online businesses. He is a well experienced affiliate marketer that has the power to control the mind of a potential customer through copywriting. Sam Hardvard has worked with different big companies and has helped them to grow their income from thousand (N1000) income to billion Naira (1,000,000,000) revenue per month.

Sam Harvard is one of the most successful affiliate marketers and business consultants in Africa. He even owns large teaching and affiliate marketing platform that is worth 10 million dollars, practically saying. This platform is worth $1,480 if anyone wants to join but it was reduced to $100 for a while.

Brief History of Sam Harvard

History and Autobiography of Sam hardvard

Some years back, Sam Hardvard was a student at a university who was dammn broke and has no money to even provide shelter for himself. He usually shouts at his friend place who just allowed him to stay in his whenever he his not around. Sam Hardvard was a Science student who was aiming to become a technical engineer ( Also with other fields in science and technology).

As time goes on, he started practising some marketing skills which he usually used to earn a little amount of money from his mate in the university. In a short time, Sam Hardvard discovered a key to his success which is “online affiliate marketing”.

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He has been using these skills to earn massive amounts of money by promoting other businesses online and offline. At the beginning of the year 2021, he decided to create a platform where he can raise up to 1million successful affiliate marketers. This platform is known as “Learnoflix”. Learnoflix is a great platform where one can learn all that it takes to be a successful online marketer.

Reasons why Sam Hardvard should be your business expert consultant

  1. High level of guarantee for rapid business development
  2. He has all that it takes to take your organization to the next level
  3. Promoting business online he his hubby
  4. Posses a large active community that can help in increase of income

4. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin

Here is another great entrepreneur who has dedicated his blogging lifestyle to help other entrepreneurs to develop their businesses to the next level. Rand Fishkin is the Co-founder of Moz and also the CEO of spark too. Rand Fishkin has been listed before among the best under 30 young tech entrepreneurs by Business week in the year 2009. Rand Fishkin tried his best on MOZ which now made this SEO Tool the best among the others.

Brief History of Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is globally known to be an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He was the Co-founder of in the year 2004, he also moved further to create another platform for the development of entrepreneurs which is known as Finally, Rand Fishkin settle down to establish Sparktoro (A platform specially made for educating entrepreneurs). Sparktoro is the current project that Rand Fishkin is working on to develop successful entrepreneurs.

For the Educational history of Rand Fishkin, he was not a full graduate. He dropped out of school at a certain age.

Currently, he is well known as a content creator who has created different books for business owners who want to take their firm to the next level and also for those who just want to start their own business.

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Why you should opt-in for Rand Fishkin business promotion guideline

  1. He is an SEO expert
  2. He posses diverse tools for online business development
  3. Rand Fishkin has enough experience in business development strategies

What does an expert consultant do?

This type of individual is the one that gives all that it takes to get your business back to normal. They also help to signify the major core things your organization may be missing.
Expert consultants are mainly needed to assist, give valid advice, direct and suggest things that are necessary for the rapid development of a business.


The Four expert consultant listed above are not really called a consultant but they are people you can meet if you want rapid positive changes in your organization. This set of people usually recommends some steps that are to be taken for the positive impacts of the organization.

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