Bank Of America Phone Number – Receive Full Customer Service Help

There are different bank of America phone number you can easily contact.

But notwithstanding, I will provide you with all the necessary BofA phone numbers so you can also be constant for emergency purposes.

Not only that, additional means that you can easily use to contact the bank of Anerica without making use of the official contact details will also be provided in this article.

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Full list of Bank of America phone number you can contact in 2021

As said earlier, I will be highlighting different Bank of America contact numbers you can access through alongside with additional details.

So, let get to business!.

For the first number, you can easily contact their customer service using the popular phone number below;

1. 800-518-0479 – Reporting and making complaints

This is one of the most customer service phone numbers that individuals used to reach Bank of Anerica customers service departments.

The 800-518-0479 is mostly used to report all sorts of complaints about BOA service.

This complaint can be about; Missing payments, services problems, transaction error, fraudulent & scammed activities, Card declines, and so on.

800-518-0479 is one of the easiest numbers that is used to contact the Bank of Anerica customer service.

Calling hour: 9 am – 5 pm
Days: Mon – Fri


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2. 800-432-1000 – For General Calls & Customers services

This is also a popular customer service number that the Bank of America customers use often.

The 800-432-1000 is known to be the best line for contacting the bank of America.

This phone number can also be used to make some certain claims and also make compliance relating to their service.

Calling hour: 9 am – 5 pm
Days: Mon – Fr


3. 800-781-5393 – Online Banking

The 800-781-5393 is used for reporting issues concerning online banking.

This bank of anerica phone number can also be used to enquire their online banking platforms, as well as also providing support and guideline.

800-781-5393 services number is eligible to all customers under the Bank of America platform.

Pre – Customers at the external region can also make use of this number to access their customer help.

Calling hour: 9 am – 5 pm
Days: Mon – Fr


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4. 800-285-6000 – Home loans

Do you want loans from the Bank of America?

If yes, then you can use this service number to get some valuable loans.

This number is made available for enquiring about the home loan.

Further information will be made known to you when you call this loan customer service No – 800-781-5393

Calling hour: 9 am – 5 pm
Days: Mon – Fr


5. 877-833-5617 – Fraudulent Activity Detection

This line is specially made available for reporting cases that like scams, frauds, and other money deceitful acts.

When this call is made, a representative or customer care from the Bank of America will attend to you.

Note: This issue may not be instantly solved but it will be reviewed over time for a solution.

Calling hour: 9 am – 5 pm
Days: Mon – Fr


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6. 800-421-2110 – Credit Card Service

Are you having issues with your credit card? Or do you need a new one?

If so, then it’s high time you call this bank of america customer service phone number – 800-421-2110 to issue you new credit card.

Once called, a customer care representative will respond to you immediately with valid answers to your issue.

Calling hour: 9 am – 5 pm
Days: Mon – Fr

7.  800-669-6607 & 888-325-6435 – Mortgage and mortgage services

With the aid of these numbers, you can request for mortgage service online without visiting their office.

What you just need to do is to make a to their customer service through this No., then you will get a quick reply from them.

Each number listed above is for a different purpose.

One is for just mortgage, while the other one of for the service.

Calling hour: 9 am – 5 pm
Days: Mon – Fr


8. 888-689-4466 – Estate Service

Do you need assistance with estate service?

If yea, then it time to call this number – 888-689-4466

This number will give you full access to talk to a bank of Anerica customer services about this estate service.

Calling hours: 8 a.m.-8 p.m ET
Days: Mon – Fr

That’s it

Contacting through social media

As promised above, I will be sharing extra means I which you can use reach out to the bank of Anerica customer service.

So here, you will be contacting them through their official social platforms.

The links are to their social account are provided below

1. Facebook private contact page

2. Twitter private contact page

3. Instagram contact page

4. LinkedIn official account

That’s it.

Let take some extra relevant subheadings below

Express login

Apart from this content, you can now log into your express account easily with the link that will be provided below.

This link is safe and it is gotten from the official website of this bank.

So, you don’t need to be afraid.

We got you covered!

Here is the express login link below👇


Secure bank login

Here again, we are providing with the bank of america secure bank login you can use to access your account safely.

bank of america secure bank login

The login link that will be given below is mainly obtained from their official site.

So we want you to put in mind that the link below is very secure and it contains no malware that can steal your information.

That’s the truth

Here is the secure login link below👇




With the aid of the bank of anerica phone number provided above, I hope you will solve any issue you are encountering with this u.s. bank.

Or if you think we failed to provide some customers service numbers above, you can notify us by a sending a mail to us.

Better still, you can comment below with any issues you are having with this content.

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