4 Best car insurance companies in Washington state [2022 Latest]

I know you may be finding it hard to look for the best car insurance companies in Washington state you can obtain a valid policy from.

I can feel your intent now. Very stressful right?

Yeah, but this is the end of it.

I assure you that

In this post, I will be providing you in full detail on all the best car insurance companies in Washington state
You can easily insure your automobile with.

And also, I will be passing out a piece of very vital information at the end of this article.

You won’t miss out

So, do yourself good by reading till the end.

You don’t need to be scared of the length of the article, everything has been simplified.

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4 Best car insurance companies in Washington state for 2022

In this section, I will be listing just four insurance Companies that are performing very well in Washington state.

Let get starting with the listing

  1. Hartford
  2. State Farm
  3. Nationwide
  4. PEMCO


1 . Hartford insurance company

Hartford is one of the largest insurance companies in the united state by ranking 13th.

Hartford Auto insurance company

According to research, Hartford is among the Fortune 500.

Meanwhile, in 2020, it was recorded that Hartford ranked 160th in the Fortune 500.

This was a great achievement for them.

Hartford is known as strong insurance that has been able to handle different critical cases successfully.

Not to even talk of the number of fire outbreaks and earthquakes they have been able to solve, that was a huge work full of success.

That not all, Hartford is also very good at car insurance.

Hartford Auto insurance company

In recent years, they have been able to provide a good number of policies for the Us citizen especially to those living in Washington.

They’ve been doing this successfully without receiving diverse complaints from their policyholders.

Calculations and Estimation of Hartford revenue (income)

Since this insurance is the 13th largest, then you should be expecting something huge from their earnings.

Total revenue for Hartford in 2019: US$20.74 billion
Net income for 2019: US$2.09 billion

Founders of Hartford

Hartford insurance company was founded in 1810 by a group of local merchants in Hartford city, it was not by a person.

Currently, this company has up to 20,000 employers that are active in operations.

CEO: Christopher J. Swift


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2 . State Farm insurance company

If you don’t know, State Farm is the Top best car insurance company in Washington state.

Start farm cheaper auto insurance


Because they are the overall highest insurance company in the united state.

Especially when It comes to securing cars, they are the best of all.

State Farm is a type of insurance company that has been in operation for a long.

And since then, they’ve been doing a job in keeping life, property, and cars safe.

And you know what, their policy is quite Cheap.

Let take a look.

State Farm charges rate starry from $51.5 per month depending on the type of thing you are insuring.

And for six months, they charge the rate is $309

Isn’t that economic for those living in Washington?

Yes, it is!

In fact, Some insurance companies that are not even up to State Farm charge at higher rates due to some reasons.

So, this is a big chance to save your money and still get quality service in return

Summary of State Farm revenue

State Farm has the highest income revenue among the auto insurance company in the United State at large.

Since they are the largest, then there is no need for much argument.

Now, let check their revenue in figure

State Farm Total revenue in 2019: US$79.395 billion
Number of active policy : over 80 million

Founders and Managers of State Farm

The current individual who is managing and controlling all the affairs of state firm is;

Michael Tipsord ( CEO )

However, State Farm mainly established by George J. Merchele in 1992


3 . Nationwide auto insurance company

Nationwide auto insurance company

Here comes another wonderful financing institution that offers auto insurance services.

Not only that, but they also offer other services like loans, banking, investment, mortgage, and other things that have to do with money.

Nationwide is the seventh largest cooperative financial institution in the world at large.

best car insurance companies in Washington state

That is not all, this company is also the largest building society on planet earth.

Nationwide is a type of financial institution that serves it’s customers the best in whatever they are into.

Their primary goal is to make all consumers happy that they offered their services.

Due to this, it has made their company to grow at a very fast rate.

With the aid of research, we discover that Nationwide was able to obtain the total number of 13 million members in their building society with aid of how they serve their customers.

This is one of their developmental secrets.

Purchasing Nationwide auto insurance service in Washington can be one of the greatest things that will ever happen to you when It comes to securing your car.

Nationwide car insurance service offers the best for their consumer.

Nationwide as best car insurance companies in Washington state

They also provide one of the best and cheap Policies for new and old members.

You can try them out to experience what am saying.

And I promise, you won’t regret partnering with them


Info about Nationwide revenue

Nationwide posses lots of assets, members, and services.

Therefore, we are expecting lots of value from them.

Total income revenue for Nationwide: $4.520 billion

Assets value: $350.26 billion

Owners and Managers of Nationwide

Nationwide current CEO is: Joe Garner

While their active chairman is: David Roberts

Nationwide was founded in 1846 by the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation in Columbus.

Nationwide mains residence of operations is in the United Kingdom at Swindon.


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4 . PEMCO insurance company

PEMCO auto insurance company

Are you looking for an auto insurance company that has its headquarter in Washington?

If yes, then I think you just found one.

PEMCO is wholly one of the best car insurance companies in Washington state.

That is, you can easily access this company without stressing yourself that much.

best car insurance companies in Washington state

PEMCO offers one the best auto insurance service you will like to have since they were able to grow doing these things.

PEMCO auto insurance company

This insurance company may not be as popular as State Farm or Geico, but they are best suited for this location.

Overall PEMCO revenue

From valid sources around the web, it shows that PEMCO revenue is not as buoyant as other popular insurance companies.

PEMCO total revenue in 2017: $458.4 million


Founders and CEO of PEMCO

PEMCO journey started when Robert J. Handy make use of credit union legalism to create Seattle Teachers Credit Union in year 1936.

The current CEO of PEMCO is: Stan W. McNaughton


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Reasons why they are the best car insurance companies in Washington state

Before we come to conclusion that these is the top companies you can easily insure your car with, we’ve made some thorough research about them.

Here, you will know why the firms listed above are the best car insurance companies in Washington state.

Let get started.

1 . Possessing high flexibility

The insurance companies that are listed above attain high flexibility in their operation.

They are the type of company that it’s very easy to understand and makes use of their service easily.

Interns of getting a quote, you can easily go to their website and do that.

This company is not like other insurance firms that have complex steps when it comes to registering a a new member.

2 . Very Economic

The best car insurance companies in Washington state highlighted above are very economic when it comes to providing a standard policy for a car.

In most cases, this companies charges at the rate from $36 to $51 per month depending on the value of the thing you are insuring.

On like other firms, their rate of insurance is so expansive that a mere individual can’t afford it.

But for the ones that are listed above, they are not expensive.


3 . Offers Good Services

Despite the cheap money this insurance company collects, they are still ranked among the best insurance company that performs good.

Not only that, but they are also good when it come to customers service.

They don’t treat their customers anyhow.

Instead, this insurance company takes them as family.


4 . Good Productivity and Availability

This is one of the main reasons why they are called the best among others especially State Farm.

One good note, the majority of the insurance company listed above operates 24/7

Get an auto insurance quote

This means, anyone can reach out to them any time and you will see a reply.


Bonus tips

As I promise from the beginning of this article that is going to be sharing some things concerning the best car insurance companies in Washington state.

Here it’s

From the things I wrote above, I mentioned four (4) Good insurance companies you can use in Washington.

But here’s is the main deal.

Out of these four companies, Only one is best recommend to be used by you.

And its name is: State Farm

Yeah State Farm

Here’s why

This is the largest and one of the cheapest insurance companies in the United State – Washington

By using State Farm, you are simply leveraging your little money to attract bigger value.

In most cases, State Farm gives more service to their customer than the money they paid.

That is: if you pay $50 for obtaining a policy for 1month.

There is a high tendency that you will be receiving that’s more than the money you paid.

Do you get what am saying?

I hope you do



With the aid of this article, I believe you’ve chosen one out of the best car insurance companies in Washington state.

If not, it’s better to go through this article again and find the one that suits you.

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