Elon musk potential achievements that will change the business world

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Elon musk potential achievements that will change the business world

Elon Musk, known as a popular richest technology man in the world has worked on several projects that will change our current business operations.

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Elon Musk, known as a popular richest technology man in the world has worked on several projects that will change our current business operations.
In the last time, the CEO of Telsa has created several advanced cars with great features. These vehicles are made to distinguish from the relatively other.
At the beginning of 2020, Elon Musk tried more into his project (a trip to the red planet) for quick achievements. This has become one of the dreams of Telsa which is intended to be completed this year. But because of some circumstances, the goal cannot be achieved easily.

How travel to Mars will change the world of business

With the help of Elon Musk Starship which is worth $ 900,000 per launch, this project will be executed immediately.
In the nearest time, humans will be able to travel to other neighbouring planets such as Mars with advanced technical assistance.
For business, there will be an evolution in exporting and importing goods with the provisions of other raw materials. Also, some popular industries will deviate from the types of products produced.
On Mars, some valuable raw materials are not found on earth. If these resources can be obtained by our astronauts or scientists, the business world will be intensively affected.

The positive impact of this project

The Telsa aims to create life on Mars by conveying a large number of individuals to the planet of reddish neighbours. And if this mission can be achieved, many things will change in various aspects.
For business, this project will attract several benefits for operations carried out. Leave some of them below;

1. Evolution of ideas 

When many explorations are made, there will be more ideas to produce. Travelling to Mars will make many entrepreneurs find news that is not found on earth. Can be through environmental observations or take samples from objects found there.
Going to Mars can help in some business breakthroughs through the ideas produced. When there is an efficient external exploration, the discovery of various perspectives will increase.

2. Expand in exchange systems

Taking our products to an external planet will improve the distribution chain in the business. At 25% of the earth’s population moves to Mars, the production of goods for the external body will accumulate.
At present, our distribution chain is there because certain amounts of countries are available for consuming products or services. Some regions don’t even accept external products except items produced in their territory.

But for those who will travel to the red planet with Starship, they will not have a choice but to depend on imported goods. Over time, the potential of people living on neighbouring planets will look for ways to produce their goods. Making this happen can take several years to occur.

3. Availability of abundant resources

At present on earth, there are several limited resources because they are too often used. Resources such as oil, coal and phosphorus have experienced a lack of quantity due to excessive consumption.
With the help of this potential project, we can increase the available resources we have. On Mars, several similar elements are also found on earth. This element can be isotopes or the same as those found on earth.

As Elon Musk said, the spacecraft can deliver a large number of individuals to the red planet calmly. If this can happen, then we can import some of the raw materials needed on Mars to Earth. With that, it will help manufacture products by making more available resources.

4. Increased productivity level

Many factors can lead to the way an organization produces its belongings. It can be the amount of material availability, the availability of labour or the number of consumers of goods that will be made.


In this aspect, the number of resources and the number of potential buyers will be a factor for increasing production.
Travelling to Mars will support humanitarian regeneration on other planets because; When there is enough space for humans to be occupied, it will be easy for this event.
In business theory; When the number of potential consumers is low, the rate of production will definitely decrease. But when it’s the opposite, productivity will increase.
Travel to Mars will urge many industries to double the level of production. This is because; Individuals who volunteered to engage in the mission will want to take some real things with them.
Imagine when the entire community decided to travel to the desert.
Will they all go empty-handed?
Of course not!
No matter how short or fast travel, there is a need to take some valuable things like; Food, fabric, accessories, devices along with them. In this case, the industry located in the community must increase their production level because they will demand high for their output.

The negative impact of this project

For every action we take, there are always positive and negative side effects. Here, I will specify things that can be wrong in the business world if this task is run.

1. Great loss

The trip to the outside planet is actually a risky task, it can succeed or not. In most of the time, our astronauts failed when they tried to convey with rockets outside the Earth’s atmosphere. They tend to have calculation errors in their system or errors that occur when operating their machines.
At the end of everything, it can cause a rocket to crash. After that happens, all students involved on the way with the things they take with them. In this case, it has caused losses in business because all items taken with them will be wasted including rockets used as a means of transportation.

2. Decreasing labour

Reduce individuals who are actively involved in one or two things for their survival will lead to reducing labour in business.
When several people travel to Mars without them being replaced in their field of work, it can reduce the productivity level of an organization.
When there are fewer people who want to work, it will be difficult to see unique workers who will improve the industry.
With that, the trip to the red planet with a large number of active individuals will lead to a quick decline in labour.

3. Disturbed of the distribution chain

The distribution cycle will also be influenced by this project. When 10% of active consumers have been transferred to other planets, which will easily replace those who go for the trip.


According to business experts; Someone who consumes products regularly better than 100 individuals who often buy them.
Now, imagine when 10% of active consumers of the earth travelled to other planets.
How will the distribution and consumption chain look like?
There will be a missing contribution in the cycle. For business, it has affected the distribution chain.