Google competes with Apple over their new smart device

Recently, there has been an advert fight between Apple and Google over which device should be purchased by smartphone users. In the last few weeks, Google has engaged in a strict advertisement on how to switch from iPhone to Android with just a simple process. Google even went extreme to create a cable device that can simply transfer all pictures, videos, files, music from an iPhone to the new Google Pixel device by just connecting the cable together with the two devices. Google also claimed that the new Pixel device posses good storage system than that of an iPhone.

Google pixel smartphone

This recent occurrence has made a lot of iPhone users think Apple phones is just a crap. I didn’t that, it was the opinion of Apple users. For Apple, when they saw the way Google Advert over their new 5G pixel smartphone has been sending a negative message to their iPhone users. This made Apple Also Engage in a fight backs advert.

Within a short time, let quickly look into the new Google 5G mobile phone.

Stunning Features of Google Pixel 5G smartphone

According to Google, the new Pixel Smartphone posses the following dynamic Characteristics.

1. Processor

Octa-core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G)

2. Storage

ROM: 128GB

3. Battery

Capacity: 4680mAh

4. Display

6.34-inch (1080×2400)

5. Operating System

OS: Android 11

6. Cameras

Front: 8MP
Rear: 12.2MP + 16MP
Rear autofocus: Yes
Rear Flashlight: Yes

7. Sensors

Proximity Sensor: Yes
Barometer: Yes
Accelerometer: Yes
Fingerprint Sensor: Yes
Ambient light sensor: Yes
Compass/Magnetometer: Yes

8. Charging

Fast charging: Yes


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The New Google smartphone Is built with higher processor technology (Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G) which allow that device to perform extremely fast. Alongside, a good battery system is also available in the device by making it possessing a 4680mAh battery capacity. The New Google 5a 5G pixel is also embedded with excellent storages systems of 6GB RAM and 128 ROM. With this, all potential 5a 5G Pixel Users will experience great speed in the performance. Also, wides method of storing photos, videos, Files and Music is made available.

On the Camera aspect, a great work has been done there. The New pixel is made up of a rear camera of 12.2MP + 16MP that can capture an object from a far distance and still produce stunning outputs. Comparing this Google smart device to the Apple Smart device (iPhone 13) in terms of camera quality, I can simply say that the two devices have the same capabilities of producing the pure pictures in the same standard. In this case, we are not judging base on the amount of cameras but the total quality output the device can project.

IPhone 13

Suggestions, questions and Answers

Will the new Google pixel device be useful in the business sector?

Talking about what the new pixel smartphone can be of good for the entrepreneurs, it a thing we can examine based on the features the devices possess.

What exactly do an employer or entrepreneur needs from a smartphone?

In this case, the major activity of an employer or entrepreneur in the organization is to access the internet, save large files and also execute some tasks on the device.

Final thought…

Do you think the Google Pixel smartphone (5a 5G) can overcome Apple products (iPhone 13)?

Drop your comment below in order to let us know what you feel about this occurrence

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