How to take your small business to the next level


How to take your small business to the next level

     How take your small business to the next level: Learn how to take your business to the next level irrespective of the type of business it is. Alo

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     How take your small business to the next level: Learn how to take your business to the next level irrespective of the type of business it is. Alot of entrepreneurs are stagnant in their business status which is due to some certain mistake they make when running it.

This errors mostly occur due to lack of knowledge (Ignorance) at the part of area that the organization is based on. In most cases, other industries with better business understanding tend to perform better in their activities than the other organizations.

So, I will urge you to make your business standout from others by taking it to the next form of stage which can be achieved by attaining to some expert tips provided in this article.

 Sings that indicates that your firm is at the same level

With the help of these tactics, the following signs affecting your business negatively will be solved.

1. Stagnant development

     This occurs when no improvement occur in the organisation or production centre, i.e all area of the business tend to remain in the same position.

With the effect this factor, the enhancement of the organisation will be affected negatively, attached with it product/services. And also, this factor will not allow the company outputs to standout among it other relatives in the general market.

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2. Unrecognized by the public   

Lack of recognition of product and service by the potential consumers is referred to be an error in the  marketing theory.

Without the awareness of the public of your product or your service, the businesses is likely to fall tremendously.

3. Decrease of consumers

      It means the act of your potential buyers and consumers to deviate from your product to another relative alternative.

With the impact of this factor in a business organization, it affect the status of the business negatively and later leads to stagnant or downfall of most industries.

4. More loss than profit

   An organized that is frequently experiencing more loss than their income tends to remain in the same position. Well, this situation can be caused by the following,


  • Damage in products
  • TAX and VAT
  • Wrong accounting
  • Devalued services 
  • More expenses in distribution e.t.c

There are still more to it but the major ones are listed above, this are the factors that lead more loss than profit.

5. little shares in market

    Having a little share in market is referred to as the ability of products/services belonging to a particular industry not earning it specific percentage in the the stock or Fx market. 

Scenario example

  Goggle have a large share in the market of the search engines than Bing.

6. Fluctuating business status

    This is a state of a business that is not fully balanced and still facing some challenges in development.

In this case, the industry status is tend to be fluctuating in this aspect. In conclusion, it also affects the development and production center of a firm.


Procedures on how to take your small business to the next level

Here, simple guidelines will be highlighted and explained below which will aid in getting  your business the next stage.

1. Standard merchandising

    This means the act of promoting your product or service which have been successfully distributed to the retailers. This is one of the best ways of improving your business status as it can be involved in different ways


  • Re – packaging 
  • Advanced branding 
  • Value coupons
  • Modern labelling


The merchandising features listed above will aid in the development sector of a business organization if practiced effectively.

2. Perfect Accounting

     Management of money in an organization should also be extremely observed, because this sector is known to be the basic department in a business organization which take note of how money comes in and go out of the company.

To be frank, a qualified chartered accountant is advised to be employed into the sector of money management at the accounting office, as this will help in the area of how income and money in organization should be properly taken care of in order to avoid loss of capital.

3. Advertising

     Use the power of advertising to expand the width of your business to different area and region where it has not been noticed or recognize.

 The role of advertising in this situation is to aid at creating awareness of your product/service to the public or potential consumers. Also, there are a lot of advertising methods that could be used but the most effective and recommended media advertising network is Adsense.

This advertising network is owned by google and could get your product and services reach over one billion people in the world, other print media advertisement that could used are publications media, direct advertising e.t.c

4. Market research

    Research process should be made on how to improve your product and services, as this will make it less competitive with other relative product or service in the general market.

Some approaches that should taken when  involving in market research are highlighted below 


  • problem identification
  • Research plan
  • Data collection 
  • Analyzing of data
  • Submit of finds

All this are the approaches that should be made when involving in market research.

Note: The following procedures should be adhered to carefully and proper practices should be made on them.

Take your business from local to international level 

 Promote the current level of your business to an advance state by applying some simple tactics and strategies to aid in taking your business from local to national or international level.

      Most businesses are not recognized by potential consumers of other regions due to the current state and level of the business, the organization at the local level tends to be under development.

      If your business as not yet explode or spread to other regions with significant recognition, it tends to be at the local level and needs to be highly concentrated on With promoting tactics.

Why do you want take your business from local to national or international level?

 Note:  A business organisation that is not fully recognised by the citizens of a country or other region, and not known for any benefit except in it originated area is tend to be at local level.

     The product and service that are been produced by an organization must hit a reach of at least 35% of the population at is region, this shows that the business have partial recognition from the local to the national level.

Tactics and strategies to indulge in

      Promote your business to the next stage by practicing some useful tactics that are used by other successful organizations.



1. Quality output

      The product or services manufactured by your organization should be made highly unique and quality, the best form a product and service created by an organization  are recommended to be served to the consumer.

As an entrepreneur who is trying to get your business to international level, improvement in the quality of goods and services that your organization produces are to be made.

     Quality of a product and services are better that it quantity, most consumers go after a product of high quality than the one with less quality because it serves them better.  

By improving the quality of your product and services, it will attract more consumers and take the business organization  to higher level and make it output less competitive in the market.

2. Product and services must serves the main consumer needs

      The core reason why consumers purchases a product or service is to meet their potential needs, and if this not fully achieve the consumers are tend to restrain from the product and service with  no benefit.

Your organization  output must meet the required need that your consumer needs from the product and service that you organization  offer, this makes goods and services more demanding by large sum of consumers.

Through the satisfaction of consumers over a particular goods and services, it gives the organization of the product outstanding from other relative product.

3. Constant advertising

Creating more awareness over the existence of goods and services helps in the role of taking your business from local to national or international level. Most successful organization  like; 


  • Coca-Cola
  • Amazon
  • Samsung
  • Google e.t.c 

      Involves in constant advertising in order to help them keep leading at specific sectors in the market shares by yielding the number of potential consumers for their products.

By advertising your organization output in different ways, it give your business a clear opportunity to proceed to the next level in way of creating large recognition of your product and services.

4. Innovative branding

     This is a way of specifically differentiating your product from other relative with a unique branding style, it spot out the difference of product of the same type.

For example, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are both made from cola but of different name and organization. It is the branding that differentiates the two product from each other, making us know which one is Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

The way you brand your product matters, try to create a new branding method that are not commonly used by other relative organization. It will aid in boosting the attractiveness and makes the consumer have desire to purchase your products.

5. Reasonable pricing

     The act of an entrepreneur setting certain cost that can be paid for a particularly product or service is referred to as pricing, it the factor that makes purchasing possible in the theory of marketing.

Before setting a price for your business out puts, consider the following factors below;


  • Nature of market
  • Consumer income 
  • Nature of product 
  • Rate of demand 
  • Competition  
  • Sales channel

All the following factors listed above will help in setting perfect price for your product if carefully implemented, they what mainly determines the cost of goods and services.

75% of consumer go after product with affordable and reasonable price, it make purchasing convenient for them. So, make sure your business out put are well fixed with perfect prices that will entice your potential consumers to demand and also purchase your products.

6. Enhancement in distribution 

     The method of conveying of goods from the state of production to the finals consumer should be improved, product must easily get to the final consumer.

Analyse how to simplify the channel of distribution of your organization , a better distributing method should be implemented.

 Through the helps of this tactics, increase in purchase of product and services will be efficiently made.



     The practice outlined above are to  be effectively practiced in order to experience positive changes on how to take your small business to the next level.


Note:  Positive changes in the business will not occur immediately, it will take a while the tactics applied to reflect in the development of the organization.