How technology affects business in diverse ways


How technology affects business in diverse ways

How technology affects business in diverse way: Technology has been one of the factors that affect business development, either positively or negative

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How technology affects business in diverse way: Technology has been one of the factors that affect business development, either positively or negatively. 

Majority of firms depends on the input of

technology in their constant operation. Without the use of tech devices, the most task won’t be achieved successfully. 

That why most industries require electricity for their task to be carried out successfully. Electricity is mainly needed in industry because all tech devices required electricity to power their system for functioning. 

Without electric energy, no machines or tech devices will be able to power on. As said earlier, technology affects the business in different ways, which can be meriting or demeriting. 

If there are any changes in the development of a business, one of the core factor that cause it is referred to be “technology“. 

The product of science plays an important role in the activities of an organization, the majority of the operations performed in an industry are done by “Machines” ( The output of Science). 

The reason why 75% uses of big organization use machines is that they are;

  • Faster 
  • Easier 
  • Economic
  • Saves time 
  • Enhance productivity e.t.c 

Machines and robots are categorized under technology, as they are both obtained from science.

 Without the use of these devices, 90% of the big firms you see today won’t be what they are. The reason is that majority of them are highly dependent on technology factors. 

Without these machines, they won’t be able to perform any tangible tasks successfully. Don’t forget that technology affects the business in two ways, which are  either; 

  • Positive 
  • Negative 

One of the two must be applied to a business. Not to waste your time, let quickly dive into another similar topic. Which is highlighted as subtopic below. 

5 certitude reasons on how technology affects business profoundly

Business cannot suddenly be affected by technology, there are some specific reasons behind it. These reasons are enlightened below 


1. Business depends on science invention 

In this current century, most business activities are based on science product. 90% of the organization today depends on technology in the aspect of performing operations, as no task won’t be easily accomplished without tech-devices. 

Not to even talk of the tech-device, there are other factors of technology that business highly depends on technology. This is;

  • Light 
  • Electricity 
  • Communication 
  • Transportation e.t.c 

But the main factor that business depends on in technology is “Electricity“. Majority of the gadget and appliance that a firm possesses make use of electricity.

 This is the type of energy the appliance used to power their system, other energies are referred to be counterfeit to their system. 

Now, let talk about Light which was successfully founded by Thomas Edison in the year 1879. All organizations make use of light constantly, even the smallest industry in the world also make valid use of light. 

The dependent on this technology is very high, as no industry can do without it. 

If the light is made always constant, the productivity of the organization will the high. 

That one of the points that make technology affect business. Other factors like communication and transportation also play an important role in the operation of a firm, but their dependent rate does not reach one of Electricity and Light

Although, we do send and receive messages every day with the aid of communicative devices. The business also depends on communication at a high rate. 

2. Technology dominates the core sector of an organization

In the industry, we can find many active departments. These sectors are meant for different purposes, each of them also performs their specific functions. 

While the most effective department of an organization tends to be dominated by technology. 

Major big firms occupy the core sector of their industry with either Machines or AI robots, these two devices fall under the factor of technology.  

Now, Let list the sector in an organization that is mostly dominated by tech-devices, which are;

  • The production sector 
  • The communication sector 
  • The power supply sector 
  • The communication sector 
  • The Transportation department 
  • The management department 
  • The security department

All the organization categories highlighted above are often controlled by the factors of technology. 

The main reason why tech-device dominates this sector is that major firms want these areas to be highly effective in operation so that their business will develop rapidly.

 So, In this case; technology affects the business positively. 

The core sectors of an organization are referred to be the most vital and important department, that why they are more concentrated on. 

An industry that wants to be more effective in operation will want to occupy this sector with tech-device, especially Machines that are Powered with AI ( Artificial intelligence ) technology. 

Now let take Google Algorithms machines for example; More than one millions Search occurs on Google every day, and almost 85% of the researchers get a valid result. 

Google make this happen with the help of the algorithms machines they use. Without this AI device, Google won’t be able to achieve their internet dream. 

With this illustration, it also gives us a valid point on the reason why technology affects the business.  

Don’t go yet!, as I will be explaining the impact of technology in business later on in this article. Read on!. 

3. The effective close connection

Right from time, business relationship with technology has always been tight. There are a lot of things that make them have this close connection, which is listed below;

  • Use of tech-devices 
  • Business theories and practicals
  • Development 
  • Corresponding merits

In most case, business and technology interact together in aspects of development. 

Majority of the firms you see today are not what they are before, why some advance tech-device you use presently is not as advanced in the last 100yrs

This change was able to take place because development has occurred in them. 

But, “how did they have a close connection with each other?”

Now, let me give a brief illustration of the question highlighted above.

If you do make researches or read documentaries about the changes that occurred in technology and business, you will notice that they both interact with each other in their development journey.  

The rate of change in science products will also affect the rate of.  

Let take transportation for example. In the early age, the businessman’s change and capitalist do you use animals mostly when they want to convey goods in large quantity.

 That was the only best means they can use for transporting their products. The animals that are mostly used for the conveying are, 

  • Carmel
  • Donkey 
  • Horse 

While other means could be on the water by the use of boat or canoe. Back then, technology and business are still under development. 

Which show that science- products still affect the activities their firms perform.

But now, let take a look at the changes that occurred in the two aspects. Currently, we have different valuable means of transportation. Which are;

  • The land conveying method 
  • The air conveying methods
  • The water conveying method 
  • The Rail conveying method 
  • The pipeline conveying method 

While the commonly used type of transportation means are the;

  • Land 
  • Water and 
  • Air 

They are objected to be very effective and useful. 

With the type of transportation, we obtain presently, it shows that technology as developed. 

Now, let move on to the business aspect. As you know major firms deal with distribution which involves transportation, and they also make use of different conveying means to get their goods to a specific destination. 

The most current organization often use the most effective means of transportation in their business activities because 95% of firms want their products to reach the end consumers. 

So in this case, it shows the positive connection technology has with the business. 

What this illustration is mainly talking about is that technology assists the major business activities. 

And also, the business does the same to technology by reproducing the factors of science-products. This means they are vice versa to each other. 

4. Structure of the current century

Not to talk too much, as we all know we are in the Information Age. Which means we will be dealing mostly with communication ( receiving and sending of information). 

But for this to occur, we will be needing a smart-device that will aid in our communication. For we are all aware that in this 21Th century, major firms want to reach out to their potential consumers at large. 

That why 70% per cent of the advert are done on the web. This organization perform their ads one the internet because there is a more active user on the web than that of the print media. 

 With this, the firms can easily pass information and attract all their potential consumers that are surfing the internet. 

But without the use of any device, none of this can take place. This is where technology comes in. For we cant create any campaign online without using a device to access it, this is impossible. 

The gadget that is mostly used to perform this operation is referred to be a laptop or a desktop.

 Other gadgets apart from the one highlighted above won’t be able to perform the task to the required standard.  

So, once the ads are activated by the firm online, the information will be passed to the viewers about the particular product or services that are advertised.

 In this case, technology affects the business through communication. 

Break down explanation: 

The reason why communication takes part in the activities of a firm is that. 

Without the advertisements that are done online. No one will be able to discover the product a specific organization acquires. 

The online ads provide necessary information that is required by the potential viewers/ consumers. 

To conclude this part, this current century aid at enabling technology to affect the business. 

Pointful impacts of technology on business

In this section, we will be looking at the various way that science-products has affected the business.

Which will tell us more about how technology affects the business. But, only the two core factor will be enlightened. Which are 

  • Positive impact 
  • Negative impact 

As we move one, let dive into the positive aspect

1. Positive impact

In various ways, technology has impacted a lot of positive attributes in business. For all can’t be explained but, I will be touching the important parts.

77% of the development that occurred in an organization are based on these positive impacts. 

This is so because major firms make use of the factors that these impacts obtain in their day to day activities.  Which can be;

  • Electricity 
  • Internet 
  • AI device 

The frequently used factor is electricity, for it is highly depended on. 

Moving forward, let simply highlight the sectors where technology has positively impacted business on. Which are precisely listed below; 

  • Production 
  • Energy 
  • Transportation 
  • Communication 
  • Structural 
  • Security/storage 
  • Facilities and equipment 
  • Marketing strategies 

This is not all! we still have some minor sectors in business that are not covered.  But only the major ones are provided above. 

With the help of technology, a lot of things are easily made available. Not to talk of product that is newly invented or services that was made discoverable. 

To say the fact, technology as an assisted business in many diverse ways. 

All can’t be illustrated, we only explained those that are commonly used. 

Now, let do some brief gist on the production sector;

If we can go back in time to the early business age, we will be able to see how an operation is performed in their organization. 

 With that, you can easily grasp what am about to illustrate. 

In the olden days, the early men possess a clothing industry. They also involve in production and manufacturing of cloth. 

But, the cloth that is produced by them is only based on one pattern which is informed of garments. Back then, the only pattern of cloth they produced in similar textile. 

They couldn’t manufacture different patterns of dressing in diverse textile because there are no effective and modern industrial machines. 

 The name of the machines that was mostly used in the past century by the clothing manufacturer is called “Spinning Jenny“. 

A pool of thread is made simultaneously with the aid of these machines, it was one of the frequently used machines for manufacturing clothing in the past century.

But now, if you take your time to visit a standard clothing manufacturing industry. 

You will notice that 89% per cent of their equipment are highly technology-based. 

Let take the popularly known cloth brand for example which is “Gucci“. This industry possesses a lot of dressing pattern and textile which makes millions of people demand it.

 But what I want you to grab from this illustration is that the achievements Gucci brand made are not because of the amount of labour or employers they obtained but the level of technology they acquired. 

Let stop here as we move on to the negative aspects. 

2. Negative impact

Technology has benefited business in different ways, now let discuss its demerit.  As we all know that in our business activities, we do experience some unfavourable incidents. 

30% of this catastrophe are caused by the factors of technology, which affect the business negatively.

 There are some of these negative impacts of science product that are common in business, which are; 

  • Increase in business hazards
  • Cyber fraud 
  • Absence of labour 
  • Loos of products 
  • Absence of physical communication 
  • Evolution of AI-powered firm 
  • Excess dependence 

This is the negative impact of technology on business, which affects the firms negatively. 

Since when the business started using excess machine and gadget, the place of man in the industry has been substituted. 

Major firms rather use a machine than to employ a man. And also, most of the bad incident that occurs in the operation of a business are caused by technology. 

For example, the crash of a plane that contains goods owned by a firm. If there was no invention of air transportation, there won’t be any need for this bad incident. 

So this clarifies that technology also impacts the business negatively. 

 Meriting FAQs 

A. Question: What makes technology affects business or how does technology affect business?

Answer: There are a lot of things that make technology affects business, one is the core reason is their close connection.

B. Question: what aspect did technology affects business the most?

Answer: Technology affects the business often in a positive aspect.

C. Question: Do science relate to business?

Answer: Yes of course! science have a tight collaboration with business in a different aspect.