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Extra – Simple ways examine applicants CV application in your organization

  How to check the application CV applicants in your organization: When applicants submit their CV to you, that means they request a job that you w

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Extra - Simple ways examine applicants CV application in your organization
How to check the application CV applicants in your organization: When applicants submit their CV to you, that means they request a job that you will give to your company. So, you are advanced enough to review the document to see if it meets your needs or not.
After each application file, CV applicants meet your management, then the person applied to the job post that you provide has been used successfully.
But let me tell you something; Most of your time reviewing CV applicants, you do one of the two below;
Initiate it right or
Review it wrong
That’s why most of your time hires the wrong individual to your organization. The wrong review of the CV can cause your company to be a big problem because you immediately wear bitter leaves in the middle of honey.
Meanings: Two things that are not intended to work together in collaboration.
To resolve this problem, you need to know which area you must concentrate more on when through CV whatever you meet in your organization.

CV application area you must concentrate more on when doing Reviews (Important)

There are several sectors in the framework of the curriculum that help assess individuals who are looking for work in any organization.
The below is the sector I’m talking about.

1. Name and contact information

This CV section is known as a header, it is one of the first elements observed when the document is being reviewed.
For you as a business owner, this is where you know the identity of individuals who submit job vacancies in your company. Information in this sector includes the applicant;
  • Family name and name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address.
This is where the main information that submits certain jobs written.
Now, how do you pass this special area perfectly without making a mistake?
#1 If you want to review this sector correctly, make sure the name written on the CV application is religious against human reasons.
Meaning: Name not only must be written text but also pass some positive signals to your brain.
CCCaTeafm LorEna ❌.
Linda Acosta ✅.
The first name has no meaning and looks awkward, while the second name is seen as having good readability in a good format.
#2 Make sure the name is written unique so it can be found in the Applicant CV.
  • Certificate
  • Bank account
  • Email address
  • And in other documents provided
After you can through this file clearly and see that you are finished with them. Then, the next stage can now be moved to.
Note: The name and personal information of the applicant must be positioned at the top on the right.
If not found in that part, I will urge you to reduce the point where the applicant will achieve work.

2. Education plus academic achievement history

Before each individual is employed in your organization, they must have gained significant value in their research line.
When checking their curriculum vitae, pay attention to the type of level they can reach in their academy. This can be a master’s degree, PhD or BHD that they can get.
  If nothing is found in the CV applicants, you can also check whether they get good results in college or at the university.
For good company standards, people who are looking for work in your organization must have at least 5A in their last year’s college exams.
  By applying this method, it will help your company easily bring a bright employer that will contribute to your rapid development management.
Other tactics that can help you employ the good individuals needed for specific work posts are: checking whether they have obtained academic achievement in the past. This can be informed;
  • Excellent results
  • Prize competition
  • Good academic behavior 
  • Discovery or discovery
Every applicant can have these features, you can now allow it to move further for the next review.

3. Work experience

To ensure the individual you will use will be able to do the work he wants to get, there must be a valid description of the experience obtained in certain fields of work.
For you as a business owner, you don’t want to hire someone who has no ideas about the work you have to offer.
So why I would recommend you only accept applications that have at least a little work experience even if they don’t know it with extreme.
Also, their ideas and knowledge of work must be written correctly on the CV they send.
As an example; You have an empty electronic engineering post in your organization. To connect it to the Vitae curriculum, an individual who wants to get a post must have a valid experience of electronics and how it works.
 He must also enter the information needed for review.

4. Skills ownership

This is another important area in the CV application that gives you more reasons to hire anyone who can get more benefits for your management.
Having skilled workers will help improve your career and also advance your business.
This is an area in the framework of the curriculum that allows those who are looking for work to register the skills they have related to the empty post they want to occupy.
So, when you or your recruiter access the Petitioner curriculum. There must be an examination appropriately on the skills they write in their documents.
The reason why I said this was because most of them didn’t even get the skills they provided in their CV applications but they just did it to be hired quickly.
To prevent it, all applicants must be checked with the skills they say have been obtained. With that, you can easily find out which lying or not.
But if there are individuals who have the extra abilities listed in the document. You can continue to check further from their remaining documents.

5. Hobbies and skills 

When reviewing this section of the Vitae curriculum, you only check whether the individual hubby wants to reach an empty post your company runs along with the work that has been applied.
As an example;
Individually wants to apply for a programming post in an organization but he states that her husband dances and drinks. With this, it shows that it cannot be a responsible programmer if employed for an empty post.
Example 1: As a programmer, I like to dance and drink various types of products that can help my body system for better performance. ❌.
Example 2: Some of my husbands of being a programmer are making a lot of deep research and also solving problems available with my programming skills. ✅.
This is because a hubby programmer cannot dance and drink but it should be; Make research and solve available problems.
This is how your applicant hubby must be harmonized with the type of work requested in your organization.
So, if this is done wrong by anyone. Make sure you drive people from getting qualifications for an empty post that he wants to fill in your management.

The advantage of analyzing the Vitae job search curriculum in the right way

There are several benefits that you can get only by measuring your applicant’s CV correctly, some of them;
  1. Help for your company development
  2. Helps you avoid employer jobs that don’t meet the requirements
  3. Increase your company image
  4. Doing work easily from a qualified employer
  5. Increase your output productivity
  6. Make your organization look standard and fall equipped with competent workers