How to increase demand for a product by 100%

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How to increase demand for a product by 100%

By learning how to increase a demand for a product by 100%, some certain things need to be done. When talking about demand, it is associate with many

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By learning how to increase a demand for a product by 100%, some certain things need to be done. When talking about demand, it is associate with many factors that determine the rate and reactions of the demand for a particular product and services by the consumers. 

In this aspect,  the factor needs to be closely observed and understand how it reacts with the product or service demands. 

There are several ways to increase the demand for an organization output apart from considering their relating factors, most tactics are effectively depending on the way they are used. When product demand is elastic, it doesn’t state one reason for the change in demand. 

A business organization can be experiencing a low or high rate of demand without having the specific knowledge of how it takes place. 

 Consumer are of different types and deviation in their needs and want affects demand in most cases especially in term of price change, it is the first primary basic of demand elasticity.

Step by step on how to increase a demand for a product in 2021

The following types will aid at increasing your demand and boost it to a faster rate of responding by the consumers, the following are highlighted and enlightened below;


1. Reasonable pricing

The price of a particular commodity affect its demand, it determines how consumers will react to the product. When pricing or fixing a particular value for your product or services, some factors are to be considered and implemented in decisions. Some are listed below;


  • Cost
  • Government 
  • Demand
  • Sale channel e.t.c


They are as well known as price determinants, they help in knowing how to fix a price that will be best for the product and services.

 Price should be set according to the type of business output which will not affect the consumer decisions for patronizing the commodity. 

A price can be reduced or increased due to the geographical area stating how the people living there will react to the price, a place with poor economy things will be made affordable for easy purchase. 

The value of your product will determine how to set a price for it, if the Product or services is so unique and differential from other commodities then the price tends to be high. 

Consumer recommends a good business output not considering the price but if the product does not meet the consumer taste and quality, the price may be considered at this point. 

As an entrepreneur, deep research should be made before fixing a particular price for your product because it plays a very important role in the rate of change in demand.


2. Standard utility

With the satisfactions a consumer derives from a product, it dictates the next action of the consumer toward the product and services. A commodity that does not serve its main purpose or production to the extreme, 

it has not played itss role completely. Utility Is referred to as the total satisfaction that a customer earned from consuming a particular product and services. 

The increase in utility will also lead to an increase in demand, they act as a complement to each other. 

During manufacturing, the main purpose for the production of a particular goods and services should be observed. 

An entrepreneur should make sure his/her product and services reach the maximum rate of satisfaction for the potential consumers. 

It will aid in the increase if the business and promote the business to the next level. The product will be more demanding and a force of attraction and desire to consume the particular product and services with high utility will take place. 

3. Method of supply

The supply method of an organization are of different types, it varies from a different method. Goods and service reach the consumer differently, some supply act as a substitute to each other while some are jointly supplied. 

Most ones that act substitute to each other are of different commodity and they affect each other in the market. 

The term supply is understood to be the willingness of a seller to readily and willingly sell a good for a particular price over a long period of time, here the seller controls the sale.

The way an organization output are supplied affects the demand rate, supply plays the role of how a consumer will purchase a particular product. 

As an organization that wants to increase the demand of their organization output will make sure the supply methods implemented in the organization are very convenient for the consumer. 

For example, Apple iPhone supplies its phone in a packages box with an air pod, charger and screen guide. This supply is made enticing and is of high value, 

consumers will be passionate about possessing the box of the iPhone to obtain the things packaged in it with the mobile phone. 

By increasing the benefit of your supply it will definitely make a positive change in the demand rate.

4. Promoting advertisements

Advertising is the main tool that most organization uses to attract its potential consumers and pass information about the product and services through different means.

 Promoting advertisements are the type of ads that force potential to purchase a particular product and service which is framed to be like promo, discount, coupons and giveaways. 

An average human being like to patronize a product or service that reduces expenses and do not affect their income as much.

 Broadcasting advertisement is best used when promoting a product and service, it aid in visualization on and a better understanding of the reason for the ads.

At every special season, a running organization need to engage in promotion by enabling discount, and most time does giveaways. 

This help to call back the public attention and put the interest in purchasing and patronizing the organization product and services, demand will automatically increase with this tragedy.  

Note: By engaging in promoting advertisements, it should be put into perfect consideration and merits and dis-merits should be noted carefully.

5. Easy distribution

The transportation of goods and services from where they are produced to where are they are used up is known as distribution. 

The channels of distribution for the business output matters a lot, it determines the amount of time it takes for the delivery of goods and service to the final consumer. 

A distribution channel should be easy and a simple path should be provided.  The more the complexity of a distribution, the more it expenses.

 This aspect reduces the demand for a particular product whereby there is an increase in price due to complex distribution. 

By simplifying the channel of distribution, it provides an opportunity for an increase in product demand. Potential consumers will easily discover the product when made available by easy distribution,

 and also increase in purchases will be made easy. The main reason for easy distribution is to make products and services ready for consumption. 



Best practice on the strategies listed above should be made to experience changes in product demand rate. Take note, immediate changes cannot be easily observed and also the per cent of effect, later on, will not be up to 100%.