How to integrate blogger and WordPress with Ezoic

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How to integrate blogger and WordPress with Ezoic

The new Ezoic requirement policy has urged a lot of bloggers to have a strong desire to joins their monetization platform, both the big and small blog

The new Ezoic requirement policy has urged a lot of bloggers to have a strong desire to joins their monetization platform, both the big and small bloggers.

Recently, Ezoic has concluded to accept any blog without imposing the 10,000 traffic requirement on them. This means that both new blog and old blogs can take part in this platform without having google Adsense approvals.

Do you know the meriting about Ezoic monetization?

It is that you will earn more Ad revenue compare to Adsense.

Am serious about this.  Ezoic is an AI-based company that allows ads to display on your blog just the way advertiser, readers and publishers want it.

With this, you won’t face any issue concerning banned ads or disabling of account if you are using Google Adsense.

Let me stop beating around the bush and let get started…

How to integrate and approve Ezoic on your blogger and WordPress site with ease

Here, I will be showing the easiest ways you can integrate Ezoic on your site even though you created it on the blogger platform.   All steps will be explained vividly for perfect understanding.

First, I will be starting with WordPress

The simplest way to integrate Ezoic on your WordPress site with Ads.txt

Before we you take any step of integrating any of site with Ezoic, I want to ask you a question?

Does your website have a personal domain or you are just using the free type of domain called “ Subdomain” like; or or

The reason why am putting you to notice about this is because any website with subdomain cannot apply for Ezoic. That just it.

So if your website is using a subdomain, simply head over to Godaddy or Namecheap to get the best domain from $1 upward. 

But if you have a personal domain, let move on to the next step

1. Changing your DNS Name Server:

In this section, you will be changing your automatic name sever to Ezoic standard. To do this, simply signup for Ezoic here and complete all registration till you reach a point where you will ask to integrate your site.

In that section, you will be given a name sever from Ezoic to replace it with the normal one that your domain provider gave to you.

Integrate blogspot with ezoic 

You can take a look at the picture below to understand what am saying better

Ezoic site integration

As seen above, you will see that they asked me to integrate my site by changing my DNS record to the one provided on the platform.  That is how you are going to integrate your site using this method.

For those who don’t know how to change their DNS record, Simply read some steps I have provided below.

Sign in to your domain provider e.g Godaddy, Name cheap.

Select the domain you want to integrate on Ezoic

Select DNS to change the setting 


changing dns record on godaddy

After clicking on manage DNS, selecting an additional setting to change nameserver to the one given to you by Ezoic


how to change name server on godaddy for Ezoic


integrating bloggers site with Ezoic name server

That is how you can integrate your site with the Ezoic domain.

How to integrate ezoic on bloggers

Blogger is a free web creation platform that allows one to start a blog within a minute without spending a penny. This platform offers a free subdomain for every website that is been registered on their platform. Due to this, you won’t be able to integrate your site with Ezoic. That the bad news about using blogspot for site creation.

But the good news is, I will showing you the easiest way to get your site integrated on Ezoic even though it is created on blogger.

Let get started!

As said earlier above, before thinking of integrating your site perfectly on Ezoic, you will need to buy a personal domain and dump the free one given to you by any free blog building platform.

So to buy a perfect domain for your blogger site, I will recommend using three sites to purchase one.

First, from Google

Second, from Godaddy

Third, from Namecheap

To save your stress go buying a domain and also looking for ways to connect it to your blogger site, I will recommend buying from google.  To simply do this, head over to the blogger dashboard and click on setting which can be found beneath the left slider section.

After that, you will see the term “Custom domains” listed under the publishing sector. Click on it.


How to setup custom domain on blogger for Ezoic


Once that is done, you will be asked to either input a custom domain or buy a domain. Simply click on “Buy a domain” in order to purchase one at google.

setting custom domain on blogspot

Once you have clicked on “Buy a domain”, you will be redirected to a setons where you can buy a different domain with different prices. What you just need to do here is to click on any domain that suits your niche.

Purchasing a domain on google for Ezoic integration

That all!.

How to activate and integrate Ads.txt file for Ezoic on blogger and WordPress

This is where things can become really complicated for bloggers whose site are created on the blogspot platforms. But as for those whose site is created on WordPress, you don’t need to worry about anything because Ezoic and WordPress have simplified the integration process for you.

Here, I will be showing how you can integrate the Ads.txt files on your site even though your site is created on blogger.

First we will be dealing with the Blogspot platform the move to WordPress.

Let get started!.

The easiest way to integrate Ads.txt file on Ezoic for blogger platform

Has said earlier, I will be showing you the simplest techniques you can use to let Ad.txt manager and Ezoic to verify you successfully integrate and input the ads.txt files on your site.

To get your ads.txt file for any of your sites, just head over to this site “adstxtmanager” to get all your website registered on this platform.

On this site, you will be given 5 digit number and a code which will be used to connect the ads.txt file, your site and Ezoic so as to allow some specific type of ads in the file to display on your site.

Now, we have reached the place where I want you to put more focus because you may get confused if you are not concentrating.

Step1. Head over to your Ezoic set-up dashboard and click on the ads.txt set-up process. In this place, you will be given some codes. Highlight and copy them to your notepad, notebooks, WordPad or any other place that seems to keep the code for long.

Step2. Switch to other browsers on your phone or desktop to login into your blogger dashboard.

The reason why I said you should open a new browser is to be able log in to the Blogspot dashboard as we don’t want to close the Ezoic dashboard site because we will be making use of it frequently.

Step3: Copy the URL of the blogger dashboard from your browser and paste it somewhere.

Step4: In the blogger dashboard URL you copied, you will see an 11 digit number. Copy that number and replace it with the Eleven zero “00000000000” and the front of this term “Pub-“ given to by Ezoic.

Step5: Highlight and copy all the code you’ve copied from Ezoic after you’ve changed the 11 zeros to the number seen on the blogger dashboard URL.

Step6: Login into your blogger dashboard, click on setting and activate “Custom monetization”.

How to input custom ads.txt file on blogger

Step7: Under the activation toggle of “Custom monetization” paste the code you copied from “step4” into the custom ads.txt sections.

Inputting custom ads.txt file file on blogger for Ezoic

This is how you can successfully add an ads.txt file on blogger. Now let move to how you can make sure the ads.txt file on exotic, Blogspot and ads manager are all the same.

How to configure Ads.txt file on ads.txtmanger and ezoic in just a few steps

This is another critical section you need to focus on if your site is created on a blogpost.

Here, we will be dealing with how to insert the ads.txt file we copied and generated from ezoic in adsmanager.

Let begin.

#1 At the stage of ads.txt setting on ezoic, you will be given a link to create an Adstxzmanager account or click here to create one.

#2 When creating the account, make sure the exact URL or domains you want to partner with Ezoic should be the one that is listed among your sites in the account.

#3 Once your account has been created and domain added, you will be a five-digit number which also knows as your account ID (25632).  This is the code that will be inserted in Ezoic under the Ads.txt setting.

Note: You will be given some code to add to your site. Don’t bother using the code as it will not even work for your site because it is not WordPress. simply use the code I created below for your blogger site and don’t forget to replace the domain name and Ads.txt ID with yours

Below is the set of verification codes you will be adding to your blogger site within the “<head>“    section.


<!– Ads.txt Code –> 

  <script>var ads.txtId=22001; </script> 

<script src =’’ type=’text/javascript’/>

<!– Ads.txt Code –>   

Take note, all parts where you see the code number “22001” must be replaced with the one created for you by the Ads.txt manager. And also, make sure you replace “” with your own custom domain.

Note: Make sure Ezoic, AdSense, Ad manager, Doubleclick is authorize on Ads.txtmanager to for good experience in earning.

That all for here!.  Let move to the next section.

How to add Ads.txt code Ezoic for verification

After you could have put the code I gave above on your website, it is now time to signify to Ezoic that  you have valid an ads.txt file for monetization.

#1 Click on “integrate” in the ads.txt setup section to check if the ads file is added to your site.

If this did not validate instantly, then you need to wait extra time for your DNS to complete propagating.

#2 Hover to your slide bar and click on “Monetisation”.

How set up ads.txt on Ezoic monetization dashboard

After clicking on it, scroll down to find the section “Ads.txt”.


Setting up Ezoic ads.txt for monetization

Click on it and input the five-digit ID number given to by Ads.txt manager in the section it needed. Also, you need to add the URL of your site to where it is needed in this section.


How to integrate blogger on Ezoic monetization platform

That all!

How integrate Ads.txt file on WordPress

To confirm you are the owner of the WordPress you created Ads file for on ads.txtmanager, you will need to install a plugin on your wordpres site in order to make the integration possible.


  1. Download and install ads.txt manager on your WordPress 
  2. Once instllaed, activate the plugin to enable required features
  3. Copy and paste the the ID code given to you by ads.txt manager into codes placement section the plugin 
  4. Click on save 
  5. Now head over to your Ads.txt manger and click on “comfirm integration” to time the thumb colour from red to green. 


Can I  use ezoic with my blogger website?

Yes of course you can!.  What ezoic actually mean by blogger site cannot be integrated with their platforms is because you don’t personally own the domain given to you by blogpost, and this will cause a lot of limitation for ezoic to fully access your site.

If you have read the article above, you should have known the ways you can successfully integrate your blogger site with Ezoic.

What to do when ezoic refuse to approve my within ten (10) days

This happens most of the time, Ezoic review partners may have too many applications to review or something may be wrong with your site.  If your experience this issue by any means, simply execute what I listed below.


  1. To get this issue done, you need to contact ezoic support team.
  2. Sign in and open a new ticket 
  3. Explains your issue with that messaging section and click send 
  4. Wait for some hours or days to get a valid response from their team.



Yeah!, we have come to the end of the article. I hope you all understand the steps and procedures outlined in this article. If by any chance you are still facing any issue integrating your blogger or WordPress site with ezoic, you can contact us here to get a paid support from our team.

See you next time in our further post.