How to promote your business online | 6 things you need to do

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How to promote your business online | 6 things you need to do

How to promote your business online: Through the rapid development of technology, it has been a big advantage for the business organization by enhanci

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How to promote your business online: Through the rapid development of technology, it has been a big advantage for the business organization by enhancing many sectors in business and how they operate.

 With the use of the internet many products and services have been discovered, they are promoted online by using the internet through online media advertising methods.

They aid in getting business online advert to be delivered to all individuals who have smartphones and uses the internet with social media apps. 

All ads are served through this means.

 Incredible format on  how to promote your business online 

Learn how to promote your business online with the Steps outlined below

1. Create an outstanding brand logo or gif for advertising

      Before an ads ( Advertisements) for business purpose is been organized, artistic designs interpreting or passing a meaningful message must be created.


This could be inform of Image, gifs or short video that relates to the role of your business and what it is about,

all information should be carefully embedded in order to make your ads meaning and useful. With the help of this, your potential consumers will be achieved and they will also discover your product and services.

2. Choose the best advertising network /media

      Before promoting your business online and after creating your logo, an advertising means must be available which will serve as a tool for your business advertisement.

There are much advertising means you can use to promote your business online, they are easy to use and at an affordable price.

Some of the best means you can start with are;


  • Google ads ( Adsense)
  • Facebook ads ( Ad Manager) 
  • Instagram
  • Propeller ads


   These are some of the best ads networks you can use to promote your business.

3. Carefully select your targeted audience 

      When promoting your business online, your potential consumer has to be put on target. It a way of setting ads for only your chosen audience, there are different factors to consider before choosing the targeted audience. They are;


  • Age
  • Region 
  • Personalities 
  • Abilities 

These factors should be applied when setting a target for your advertisement, it makes your business be classified and characterized for a positive response.

4. Prepare a valid budget for spendings

      When creating an advert for the aid of promoting your business, an estimated calculation must be involved. It helps in having knowledge of what you are expected to spend on your online advert, 

the amount spent on the advert occasionally will be known. All advertising network required payment for your ads before they get it active, the input money plays the most important role in online advertising. 

The more you invest, the more you earn.

5. Get it active and running 

      After preparing all the necessities for your online advert, the next thing things left for you to do is to launch it to the world of the internet and social media. 

This can only take place after you could have made possible payment required for your advert, you will be charged per how many audiences you want to see your ads and the period of time it will run.

6. Regulate your advert intensively 

      The fact that your ads are active and visible to your audience does not mean you should sit back, frequent check should be done which will help you to know how people respond to your online ads.

Analyze the response rate of your audience to your ads, by checking the difference in change with time. If it turns to be negative response, an adjustment should be made on the factors affecting your ads i.e 


  • Audience age
  • Audience area ( country, state & region)
  • Audience personalities ( Interest, device, capabilities e.t.c)

The benefit of promoting your business online

      Most business organization has merited a lot from promoting their business online and aid to the rapid development of their organization, 

some advantage earned from promoting your business online are precisely listed below.


  • Create awareness 
  • Discoverable at a wide range
  • Provide accurate potential consumers 

1. Creates extensive awareness

      With the impact of advertising your business online, it enables people to be aware of your product and service which makes them that this particular product or service is existing.

Billion of people operate on the internet on daily basis, this gives business organization opportunities to introduce what they specialized into the world through the internet. 

2. Discoverable at a wide range

      Your product or service can be discovered by your potential consumers at a very wide range irrespective of your region or  where your organization is located,

through the help of the internet and social media, it will be easy for a business to be recognized by your targeted audience either locally, nationally and internationally.

3. Provides accurate potential consumers

      The most basic important part of promoting your business online is that it gives you a specific audience that is needed to consume your product and service.

It is done by selecting the type of audience which you want to be able to see your online advert and with the ability to reach your organization, factors that determine the audience are also categorized when setting your ads for an online advert.

How to promote your business on Facebook 

  Business promotion on Facebook: Facebook has been one of the giant part social media platform used by almost 1billion people, almost 85% of users are always active daily. Facebook is an official social media platform which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, founded on February 4, 2004. 

Facebook currently have an estimated net worth of $547 billion, they are really having a big share in the market. A lot of business are using social media to create massive awareness, products and services are discovered through this means. 

There are actually other relating social media platform that can be used to make promotions or shoot ads, like;


  • Pinterest 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter 

      They are also like Facebook, but their active users are less to the one of Facebook. Most businesses depend on the online advertisement to keep their product and services moving, they involve in shooting ads occasionally. 

The fact that Facebook possesses a lot of active members do not define all the reason why most organization opt for using them, they are other things involved. 

Before we move further, let me briefly list and explain the other reasons. 

Reasons why most businesses go for Facebook ads 

    In a short time, let me quickly dive into the reasons and proceed.

1. Popularity

    For the past five years, Facebook has gained a lot of popularity and acceptable worldwide. 

Other business organizations use their popularity to obtain it also for their brand and outputs, they use this as an opportunity to make them discoverable by the world.

 A large number of active users will definitely see the firm ads and increased their potential consumers. 

2. Low expenses

      The money required to run Facebook ads is of low rate, it is made affordable than other platforms. Other social media platform enable the running of ads but, they are of high expenses.



 A lot of money is spent on ads which could lead to a shortage in profits of the organization, then mosts firm will tend to deviate from the platform will cheaper price.

 As for Facebook, Good luck to them. Because most Business organization will be willing to use their platform due to their cheapness in ads running. 

3. Extra enhanced features

     Facebook ads manager is enabled with dynamic features that enhanced the running of advertisement and the set-out.

 Before an ads is been launched on Facebook, many processing and setting take place. This is due to the help of the incredible features enabled, it involves the;


  • Selecting of audience
  • Personality 
  • Gadgets factor 
  • Age e.t.c 


It make the firm ads be suitable for what it is meant for, they help in providing the right audience and target for the specific ads. 

4. Easy to use and navigate 

     By creating ads online, there are many procedures to follow. In most cases, it really hard to make a successful ads/campaign. Facebook has made this easier, with some simple steps your ads are active already. 

No time is wasted and no stress is involved, the advertising platform has already been simplified by Facebook. 

This makes most firms have the desire to use their platform and also put their mind at rest.

5. Reliable & secure payment

     All payment method for different countries are made easier, the simplified payment method is provided. When applying for Facebook ads, payment is required. 

Easy online payment is provided that can simply be done by using of a debit or credit card. This type of payment is made fast and no errors can easily occur during the transaction. 

6. Quick respond

   Once an ads or campaign has been successfully launched, an immediate response will be made toward the ads. Facebook being popular and have a lot of active members, this can easily take place at a higher rate. 

Up to 100 people could see the specific business ads at the same time, and at least 30% of the 100 viewers will respond to the advertisements.

    Most business use Facebook ads for other entire reason, this can be considered by some factors guiding the choice of the business.

Procedures to enhance your firm on Facebook

    Vivid guidelines will be provided which will aid in promoting of business on Facebook, they are respectively listed and enlightened below; 

1.Get a valid Facebook account

     Before using Facebook to shoot ads, the account that is to be used must be valid. With this, the account is ready to be used for advertisement. For a Facebook account to be valid for advertising, it must be up to 3-4 years of existence.

 The new account won’t be given full access to advertise, as no trust of legibility has been proved. Facebook made this policy in order to prevent scammers and save all Facebook users from fraud and other illegal things,

 trusted and valid account will be enabled fully to the Facebook advertising platform. 

So my clue advise is that, make sure the account that to be used for ads must have been in used for a very long time and also gained the trust of other people and Facebook. 

2. Create an attractive campaign image or brand logo

        A business image or logo is required for presentation, it serves as an attraction to potential consumers. 

By promoting on Facebook for business purpose, good image and logo will aid to represent or specify the particular organization making the promotion. 

There is a lot of big firm running ads daily on Facebook, they are separated and known by their logos or brand image. 

The image is also meant to be of high quality and also able to present. As multiple of the audience can be attracted by the use of an image with high quality and perfect resolution. 

The picture of the image to b used must comply with the advertising message and the meaning must be the same.

3. Make a valid payment

      Facebook advertisement are of different prices, they are enabled with different packages and methods. If a plan is chosen , then complete Payment should be made on the specified pan.  

All payment are done online, so there won’t be any special knowledge required for this type of payment. Facebook currently shows the price of all plan according to the right value of money in a particular country,

 easy calculation can be done by this way. Before any ads can be active, then Payment must be made successfully. 

4. Use of the required gadget

      The advertising sector can only be fully accessed by using laptops or other higher electronic devices that are more advanced than smartphone, it is the only eligible means for getting through Facebook Ad manager. 

The ad manager can be located at the the option or bar section in a Facebook account, it created with a triangular image and coloured with blue -purple. 

The ad manager can only function on the computer, all features are characteristics will automatically be visible and also if can be easily used. 

5. Select your unique audience by some factors

      Not all business advertisement are meant to be viewed by all audiences, some are specially selected by some factors. Viewers can be differentiated by Age, Region, Gadget and Personalities, this is based on their profile documents on Facebook.  

For instance, if an organisation is trying to start an engineering course. And the required student is to be teenagers, when the organisation want you create an ads or campaign on Facebook. 

     The age factor for the main viewers will be ranging from 13-19 years, all other users that are not if this age won’t be able to see or come across the ads online (Facebook). 

Other factors could be region, which means the specific area or country that will be eligible to views the business ads. 

If only American and the United Kingdom were selected when setting the firm campaign on Fb, this simply means that only Facebook users from America and the United state will see the campaigns and ads.  

This could be done by the identification of their IP address, stating which country and regions. This stage matters a lot, by setting the audience factor correctly for the business ads. It will enhance the view and respond to the campaign, the right factor will definitely bring the right audience. 

6. Read and comply with Facebook ads policies

      The Facebook ads platform is guided with rules which is referred to be a their policy, it is attached with the characteristics of the ad manager. 

Most Fb ads user are blocked from running Facebook ads, due to failure of their in-compliance with the official policy. Before you start running any ads on Facebook, make sure you read and understand the policies very well. 

And also, do not miss Facebook latest update on their policies. The update should be regularly followed up and apply to. 

7. Submit for review

      Facebook normally reviews a campaign or ads before they get it active, submission should be made after providing and setting all necessary things for the business promotion. 

Most time, the reviews can be quick if some certain factors are not met, Once the review is completed and the campaign is approved, the ads will automatically start running and be active. 

Some changes can still be made on the audience factors if it has a negative response or if there is a change in decision.