10 uncommon ways on how to win contracts for businesses

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10 uncommon ways on how to win contracts for businesses

How to win contracts for businesses at ease: As an entrepreneur, there are numerous ways you can win a business contract that is attracted to your fel

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How to win contracts for businesses at ease: As an entrepreneur, there are numerous ways you can win a business contract that is attracted to your fellow competitors, or other organizations aiming for it. But for you as an intelligent and smart capitalist (CEO), you must make your firm different from others by applying some simple tactics that will later be provided for you in this article. 

With the aid of the potential tactics you are to get on this post, your specific contractor will have a definite reason to approve your organization for the contract, rather than giving it to your rival. 

So, what you need to is; kindly abide and make efficient use of all the tactics that will be provided in this article. Let move on by enlightening what we are about to discuss on. 

What is business contracts?

This can be defined as the act of entering into a contractual agreement between a company or third party for a profitable businesses reason.

Which means that; when your firm has an agreement of performing a certain task/job for a second party ( Organizations who want the action to be performed ) in exchange for agreed money that you can make a profit from.

For example; Gucci been assigned by Facebook to produces a quality T-shirt for all its staff under agreed money of $1000.  

Now, the transaction that places between the money and the clothing is referred to as a business contract. That it!.

Best 10 active ways to easily win business contracts with high value

Here, the distinguished method to easily get verified for any available profitable large task that your organization is based on will be enlightened below. Read on!.

1. State what your business is about

The first thing that a contractor will be willing to know is what your organization is all about, which can be; 


  • What it is based on 
  • The features 
  • The task that can be carried out 
  • What makes it the way it is
  • The activities it involves in, and a lot more. 


Once you have successfully enlightened this area to the task provider, then you are giving your self a big chance to achieve the business deal that many other organizations are aiming for. 

Although there are still a lot of things to do. I mean, lot of procedure that is required to be carried out by you.

 But if you can successfully gain the heart of the business dealer/offerer mind by vividly introducing your organization in the act of stating what it is all about, then you will be eligible to enter the second stage of the challenge.

To say the fact, what really matters is for your organization to be recognized among your fellow competitors by the company offering the contract. 

The moment this is done, the rate at which you may be chosen will be high because your firm has already been attracted. 

2. Highlight what makes your business different from others

After stating what your firm is about, you still need to distinguish it from others by detailing the rare qualities your organization possesses. 

In this case, I will urge you to list out the differences your firm possesses compare to other available organizations.

For example, 

If a transporting company like Toyota want to prepare a standard seat that uses foam for its vehicles, and they need another external industry to perform the task operation for them. 

Now, if up to 10 company apply for the contract and you are among of those 10. What will you do if they throw a question at you saying “what makes your organization different from others in this project”,   what will you do?

Though, that simple to answer but hard to clarify. 

In this situation, what you will do is; state what is not common in other industry which your firm possesses. Like;


  • The type of process you use in producing your project 
  • The secret materials or ingredient you make use of 
  • How quality your business output is compared to others 
  • The good life span of your product compared to other available ones, and a lot more. 

Once you’ve done it, it will be advisable to explain to them with a valid proof.

Take note: The more you provide more difference, the more your chance of obtaining the contract. 

To wrap this up, make sure you give a clear explanation of the difference your firm possesses compared to your rivals with a good example. 

3. State how long your business has been dealing with kind the of task the client wants 

With a good reference, you need to discuss how long your organization have been performing the kind of task you are willing to execute for your client or the contractor.  

Although you may have discussed about your business with the second party, but you still need to make them know when you began the journey of the operations you are currently performing.  

To make it easier for you, I will urge you to use these four best methods to give reference to how long your firm has been existing. Which are;


  • 1. The specific date you started(e.g Business hub started its operations on 1/12/2020 or 1st of December 2020) That how it should like.

Note: You can still provide more valid information on this because the illustration made above is just a mere example. 

In conclusion, make sure you work very hard on this aspect by providing more valid pieces of information relating to it. Once that is done, your task provider will have no choice but to believe you. 


  • 2. The pattern you started with 
  • 3. A total estimation of how many organization you’ve partner with 
  • 4. Documents that state all your business transactions ( A detailed one)

Once you have successfully done this, it will be easier for you to pass pieces of information to your client on how long your industry has been in the specific aspect of the operation. 

4. Highlight the benefits you and your contractor will gain from partnering with each other

The act of not being selfish but being transparent enough with your business dealer will help you obtain a special valued contract easily from them. 

 As an entrepreneur that owns an organization, one of your potential aim is to benefit from any external firm you negotiate with. Which is a normal phenomenon in business. 

Now let look at the aspects of the organization offering the deals, as they also will want to benefit from any transaction they have with any external organization. That true,   right?. Let move on.!

The moment you create valid awareness of the benefits you and your client will obtain when you partner with each other, it will give them more definite reasons to work with you.

For example; if are you are given a contract to build a car for large industry and you are asked to state the benefits they will obtain from partnering with you. 

What will be your response at that moment?

With a simple sense of reasoning, you can simply give answers to this question by using the following method. 


  1. Giving assurance of quality production. 
  2. Improvement in the technology sector 
  3. Product possessing long life span 
  4. Implementing discount in cost, and so on if you can provide more meriting details. 

After all this has been done successfully, it now time wait for their response which can neither be positive or negative. 

5. Provide an accurate relating example

There are different ways to show potentiality for the business deal you are aiming for, one of these methods is to give a sample of what your industry is based on. 



How you can provide a valid sample?

In this section, there are numerous ways you can present your organization output to your clients or contractors. But the easiest way to easily adapt with will be listed out shortly. 


  • Displaying what your organization produces
  • Providing a unique sample your contractor can use for analysis.
  • Presently the exact project you are aiming to get approved of. 

These are ideas that can be provided for solving this situation if you ever come across it. 

Note: Providing a unique sample gives your dealer more confident that you/your organization is capable of satisfying them on the kind of project they are aiming to construct.

 With this, your rate of getting approved for the contract will increase.  Simple!. 

6. Give a valid time frame of readiness

Whenever you are applying for any project or contract, make sure you give the organization offering that task a valid time when the project result will be ready. 

Why is this so? 

The reason why I stated that is because; it is very compulsory for your client to know when their task will be fully ready. 

With this, it gives them rest of mind and increases your chance of obtaining the deal. 

How you can set a perfect time of readiness for my clients? 

This is easy to do but it depends on how you perform your calculation. 

Now let me answer this question. 

Although, there are different methods to calculate the specific time your client project will be fully ready. 

But right here, I will be providing the easiest tactics to use so as to give the best answer to your contractor about this. Let get started!. 

Easiest ways to know when your client tasks will be fully ready

Consider the following….


  • Your organization productivity rate 
  • The amount of task that needs to be done
  • The type of assignment (project)
  • Available resources
  • Factors that can affect your organization (positively or negatively)

In calculation…

Let consider your productivity, and amount of task only. 

Let productivity be = P

Amount of task = A

There fore= A/p x 60/1

Where A= 600

And P= 10

Which is 600/10×60

60×60=3600 m/t or best referred to 2 1/2 days. Meaning, this specifics task can be done for almost 3 days. 

 Or you can use the general project management formula which is = 

O + (4L) + p


With the help of this calculation, you can easily get the period of time your client project will be ready. 

Note: Only your productivity rate and amount of task are calculated above. But for standard calculation, you can include the factors, types of product and so on. 

Now, if you are performing your estimation, make sure you add the following together with your simple sense of reasoning. 

In conclusion, be sure you set a specific date when your contractor task will be fully completed. By doing this, you are proving how serious your firm is towards the contract. 

7. Have a clear and comprehendible discussion with your contractor

In any business negotiations, what really matters a lot is for the two parties to vividly understand each other. If this occurs perfectly, there won’t be any misunderstandings between them. 



Now, let relate it to what we are actually talking about.  

For your business dealer to easily have an interest in you or your organization, make sure you two have a good comprehendible discussion. 

This may look unnecessary to you, but having a great talk with your clients increases how you relate with each other. 


Fact: Deep conversion increases the relationship between the two discussers. It also creates another version of the person in their mindset. 

To round this up, with a clear discussion, you create more chance of you obtaining the contract. 

8. Provide valid information about the project you are about to execute

Information plays an important role in every aspect of the business because it aids in providing more knowledge of any activities performed in the firm. 



In this case, if you can simply render pieces of information about the task you are about to be hired for, then you are directly acquiring more value for it. 

Is that clear to you!?  Or let me make you understand better by providing some example below.


At the beginning of the year, Facebook hires HP technology company to create a standard laptop with high technology for all their staff. 

But before the project begins, Facebook urges HP to provide valid information about the task they are asked to execute before the ending of the month. 

On the 23rd day of that month, Hp successfully present their information stating the following;


  • The specific manufacturing process 
  • The major things used in the production 
  • The structures and dimensions 
  • The characteristics 
  • The AI/ technology features 
  • The uses/ manual 
  • The advantage 

The moment this date was submitted to Facebook, it received approval for the project. 

With the aid of the example above, that how the area of your information should be based on. 

And also, I will advise you to vividly explain each sector or category of the information you provided. 


The reason is that the company/individual hiring you for the task will want to be sure if you are literate enough about the project you want to acquire. 

With that, they will carefully check your information if it is well detailed or not. 

Rounding this up, never forget to deeply present information about the project you want to execute for your client. 

9. make your cost negotiable and easy to pay 

At any business transactions, there is always an exchange of money for values or other necessary things in the line of executing the project. As a fact, money can’t be removed when dealing with a business contract because it one of the main reason why most industries are established. 



Now, let fall back to the main topic.

Whenever you are applying for any business contract, either big or small. Never let your price ( total estimated cost for the project ) be extremely difficult to respond with. 

Meaning; your cost shouldn’t be too expensive that it will make your client loses interest in partnering with you. 

But your pricing should be reasonable and easily negotiable by your contractor. That how it should be!. 

By doing this rightly, the Interest of your clients will be gained. And when this happens, there is a high tendency that they may go for your organization. 

10. Provide your organization registration documents attached to other credentials

Most external organizations who want to hire your industry for a specific task will be wanting to know if your firm is registered legally or not. 

In this case, you must provide your business registration documents in the Oder to prove them right. 

Also, you can attach other credentials of your firm to the documents you will be presenting. That will make it look more unique. 

Types of documents and credentials that will aid at achieving your potential contract when presented

 Here, the core documents that are needed for your quick approval will be listed below; 


  1. Firm/business report 
  2. Non-disclosure agreement 
  3. Operating agreement 
  4. ByLaw documentation 
  5. Firm establishments documents 
  6. Ownership documents 

With the aid of this document, your organization will gain more reason to be approved for the contract you applied for. 

Note: Make sure all your documents are updated with core information detailed in it. That all!. 

Different Government Contracts Website To Make Use Of

There are different authorized site where available legal jobs for large firm can be obtained. Through popularity, government websites offering tasks for private and public organisation can easily be found on the web. some of this site are highlighted below.
1. Sba.gov: This is a U.S Small business administration website that offers different needs to developing firm. The SBA also involve in bid and grant platform which serves as sources of benefits to small business. in terms of contracts, this U.S directory website also provides different form of contract for small or large firm. 
2. USA.gov: A website officially own by the US government which all sort of contract opportunity for entrepreneur. This site also helps to grow business by having the United state gov as customer, which helps to build strong project connection between you two.
3. GSA.gov: Here comes another site that provides workplace constructing and managing government buildings. Also, they promote management rate for dynamic government task. 


Recommended FAQs 

In this segment, I will be treating some question which you may be willing to ask. Stay on!. 

1. Question: What makes some organization get rejected when they apply for a specific business contract? 

Answer: Different things can be the cause of it, but I will list some factor that can lead to the occurrence. Which are;


  • Firm quality 
  • Recognition and coverage 
  • Invaluable document presentation 
  • Light experience proof 
  • Discrimination and racism 

2. Question: What are the areas should l focus on most when applying for a business contract 

Answer: With the help of general analysis, I will urge you to concentrate more on the following aspect:


  • Organization documents 
  • Project sample 
  • Information about the project 
  • The merit that the contractor will gain from partnering with you 
  • Pricing and project availability 


3. Question: Where can I search or seek for an available business contract?

Answer: To make it easy for you, try out the following site


  • Yelp
  • Facebook 
  • LinkedIn
  • Houzz
  • Toptal
  • Craiglist


With the of this site, you will be easily connected to other organisations.

4. Question: Can I get approved for a business contract if my organization is just developing?

Answer: Yes but if your industry can possess the following qualities/factors


  • High productivity 
  • A new pattern of production 
  • Qualified and skilled employers 
  • Facilities with current technology 
  • Accurate documentation ( especially in term of establishment and bylaw )