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Increase of investors losing their money to bitcoin clones (Crypto alert)

For several years, the number of people participating in the Bitcoin blockchain platform has been growing dynamically.  This cryptocurrency has rec

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For several years, the number of people participating in the Bitcoin blockchain platform has been growing dynamically.

 This cryptocurrency has received heavy investment from individuals all over the world, and the rising value of Bitcoin has attracted the attention of all kinds of people. 

As a bad person, an individual uses an investment platform to deceive the illiterate. There are millions of complaints about the loss of funds involved in cloning the Bitcoin blockchain. A certain value is obtained through its global participation. 

The people who joined the primitives of this cryptocurrency in the original institutions have become millionaires ($1,000,000) today. market. Under current conditions, 1 Bitcoin is equal to 57,217.90 USD

Because of this, important people who ignore cryptocurrency investment want to participate in order to gain an advantage in the future, but they are often wrong in most cases. 

Please note that thousands of digital currencies were invented by various unknown organizations. Some of these crypto-assets are legal, while others may be just a scam to steal investors.

 In recent months, fraud in major countries has increased due to counterfeit cryptocurrency investments.

 Creating a cryptocurrency asset that can help a person get rich quickly through small investments proved to be a scam. Complaint statistics show that 90% of people deceived by cloning bitcoins are usually poor. 

Those who seek ways to increase their income are mostly deceived by scammers, which is painful for large governments.

 As a result, some countries restrict investment in Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

4 recommended ways to regulate loss of money to bitcoin clones

The major authorities prohibit participation in platforms that can cause devaluation, so some precautions have been taken to help investors obtain funds on cryptocurrency investment platforms.

1. Exclude investment in rare digital currencies

 Recent investors tend to trade various unknown cryptocurrencies to generate passive income. During this promotion period, you may lose all your invested funds. In the foreign exchange market, the creation of real income is seen as a secondary task. 

Due to the positive feedback from major investors after joining your blockchain, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have aroused great interest from people all over the world, including experts and enthusiasts.

 As for Bitcoin, it is known as the best digital currency in the foreign exchange market today. 

Investors in the cryptocurrency field are advised not to try any rare crypto assets, as this will put your investment funds at risk and cause irreversible losses. 

Going a narrow road will please cryptocurrencies; Crypto trades are recommended to invest in,


  • BNBI 
  • Etheurum 
  • Litecoin
  • Zitecoin


 in order to obtain a safer return. Other cryptocurrencies that are completely different from this one should be seriously ignored.

2. Invest through the registration platform

Ordinary traders will want to use every available platform to research the cryptocurrency market to find out if they are registered. 

If the connection is bad, this is the most common way for investors to lose money. 

Service products (buying and selling digital assets from encrypted assets) should be like a highway from different open countries. 

With billions of websites and applications on the Internet, it is easy to create a counterfeit platform that targets millions of people without being caught quickly. 

 For this reason, every cryptocurrency trader/investor should be very careful when choosing a platform to research or invest in transactions. 

With the history and popularity of some companies operating on the network, we have been able to create a reputable platform on which all investors can safely exchange encrypted assets. 


Best crypto trading platform



The best-authorized signature crypto platform  to partner with 


  • Trust Wallet 
  • Binance
  • eToro
  • Luno
  • Olymptrade
  • OctaFX and 
  • Voyage


 Most of these websites/applications also allow you to trade currencies, commodities and common stocks. It is better to use an authorized platform to earn the minimum amount of money, rather than looking for a fake organization (website) that claims to make you five times richer.

3. Obtain effective training in the field of cryptocurrency trading/investment

The necessary knowledge of a subject can make mistakes clear and unmistakable and have a low degree of dependence on other things. 


Before making any investment, potential cryptocurrency investors should pay attention to a few things. 

According to reports, the main victims of online fraud are mostly novices, because they don’t know how to use digital currencies to make money.

 Cryptocurrency is an area that should be studied well before in-depth research. 

We have all come to this conclusion; before anyone considers entering the global cryptocurrency market, they should get enough training from experts on all available topics in the field “Digital market” and no worry about being fooled or losing money. 

People with this feeling have not acquired the knowledge needed to become a cryptographer.

4. Comply with the prescribed procedures

 It is forbidden to deviate from the established path and turn to the correct investment form provided by the trading platform.



 Any website/application that provides opportunities to participate in this type of market will organize the correct methods that all participants must follow when fulfilling their commitments.

 If necessary measures are not taken, various investors may lose money or become victims of scams. 

Trade experts believe that most novices find it difficult to follow the real methods of experienced people because they all want to achieve their goals quickly (get rich quick)

Most of these enthusiasts don’t realize that things will be different because it will take a while for someone to become a cryptocurrency winner if they always follow the correct steps.