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incredible business ideas for infant entrepreneurs and none capitalist in Africa and Asia (2021 – 2022)

    Are you an entrepreneur from either Africa, Asia or any from other continents who are looking for a great business idea to exercise o

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Incredible business ideas



Are you an entrepreneur from either Africa, Asia or any from other continents who are looking for a great business idea to exercise on before the year runs out (2021)

Been in search of business startup ideas on the internet could be really frustrating. 

I can perfectly relate to this situation because have once been in this shoe before. 

No to worry, I will be listing out some rare converting concepts to use. Ideas like device tutor institutions, Genuine freelancing. and so on. 

Are you ready to get the easy business idea you’ve been in search of?  Then let get started! 

6 Super converting business idea new and none entrepreneurs (Africa and Asia) in 2021

In this section, I will be highlighting the best 10 business concepts you can begin and start earning reasonable income from before this year runs out. 

Let begin.

1. iPhone transmitter

The rate at which the iPhone brand is been used all over the world has increased dramatically.  Diverse people are in serious demand of this product daily not considering the increase of its price. 

To turn this Apple success into a valid job, one can simply be an iPhone transmitter. 

Meaning;  You will act as a middleman between the business transaction by just purchasing a large amount of Apple phone in Low amount and then sell it in high amount to the demanders. Simple! 

2. Telegram channel promoter  

A lot of people are looking for someone who will help them in getting more members to their Telegram channel and willing to pay a reasonable amount to anyone who can aid in making this happen. 



Promoting a telegram channel for someone is very easy, what you just need is a cheap platform for advertising that Channel to viewers around the globe. For economic advertising, I will recommend using Admanager ( Facebook ads), Adsterra, propeller ads, ylix and so on. 


Read also: Review on learnoflix affiliate program


3. Web design 

Web designing has been the major converting occupation in this latest century. This is due to the increase of significant firms creating an online transaction platform for their business. 


To become a website designer is very easy and straightforward, what you just need is a popular tool or by using websites building software ( WordPress, yola, Joomla, e.t.c) to design a good web page. 

4. Active crypto affiliate

The use of cryptocurrency for business transactions has now been rampant. Even in terms of trading and investment, cryptocurrency is the best asset to deal with presently. 


Becoming a crypto affiliate is a good idea.

This is because major people love cryptocurrency and it will be easy to refer an individual to a platform that deals with buying and selling cryptocurrency. Some crypto platforms like; FX make, IQ option, Expert option, and Octa FX allow one to become an affiliate marketing in their platform. 

5. WhatsApp group promoter

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app that can also be used for various business purposes. For a firm or an individual that have any product or service to offer, they will need a WhatsApp promoter to get them more group members to increase sales digitally. 

So for you who is looking for a. easy job, you can simply make a post or advert on social media to inform the world that you offer the service (WhatsApp group promoter) and then make a friendly transaction with your first client. 

You may be thinking of how to get members for the service you claim to be offering. 

It simple.  

Simply just create another advert on social media indicating the type of service or product the client wants to promote and also leaving the WhatsApp group link for the viewer to join. That it!. 

 You’ve successfully become a WhatsApp group promote within some days. 

6. Genuine freelancing

Freelancing has been the most popular job done on the internet this year which is due to the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic that has turned a lot of physical jobs into digital tasks. 

 Being a freelancer is a very cool thing, all you just need to do is creating an online gig or catalogue indicating the type of service that is being offered by you. 


There is a diverse task that is executed on the freelancing site, but it depends on how experienced and expert you are in the field. Speaking in terms of statistics, web development and content writing are one of the most offered jobs in freelancing. 

Thinking of which freelancing platforms will be best for you, I will recommend going for “Fiverr” or “Upwork”. They are one of the best online platforms for exercise all kinds of freelancing skills.

7. Middlemen transactions

There is nothing special and hard about these business ideas, it just a means of acting as an intermediary between a producer and consumer. It can also be called affiliate marketing to some extent. 

To become a middleman in the transaction, all that is needed of you is just to search for companies and firms that are willing to reward anyone who can bring more sales to the company.


In other terms, a middlemen transaction can also mean someone who ensures safe negotiation between a buyer and seller. He/she can also operate inform of an escrow. 

You can also be this type of middleman by collecting some amount of money to ensure a safe transaction between a buyer and a seller. 

8. Virtual assignment assistant

There is a diverse student out there who are looking for someone that can help them at solving their assignment at through virtual conversations.  This type of occupation can also be referred to as freelancing but of different types.  To make this type of occupation take place, you can simply create a website, create a campaign or join the following platform listed below to execute this task. 


  • Buncee
  • Classdojo
  • Edmodo
  • FlipGrid 
  • Seesaw
  • StudyBee
  • Zoom
  • 3P Learning, and so on. 


Note: Before thinking of registering to one of the teaching platforms listed above, you will be asked some certain questions to be outlined. This question may be your teachings experience, type of grade, place of study, e.t.c. Just make sure all answers are provided wisely with the necessary information. 

9. Informative blogger

Writing content on a website has been one of the easiest jobs online due to the rapid development of web designing platforms technology. One can easily create a blog without knowing anything about programming language. 



That how technology has benefited potential bloggers. 

Being a blogger means writing content on the internet through any source. What matters is that content written is digitally displayed to viewers who are surfing the web. 

Want to become a blogger?  That very simple!

For you being a beginner, I will recommend starting with blogger site builder. It an absolutely free blog development platform that is largely powered by Google.  

 According to my statistics, you can up to $100 – $30000 from blogging monthly by monetizing your blog with one of the best advertising networks (Adsense). 

10. Crypto Investment

Not to lie, cryptocurrency has been one of the fastest ways to make money online without engaging in a difficult tasks. What that just need to be done is close monitoring of when price rise and fall in order to buy or sell digital currency. 

With crypto investment, one can make thousands of dollars within some months if one knows how the market works ( Having perfect knowledge and experience). 

To start crypto investments in 2021, the following platform, website or apps should be perfectly made use of;


  • Binance 
  • Octa FX 
  • Trust wallet 
  • Olymptrade 
  • Voyage
  • IQ Option
  • Expert option
  • FX pro


Note: Trading without sufficient knowledge can lead to loss of capital. So, be wise while trading. 

Significant approaches to the awesome business ideas outlined above

After you could have read that business concept listed in this article, it now time to learn how certain processes or techniques to use when attaining those ideas


  1. Make valid researches on the concepts 
  2. Consider whether it valuable or not 
  3. Build passion on the business idea if valuable 
  4. Seek for knowledge and techniques from people in the same field.
  5. Put all knowledge inconsistent practice 
  6. Don’t be afraid to experience failure 
  7. Always find a solution to all failures and mistakes experienced
  8. Keep on researching to always have new things in the field of business.