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Learnoflix affiliate program review

Definite review and information on Learnoflix Affiliate Program: From the beginning of this year, Learnoflix has been known to be one of the fastest-g

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Definite review and information on Learnoflix Affiliate Program: From the beginning of this year, Learnoflix has been known to be one of the fastest-growing affiliates programs in Africa which is due to the rate people are partnering and also referring others. This great platform was proudly founded by “Sam Harvard Asiwaju” who is also known as “Jagaban” in digital marketing.

The CEO of Learnoflix who’s is Samuel Asiwaju Harvard has made it clear that there are enough courses to help one get their 7figure states through legitimate online business. So, there is no need to start moving from one place to another looking for ways to make online because you can simply learn them all on Learnoflix by joining now to start receiving immediate lectures from experts. As In, from internet gurus.   Do you get what am saying?

Meaning of Learnoflix and what it based on?

A lot of people are confused about what Learnoflix is. Some think it is a platform that just enables one to earn money by referring others. While some think it is a Get rich scheme that does not require any skill. While major people think it is a Big Scam!. Learnoflix is Also known as “Traffic hackers”.

Traffic hacking by sam Harvard

Now, here is what Learnoflix really is

Join Learnoflix Today

This a platform that is globally registered officially which teaches over 50 skills to premium members and also enables members to earn by referring others to the platform with the skill that has been impacted in them.  That just it.

Learnoflix is just about bringing different experts together to sell their course to the premium members and also being promoted by them.

Okay, let me explain some things here.

Assuming you’ve registered on this Entrepreneurship E-learning site, you will be giving a referral link likes this “ https://smartgiftboy.learnoflixwebinar.com/”  to bring more people to the course that are available on the platform which will also yield a commission per completed sign-up & Payment.

With this, you can simply recover your registration money and also earn than that.

This is how this platform works.

Join Learnoflix Today

Who is Sam Harvard Asiwaju himself?

Sam Hardvard Asiwaju
A lot of questions has occupied the internet stating “ who is this Learnoflix guy the claims to teach one skill that can make one earn 7 figure online within some weeks or months?”.

Well, this is how it always looks like when news stuff was discovered by someone who is not even well known. Samuel Asiwaju was a science student who had some good grades in secondary and high schools. From His teenager to his early youth life, he was having a serious issues with financial status which made him started scouting with his friends. I mean “his friends” Not just “one”. As time goes by, he started his affiliate marketing journey on a tough ground with no definite helpers. Those days were really tough for him. But Booom!, he discovered and learnt a skill that changed his life within 6month which made him a millionaire.

Do you want to know these skills?

Actually, all these skills are like a car with a different component inside of t that makes it propel from one point to the other. And the body that represents those is called “Affiliate marketing”.  Yes, you saw it right!.  A lot of people thinks Affiliate marketing is “dead” and cannot be used to earn a living again but not knowing is the skills that are being used to perform that marketing that absolutely dead!.

Let me show you something really quick…

Everybody has known Amazon to be a place where you can purchase anything from different parts of the world.  Now, see what will blow your mind now.  Do you know that Amazon does not produce up to 0.1% of the things that are being sold on that platform. Everything that is is purchased are owned by different industries.

Join Learnoflix Today

Do you know what happened here?

This is simple; Amazon simply allows those industries to display those products on their website and have an agreement that they will have a specific commission on every sale they made through their platform.  This is how Amazon was able a worth of $176 Billion with just affiliate marketing.  Can you now see what am talking about!.

Again let me show how Amazons were able to this worth very fast really fast within some month.

Do you know that Amazon was able to get to its worth with the help of other subordinate Affiliate marketers? Which I also refer to it to as “leverage Affiliate marketing”.

This is an act of introducing relative external labour to work for one in exchange for income, wages, salary, commission or other valuable things.

With the help of other subordinate Affiliate marketers, Amazon being the main one will find it hard to grow.

Before you get too overwhelmed, let me quickly show you the skills you will be needing to become a successful affiliate marketer within some months which also be provided on Learnoflix.


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The 10 dynamic skills that will make you grow rapidly in this business

Here the 10 techniques from Learnoflix one need to acquire in order to make quick recommending sales will be listed out shortly

1. Copywriting:

This the act of bringing some piece of word together that can compell one to take an action the writer want it to take. This is one of the great affiliate marketing skills every affiliate marketers should have. 

2. Presentation Skill

The can referred to the act of acting of making a social or digital representation in order to drive a sale. 

3. Sales Funnel Building 

Sale fuunel building is a very useful skill that teaches one how to build a valid salefunnel for good conversion. 

4. Email marketing training 

Email Marketing has been one of the useful skills that helps to get a lot of direct sales from sending an email outreach to every subscribers. 

5. Social media marketing 

This one of the easiest affiliate marketing skills every affiliate marketer can make use of when looking for quick sales for small or large project. Social media marketing simply means using the social internet to perform valid affiliates marketing operations. 

6. Search Engines Optimization

This is the operation involved at taking all necessary steps to rank a website higher on search engines. 

7. Content Creation 

 This is another affiliate marketing skills that involves creating content for a post on a website, a video or even for a presentation. 

8. Website Development 

This involves building website for digital store, company for an individual for personal use. 

9. Whatsapp Marketing 

WhatsApp marketing is another newly found affiliate marketing skills that do not require a lot stress when performing the operations. It involves opening and closing sales on WhatsApp without using external app. 

10. Sales & Closing

This is a great tools in affiliate marketing that makes every affiliate marketers to be able to get their client to take actions and make finals purchase on the good or services recommended to them. 


These are the first 10 important skills that will be taught on leanoflix when you first register and make full payment.

This short video below from Sam Harvard will give you a brief information of how learnoflix affiliate programs works and what it tends to offer

Top 5 Successful Tutors and Members that have been successful through learnoflix affiliate program 

In this section, I will be listing out just 5 people out of hundreds of people who have made it through learnoflix

1. David Aihome

David Aihome is one of the early members who joined learnoflix at their early start. Life was not easy for him when has not come across with this platform.  But now, David Aihome now worth over $25,000 on the platform and still making more. He teaches about how to run converting ads on different platforms, gaining organic traffic with ease,  social media marketing, setting and managing google ads account, e.t.c

You can also get to know him better by checking him on his Instagram handle with the same name “David Aihome”.

2. Teehoney

This is another wonderful learnoflix member and tutor who has really grown in the world of affiliate marketing. Teehony also offers a lot of skills to

help reach thousands of people and also make valid sales from them.

3. Samuel jibowu

Samuel Jinowu has been one of the fast-rising learnoflix members that have earned a lot of income from this platform.  Lots of members have also been trained by Samuel jibowu on different occasions.

 4. Chinwe

For a lady to be part of this affiliate marketing learning programme, it serves as a sample for other ladies out there that they can also make money online instead of sitting at home doing nothing.

Chinwe has been a great participant in learnoflix by achieving some higher rewards from Sam Harvard.

5. Ada billions

According to the learnoflix membership record, Ada billions is the youngest participant who has earned a significant amount of money on the platform. Has her stated “Ada billion” she is aiming to become a billionaire through affiliate marketing. That is a good thing though ( Positive mindset).

Benefits of joining the learnoflix affiliate program

Becoming a partner in this learning program comes with diverse advantages;

  1. Accessing different courses at a low cost 
  2. Adequate amount of support from tutor and members 
  3. One can also earn from the platform 
  4. Good teaching strategies 
  5. Highly recommended by people outside and within the country


Final review 

Learnoflix Affiliate marketing platform is indeed one of the best. With the aid of my experience in this program, I will recommend those who are willing to work/make money online should try to register today for  successful journey.