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5 Rare beneficial motivational tips for entrepreneurs ( Pre and Pro)

    Motivational tips - Hello! intellectual entrepreneurs around the globe, welcome to business hub motivational post.  Our online busines

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5 Rare beneficial motivational tips for entrepreneurs ( Pre and Pro)



Motivational tips – Hello! intellectual entrepreneurs around the globe, welcome to business hub motivational post.

 Our online business tutorial carefully creates this post to empower all kind of business owners (small or big), in their operation performed in the organization. 

As a capitalist, I know you could have faced a lot of challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been tough for major firms during the pandemic, a lot of industry has to suspend their operations and involve in a temporary shut down. 

75% of employers were at home at this period, only senior staff were allowed in the organization. The crisis leads to stagnant in the development of the economy, markets were down as the consumption rate decrease drastically.

 This virus is still present in some particular country, not all region was affected by this virus.

 As the vaccine for the illness has not been found, researches are still ongoing by the scientists. In some countries, employers are now allowed to resume back to their place of work with proper preventive measures. 

The use of a nose mask attached with hand sanitiser is made compulsory, workers are also advised strictly to practice social distance effectively at a place of work. 

For you as an entrepreneur, either just learning, practising or professional at this.

There is a need for strong seriousness this year, all capitalist are required to make amendments to the errors that occurred last year (2020). 

We need to bring our economy back to normal or even better, our effectiveness and productivity must change positively.

 I know you could have faced a lot of challenges at managing your organization during the crisis, even if the pandemic is still on;  do not relent!. 

We should not let our past and our present situation define our future, who knows what the future may bring for us. To all entrepreneur reading this article, you guys need to stay bold, be resourceful and courageous for achieving your potential aims.

 It may not be easy, but believe you can strive through it. As said mostly; Success cannot be achieved in a day for it takes a lot of time of hard-work.

 Not to worry, for  have provided some incentive tips that will aid in building your business zeal rapidly. For this is a free website opened globally, no cost or charges is required to obtain this information. 

The main thing we need from you as an intellectual entrepreneur is to read this article carefully and digest the meriting content carefully.

 By doing so, your reason for reading this educating post will be achieved. All the tips will be provided below with well-detailed explanations, we recommend you to comprehend them wisely. 

Five profitable incentives information for capitalists 

The following are the top 5 motivational tips that will aid in building up entrepreneurs zeal in business, they are;


1. Be highly hungry for success

For you as an entrepreneur, never relent on pursuing your dream. In this current century, we have a lot of capitalists that are very competent with what they are doing, they go extra-mind to achieve their aims.


 This set of entrepreneur don’t give chance for their relative capitalist, they are very competitive in every aspect. 

They don’t have time to waste on unfruitful activities. Maximum investment on a thing that brings benefit is done by them. 

For you also as a business owner, you need to do more of that. As you can see, there is a lot of competition in today business world. 

You must be hungry for success to achieve your potential aims, as your fellow entrepreneur is. In life, it actually takes those who are courageous, resourceful and smart enough to stay on top. 

Let take look at Mark Zuckerberg, he owns one of the most used social media platforms in the world. Currently, he has actually bought WhatsApp legally from the owner. 

Mark Zuckerberg did not just get successful in a day, it actually takes a lot of time to achieve his dream. What if he had relented, do you think he will be where he his today? This is an absolute No!.



 He was hungry for success enough that he doesn’t even need people to tell him what to do. Decisions and conclusion were made by him, now Mark Zuckerberg is listed among one of the billionaires in the world. This attribute assisted him a lot;


  • He was hungry for success. 
  • He never looks down at is self.
  • Competent in what he is doing.
  • Always resourceful.


For you as an intellectual entrepreneur reading this article, you can do better than this if you really want to be.

 95% of what happens to any one of us in this life depend on us, what we indulge determines what will indulge in us. 

If you run a business and it not doing well, look for possible means to make it perform well. The rate of our operation we perform in an organization determines the rate of its development. 

The more your input, the more your output. As a capitalist that want to rank well in your business, never get tired of working.

 For only those with sufficient operation tend to achieve their goal quickly, laziness do not help in anything.

 Falling back to the topic, your mindset should be aiming for success.  Everybody wants to be successful right!?, but not all can work towards it;   that the fact!.

 For those for we really want it and ready for it, will do any anything for it. Do you get that? Not all people that make the statement ” I want to be successful in life” actually meant it, they just utter the word to fell comfortable. 

Focusing on you as an entrepreneur, do not just think success can be achieved by just ordinary making the statement, a lot of things are involved. 

As said earlier, you must be hungry for success. Which means, the zeal for being successful must be in you.  If you have the zeal, a lot of things can be done by you for achieving your goal. 

Those who are successful today are not just found like that, even if they inherit some properties. 

It cannot still make them what they are today, their inputs are also involved. Wrapping this, have the desire to been successful as an entrepreneur for it will help you a lot. 

2. Do not depend on proofs (at O%)

If you are a business owner who is afraid to make decisions on your own and waiting to see the outcome of others before you indulge in it, then this tip is mainly for you. 



Though It not bad to be too careful before you make decisions, but it should be measured to some extent. 

An entrepreneur that does not have enough courage to manage his/her business organization, will tend to depend on others for assistance.

 Most capitalists have great business ideas in their mind that is to be executed for use, he/she won’t do it because no courage to face what he/she is hoping for.

 There are some things that entrepreneurs do that attracts other entrepreneurs to it, the fellow capitalist that are attracted are depending on proofs. In most cases, the proof you are depending on may turn out to be negative. 

If a capitalist cannot stand on its own when deciding what to do, other fellow entrepreneurs will take advantage of it.

 For example, you have a great idea of inventing a product that has not been fully recognized by the public. Instead of you to go ahead for the invention, you are waiting for your fellow entrepreneur to start it first.

 What if they make a lot of money from what you are restraining from. Note this, if the invention result turns positive. You will want to participate in it, but if it turns otherwise. 

You will be happy that you didn’t go for it, that wrong!. As an entrepreneur, you should be ready to take the risk without waiting for others to do it first. Who knows if your risk will lead to a great breakthrough in your business career, never depend on other proofs.

Simply take note of how may risk you can take, without trial there is no discovery. A business-owner that is unable to stand on its own, is not ready to act as the CEO of the organization. 

This is one of the core quality that an entrepreneur should obtain, the ability to be self-reliance is recommended. Most times, the proof you depend on destroy your business zeal. 

If you rely on proof too much, it could make these things happen to you as a capitalist.


  • Reduces your resourcefulness.
  • Affects your business strategies negatively.
  • Makes you useless as an entrepreneur 
  • Reduces the chances of you achieving your business dream.
  • Rewards your breakthrough to another capitalist. 

All these things listed above affect different entrepreneurs in different ways. 

For you to be successful in your business, you need to stand on your own and take your risk carefully. 

Self-reliance defines an intelligent entrepreneur, only the wise with enough knowledge know what to do in different situations.

 They don’t need any supporter or advisers, they are good on their own. You!, yes you reading this post. If you are an entrepreneur or you just want to be, my advice for you is; don’t let empty things play with your intelligence. 

You are good on your own, you are only allowed to accommodate people who are struggling for the same purpose as you.

 This shows that your partner is going in the same direction as you. By not relying on proofs means a lot of things, it could be an example, a result, and so on. 

The main reason for not depending on proofs is that not all of them can help you. Success cannot be achieved the same way, each one of us has a different way of obtaining our goals. The core advise is to stay focus on whatever you are doing.

3. Make valid use of your time

Talking about time, it is what we use to calculate everything we do. Without time, no calculation, no tenses and no moments. 



We all deal with time, we make use of it by measuring it with a calculative gadget. Most entrepreneurs do not make valid use of their time, they tend to waste it on unnecessary things.

 The way you use your time will determine the number of things you can achieve. As it is mostly stated that “Time is Golden“, meaning it matters a lot in our life. 

Time can be reversed nor fast forward, it made constant in operation. 

You as an entrepreneur, how do you value your time?  Or  How does time matters to you? 

If you don’t have a cleared answer for this question then, you are making no valid use of your time. Well, time is a free gift of nature. 

Nobody pays for it, neither does anyone who controls it. Time occurs naturally and operates naturally, it totally free to man. In a business study, time is money. 

Money is obtained when time is well used, they qualify each other. Major big firms operate 24/7, they employ to set of employers.

 The part one type of employer will work in the daylight (6 am-6 pm), while the other part of the employer will in the noontime (6 pm-6 am). These firms do this because they want to be more productive by operating 24/7. 


Some facts about time


  1. Time can’t be controlled
  2. Time wait for no one 
  3. Time can be measured 
  4. Time is not artificial 
  5. No one can reverse time 
  6. Time controls everybody 
  7. Time produces money 


So now, I hope you now understand how important time is to business. Without the valid use of time in business, there will be a low rate in the production of the organization.

 For you, set your time, schedule it and make use of it very well. Your time should matter to you very well, laziness will do you no good. We have two factors that determine how business-owner make use of their time.


  • Hard-work
  • Laziness 


Time is used efficiently when hard-work is involved. Hard-work simply means when tasks are done by an individual at a constant rate, there is no valid rest until the goals are achieved.

 While laziness means the exact opposite of hard-work definition. The recommended factor for you is hard work, it the best for you as an entrepreneur. To make valid use of your time, you are advised to be hardworking. 

By making valid use of your time, there are multiple advantages attached to it


Advantage of making valid use of your time 


  1. It increases your productivity 
  2. A lot of profit is earned 
  3. It will aid in boosting the development of the organization 
  4. Your goal will be achieved easily 
  5. Valid use of your time distinguishes you from others.


There are still more merit to it, only if you try it out. 

An entrepreneur whose aim is to be successful will not waste any bit of his/her time, each moment will matter a lot to him/her.

 Lazy people don’t go far in life, they tend to be useless in most cases.  So, for you as an entrepreneur reading this article. 

Time does not wait, as it counts every second. Make valid use of your time, time can’t be taken from you. It is you that will decide what you want to do with your time. My recommended advise for all entrepreneur is to make use of their time effectively. 

4. Be consistent at making necessary researches

Nothing can be discovered without making research, findings always lead to answers. Most of the big Industries you see dominating the market today have gone through a lot of research, they go extra-mind to bring new things into existence.


 Without them making research, these things can be done. The person who take the part in this role is the entrepreneur, he/she is the mastermind of the research. 


An entrepreneur makes a lot of decisions, he/she control the organisation. 

The development of an organisation mainly depends on the owner, all commands are ordered by him/her. For you as an entrepreneur, either pre or pro.

 The development of the organisation lies in your hand, whatever you do or the decisions you made will reflect on Your business.

 If you want your business output to be distinguished in the market, then you have to go into a lot of finding. You need to explore to discover new things as a capitalist, the level of your research will determine the number of things you can discover.

 Let take the scientist, for example, they explore around the world in-order to invent new things. 

They earn more knowledge by doing this, without exploitation no new things will be discovered. 

Most of the gadgets, tech devices and appliance we use are discovered through the help of research. The scientist takes their time to make more findings before they go into experiments, pieces of information are gathered vividly by them. 

The process that involves when making research 

Research is done by following different valid steps, they are 


  1. Identify your problem 
  2. Plan of research 
  3. Collection of data/information 
  4. Analysing of data/ information collected 
  5. Reporting of results


These are the process you will be involved in when making research. 

Research can take time but, it is the best thing to do when you want to discover new things. Business requires a lot of exploitation, new product and services are available with the help of exploring.

 Business could not have been what it is today without some diligent entrepreneur who spends most of their time trying to invent new things, they are really the backbone of development in most firms. 

New stuff are discovered by them, different changes that occur in business was also made available through these entrepreneurs. 

You can do better than this capitalist, the only thing you need is to obtain the zeal of . If you can be diligent at making research, a lot of invention can be done by you. 

Everybody has business research the right to be successful, it only takes those who want to be successful. Those heroes who made life easier for us are not given birth differently, but they tend to mould themselves differently. 

You picture what you want you want to be, no one owns your key to success. Your rate of making research should be constant, it aid at achieving your goal quickly. 

Your exploitation could make you obtained what no one as achieved before, just remember to be constant at making research. 

Never get tired of findings, treasures are only achieved by making deep research. Which means, your business goal can only be obtained if you are diligently willing to have it. Word of advice; Never relent at making research, keep on moving!. 

5. Never look back at your failure

In life, we do not experience success all the time. Failure occurs sometime. While in business, making a lot of mistakes leads to failure. 



Most entrepreneurs tend to remains stagnant if they keep remembering about their failures, they won’t be able to move forward. 

The reason we fail does not mean we cannot do it, failure is meant to teach us lesson and make us stronger. Talking to you as an entrepreneur, do not look back at your mistakes. 

The reason for this statement is that the more you look back, the more your heart get saddened. The successful business owner you see today has experienced a lot of failures, they get frustrated most time, but they keep on moving. 

Wait let take the scientists again, for example, looking at the present state of technology from a different angle; it has improved. Note this, the developed technology you are seeing today has gone through a lot of processes. 

Within the process, mistakes will be made. The scientist that experience failure most becomes distinguished later on. 

This is because they don’t let their failures hinder their potential aims, they move on and never look back at their failures. Mistakes lead to failure right!? As an entrepreneur, you are advised to learn from your mistakes and also not to take your failure personal. 

Facts about failure


  1. Our decisions lead to our failure 
  2. Laziness support failure 
  3. Failure teaches us great lessons 
  4. Negative attributes constitute a failure 
  5. Failure applies to anybody

For every successful being, he/she have experiences failure. It only depends on the way each one of us handles the situation, some get over while others remain in it. 

Success cannot be achieved if it opposite is present, only the absence of failure attracts success. For you to be a good entrepreneur, you must learn how to handle may things.

 A capitalist must learn how to take any risks, endure many situations and able to make many decisions in difficult situations. 

To become a successful entrepreneur does not only mean that you will be earning a lot, there are a lot of things involved. Falling back to the topic, do not look back at your failure. When you do so,

You are giving your self a chance to be stagnant in development. I recommend you to stay off it, remembering about it won’t do you any good. 


The merit of these motivational tips 


  1. With this, you will be able to know what you are supposed to do in different situations.
  2. Improves your thinking positively 
  3. This tips will make you business-wise. 
  4. Makes you recognize your mistakes 
  5. Gives you an appetite for great success 

For you as an entrepreneur, you can earn a lot of benefit from this incentive tips. Only a few potential ones are listed above.