Nav Small Business Grant – How to apply in 2022 [Full Guidelines]


Welcome to businesshub2. Here, we present to you again a popular nav small business grant that will be very beneficial to you if your organization is under development.

This type of monetary opportunity is for entrepreneurs who need funds to finance their business for rapid development.

So for you whose business is buoyant in the financial and sales aspect, then don’t bother applying for this nav small business grant that is made available for small firms.


But for the developing entrepreneur reading this article, you are wholly eligible for this type of financial opportunity.

This is because the NAV granting association specifically made this available to grow little organizations that are lack of funds.

Nav small business grant

So If your business is under serious development, then you are good to go for this huge sum of opportunity.


Heads up; Are you thinking of how you can easily apply for this latest nav small business grant without being rejected?

Then this should not be your worry anymore because here at businesshub2, we will be providing simple guidelines that any entrepreneur can easily follow to win this grant with less stress.

Win others in nav small business grant

Yes, we mean it!.

I admit that is not easy to win small business grants these days and it has been your major worry.

Not to worry again because we are here for you.

Just do yourself good by reading till the end of this article. That all!

Then you are good to go.

Now let dive into the main reason for us creating this article.

But before we go there, let us first know this Nav’s small business grant is all about. After that, we can then treat how to apply for this great opportunity. So let get started…

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Full details about the latest nav small business grant

As said earlier, all information about this nav financial opportunity will be explained out.

About Nav small business grant

Nav is a popular philanthropist organization that mainly provide financial help for small business in trouble or for those who are lacking fund to manage their company.

This organization has been well known for its generous act toward little developing firms.

Different grants that worth $10,000 and above have been given to different entrepreneurs around the globe by this organization.

Nav offers more value in their helping act and not like the $7000 government grant that other entrepreneurs are in chase of.

Brief information about Nav current free money opportunity

This current nav small business grant was made available on 23 August 2021.

The total money promised to be given to any Individual who gets approved for this opportunity is $10,000.

What a huge amount of money right?

Yeah!, that is the exact amount of money you will be given to grow your business when you win this free startup money.

Also note, all applicants are meant to submit their entries between Sep. 21st and October 26th. After these dates, you won’t be able to participate in this program.

Nav small business grant deadline is 26th of October

So, I will urge all entrepreneurs reading this article to begin their registration today as soon as you finish reading this content.

5 Easy ways to prepare and apply for the current Nav small business grant

How to get prepared for applying for the nav small business grant

We’ve come to the sections where I will explain the things you can do to easily get your business qualified for this financial

  1. Let get started!
  2. Warm-up your business activities
  3. Get your files and credentials ready
  4. Be active on social media
  5. Create your business based content
  6. Engage your audience on Social media
  7. Make more findings of nav small business grants from past winners
  8. Follow the layout guidelines
  9. Exercise patient


1. Warm-up your business activities

Since you are about to apply for the nav small business grant, then is time to get more active in your business activities.

Warm up your business activities

Due to our past experience in the granting experience, we notice that entrepreneurs who are more engaged with their organizations tend to win the opportunity over those who are less active.

This is because most granting organizations don’t offer financial support to lazy entrepreneurs but rather give those who are hardworking.

With this, You need to be more active in your business than before.

Again, make sure all tasks are well executed and also well managed.

All task should be well managed

You can also help yourself by getting more workers to your business who will aid in the fast running of your organization.

Get more workers before applying for free grant applications

These workers will help at simplifying your work for better achievement. Well, this can also be called division of labor.

Once all these are done, it is time to move to the next stage.

2. Get your files and credentials ready

Without proving what your business really is, it will be hard for the granting society to trust. A completed document that tells more about your business will be needed at this stage.

Get your documents ready

Although Nav enquire no one to provide their business document before applying for their small business grant.

But you will be needing it as a quick source to know more about the background and present state of your firm if a question is being asked in that sector.

So, I hope you can now see the reasons why your documents need to be ready before applying for the micro-financial opportunity.

Without providing a knowledge source for hard potential questions, then you have a 70% chance to fail.

Or Do you want to be evicted from the challenge so easily?

Then makes sure you get your document ready even though you think you may not be needing it. This is how winners plan ahead before they embark on a journey of challenge.

3. Be active on social media

Be active on social media

Not to lie, this is the most critical stage of applying for this opportunity. If a single mistake is made at this point, then you have a very high chance of being evicted.

Why is this so?

According to the Nav judges, your social business life will determine if you are worthy of the grant or not.

This means; If you don’t frequently display what you are into on your social account, the nav judges won’t believe your business exists.

Get active on social media platforms by posting your product

Or you may be marked as a scammer who want to use this opportunity to earn a large amount of money.

So in this case, get all your social media account active especially the popular ones like; Instagram and Facebook.

Social media to get vote from

These are the social account you are advised to make active before applying for this grant.

How do you do this?

You can get active by posting 2-3 times a day on your social platform.

Make sure those posts are about your business.

This is very important.

Also, you can try promoting your post on those social platforms to reach more of your potential consumers.

Promote on social media for move vote

The more you do this, the more your audience increase. Simple!.

Now let dive into the next sections


4. Create your business based content

It’s time to get creative!. This is where you need to put some things together to form great content ( either Video or Write up).

Create content for nav small business grant

At Nav, you are required to present some video of yourself either in form of a speech or a presentation.

Nav granting organization suggest applicant should make videos

And as we all know that standard video cannot be created it is not first written down as a word. Right?

Then is why you need to get some content ready before applying for this nav small business grant.

But the question is;

How are you going to create stunning content that can convince the Nav judges?

Here’s what to do..

Firstly, Outline the role of your business.  Meaning what your organization is all about.

You can do this by discovering the functions of your business.

For example;
Am an entrepreneur who is into fast food production. To introduce myself and my business, I will start by highlighting what my company is all about with functions.

e.g My name is John cruise and am into fast food production. The role of my company do the world is to provide as much fast food as much as possible.

Do you get it? That is what am talking about.

With this short intro of you in a video or article, you have proven the relevancy of your firm to them.

Secondly, State the plans you have for your business

Plan for your organization in applying for the free grant application

The thing you are going to say is going to be strictly old accountable by the Nav judges.

Here’s why

The main purpose of this organization dashing out money to growing entrepreneurs is to help them achieve the dreams they have for their business. And if any mistake is made here, you’ve missed it already.

So make sure you know the right future goals that suit your business

And finally, Identify the benefits that will be obtained by the individual for purchasing your future product or services.

At this stage, it’s time to start proving that you really mean the development status of your business with its customers.

When you show what people could benefit from your future goals, you are giving a strong assurance that you are not going to fail them in any way.

With this, you are advised to put potential merits that will be inherited by the grantor and thy future consumer consuming your product and services.

Once these are done, it’s time to get people active in your social life.

4. Engage your audience on social media platforms

The more engagement you have, the more your chances of winning this opportunity.

Engage your audience

At Nav, the number of votes you receive from your audience will determine if you can win this free money or not.

Take a look at the screenshot below, this was gotten from their official site.

Nav judges advice applicant to get vote from thier audience


Also, you advised teaching your audience how to vote for you.

Take a look again below

Teach your followers how to vote for you

This can be simply done by making a video that explains in full detail of how your social media followers or friend can support you in winning this grant by placing a vote.

But before all this can be successfully done, you need to have a huge amount of audience. And to do that, you need to “Engage them”.

Here’s how to do it.

To engage your audience, you need to do the following.

  1. Create unique posts frequently
  2. Ask for recommendation
  3. Do giveaways
  4. Create polls occasionally
  5. Create an event contest
  6. Request for comments
  7. These are the best ways to engage your audiences.

Note: Make sure you approach all the steps outlined above carefully. As your know, you wining this nav small business grant depends on how many votes you can have.

So, go get engaging!.


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5. Make more findings of nav small business grant from past winners

Make research on former nav small business grant winners

Lots of entrepreneurs have won this type of free money to start a small business from Nav in the past.

Now it’s time to get ideas from them.

Since these sets of people have experienced this free grant application you are about to go into, then it will be best to get some piece of advice from them.

How do you contact these people?

Since these people have been highlighted on the Nav homepage, you can easily know about them by reading their short write-up.

Former Nav small business grant winners short write-up

But if you find it difficult to locate them, then follow the procedures provided below.

  • Get their name and business name from the nav homepage.
  • Screenshots of their image from the home page
  • Now head on to Facebook, Google, or Instagram to search for business and personal names.
  • Identify their account with the image of them in your screenshots.
  • Send a lovely message to them and patiently wait for their response.
  • Once replied, tell about the Nav small business grant you are about to apply for and how they can be of help.
  • That all!

Once you do all that is listed above, you will definitely see one of the winners that will assist you.


6. Follow the layout guideline

Follow the rules

For all this listed above, there is a need to apply to the official guideline provided by Nav’s official website. This guideline covers the free grant application to the giving of $10,000 free funds for small businesses in 2021.

All procedures listed on that website are advised to be strictly adhered to.

How to apply for nav grants

Failure to do so may lead to eviction from the program


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7. Exercise patient

Exercise patient till result come out

After all that is done above, it is time to exercise some patience before the winner’s result will be out on or late November 2021.

For best practice, I urge you remain very active in your business activities till the results are out.


Nav or Sba eidl grant – Which is best to apply for in 2021

SBA EIDL is a popular loan that was established due to the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was created to help little entrepreneur whose business was negatively affected by the pandemic.

Comparison on SBA eidl loans and nav small business grant

The SBA disaster loan is offered at a different value, it can be either from $10,000 – $2M.

But for Nav, it is an institution that offers free money to little money based on their qualifications.

If you are to choose between these two, I will advise you to try out Nav first. And if you didn’t get qualified in this platform, you can go for SBA eildl loan.

But to round it up, these two organizations are good for free to pay later money from.


Want to know more about Nav granting organizations? Then read below to acquire some knowledge about them.


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Brief history of Nav granting program

The Nav small business grant company was created in the year 2018 by Greg Ott CEO of Nav Corp.

CEO and history of Nav small business grant

Not only this but they also for service like;

  • Business loan
  • Insurance
  • Credit cards, with a lot more.

Nav’s major goal is to assist little organizations in their development status. Since 3 years of this journey, they have really helped a lot of entrepreneurs to grow their business rapidly with the aid of their financial and knowledge support.

Location: 13693 South 200 West,
Suite 200, Draper, UT 84020


With the help of the procedures that have been outlined above, I hope you can now apply for the nav small business grant without making an error.

If any support is needed, you can simply comment below or send a mail to us.

Good luck!

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