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8 unpleasant things that will happen to the business if there were no agriculture

For some decades now, there have been the production and reproduction of agricultural materials which are mostly used for industrial processing of

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8 unpleasant things that will happen to the business if there were no agriculture

For some decades now, there have been the production and reproduction of agricultural materials which are mostly used for industrial processing of raw items. And at the end of this circle, it leads to the consumables things we see around us. 

What am trying to say is that; Agriculture has been one of the active bedrock of the business world. Without the existence of agriculture, activities perform in most industries today will be void. 

Now let know about the topic we are about treat

What is agriculture?

Well, this can be defined as the acting of cultivating the plant and also the management of farm animals. 

In a clear explanation……

It is a place or field that allow a farmer or selected individual to plant, manage and harvest crops alongside with the rearing of animals which are later used for different valuable purposes. 

Now that we have to know what agriculture means, let move on to the subtopics that explains what will occur to the business if there was no existence of agriculture. 


8 unthoughtful things that will happen to the business if agriculture did not exist 

In this sections, we will be taking a close look at what our industry or firms may look like if farms products are not available. Let get started!

1. Absence of invention (Nothing to produce)

Most of the materials we use in productions of goods are gotten from agriculture, not to talk of the;


  • Timbre – furniture 
  • Cotton – clothe
  • Wood – Fuel 
  • Cocoa – Cereal product 
  • Pulpwood – paper, and much more. 

These raw materials are highly depended on to produce major goods. 

Now let imagined if these raw material are not existing and no one knows they will ever be used. 

And the question is…

What will our current popular industries use in producing our beloved finished products? 

This question looks awkward right!?

That how it gonna be like if agriculture didn’t exist, for most of our goods will also be unavailable.  So, In this state; the existence of agriculture directly varies to the development of business. 

That is; if there is no agriculture, major industries won’t have enough resources to assist its production. 

2. Business may not even exist

According to history, agriculture seems to be existing before the activities of business even started.  

Our early human has been executing a different task in the farm by;


  • Planting of early crops and trees 
  • Management of farm materials 
  • Rearing of animals 
  • Harvesting of crops, e.t.c

This first set of human knows about agriculture before they start getting the idea of business in the act of exchanging goods to each other. 

With this illustration, it shows that if a man did not involve in farm activities, there won’t be any goods or value to exchange. 

And if this did not take place, then we won’t even need to have the term “business” in this current world. 

3. Business theories will be useless

With the act of increase in production and consumption, business has generated a lot of  theories of that explains the forces and factors that take place in between the chain of a producer to the end-users.

But to say the fact, all this occurred because there was resource to use for production. In the other case if there were no resources to use in the manufacturing of goods with also the provision of services, then all the present business theories that are currently active will be of no use. 

Example of some basic theories that are mostly used in business are; 


  • Law of demand 
  • Opportunity cost 
  • Law of supply 
  • Demand elasticity, and so on 


These theories can also be formed of laws or studies. 

Now, let illustrate laws of demand for better understanding. 

If a consumer is willing to purchase a product with the available price tag, then this is known as demand. 

But the law of demand states that

When the price of a commodity increase, then the demand decrease. And if the price decreases, then the rate of demand will also increase. 

With all this illustration, it will not be possible for the law of demand to exist if there is no product to produce and purchase. 

This is where agriculture comes in, it is where major raw materials are obtained for manufacturing. Without it, we should forget about the existence of these business theories. 

4. Cease in development status

 The improvement of many industries is due to the efficient use of available resources that are provided from certain sources. 

But when there is a shortage of these resources, the improvement of business organizations and economics will definitely be slow. 

Agriculture has aided the development of most big firms that are present today, the use of farm produces for manufacturing has played a big role in the enhancement of firms.  On the other hand; if farm practices are not existing, then the business improvement will not take place.  

It is the foundation of agriculture activities that lead to the building up of productive organizations. 

5. Multiple employment will be unneeded

When there are no resources to use for productions, the acquiring of labour will be evicted. 

In a large business, varieties of sectors where labour can be employed are provided due to the efficient use of resources in the organization.  

This means that; 

The number of resources we obtain will determine the needing value of our employment.     

But if there are no resources, employment in business may also not exists. 

What am trying to say is that: The existence of our agriculture created diverse branches of employment, which is;

 From the farmland to the last stage of consumption where the resource is ready to be consumed.  

So, to conclude this sector.  We validly need agriculture to make employment available in the world of business. 

6. Value exchange will be absent

Agriculture in business has made the importing and exporting of goods and services from different countries to be available. 

This type of exchange is like the forex market that exists globally today. 

One of the factors that made this type of market available is referred to be the active use of our resources to create different commodity for consumption. 

But if there was no active use of resources by different region, we could not have been talking about the forex market today.  This is one of the things I recommend you to understand about this type of market.

When there are no resources to use for production; who will want to sell his good in exchange for money?

This is also where Agriculture has occupied for us to make this possible. 

For example;

Charcoal that is made with the act of burning woods is highly required in the western world for the creation of heat and availability of fuels.

With the example above, it shows that the exchange of value was made possible with the help of agriculture. 

7. Business will depend wholly on raw materials

Although the business does not need to depend on agriculture 100% in order to make the production of finished product available, for there are other alternatives that can make this possible. 

One of this alternative is “extractions of raw materials”.

What is extraction?

This is the act of obtaining raw material from the ground successfully with the help of some useful techniques.

The majority of raw materials for a commodity that was not produced from agriculture are produced by using this method effectively. 

But if Agriculture was not existing, then resources from the ground will be fully depended on for the production of goods and services.  


Fact: If resources from agriculture did not assist the availability of a commodity, there would have been a shortage of raw materials that are obtained from the ground presently. 

This means that; even though materials from the ground will assist us in the manufacturing of commodities, but there will still be a time where by these same resources will be made scarce because of overuse.

8. Competition between firms will be irrelevant

Due to the availability of resources, a lot of industries was able to be established.

In today’s world, we have different Industries that mostly perform the same thing. Some are well differentiated from each other, while others are entirely the same.

 What made this happen is because we have enough raw materials to use in the production of different commodities which made most organizations to fall into the same categories. 

But if there were no resources available for the production of goods, then today’s competition between different companies will not occur. 

This is so because; when there are no materials to aid in the availability of consumable things, which organization will want to involve in any competition when there is nothing they have to offer to the public. 

Automatically, there won’t be any competitive product in the market today. 

Reasons why some entrepreneurs neglected agriculture 

Some things made most capitalist not to thinks of agriculture, some of them are;


  1. Lack of valid experience 
  2. Ignorance 
  3. Level of technology 
  4. The current century 
  5. Lack of interest 
  6. High level of dependency
  7. The fear of stress 


These are some of the reasons why most of our entrepreneurs neglected agriculture so badly.