7 super active small business marketing strategies you use in 2021

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7 super active small business marketing strategies you use in 2021

 Are you an entrepreneur who is just establishing a business and aiming for it to generate fast. Here, we will be discussing the small business mark

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 Are you an entrepreneur who is just establishing a business and aiming for it to generate fast. Here, we will be discussing the small business marketing strategies that will aid your organization to develop quickly. 

Since you are just a beginner, there is a need to know some basic things about running your business. These basics are like theory or some time in practical aspects. 

 But we won’t be treating that area in this post, let move on to the main topic. Actually, there are a lot of small business marketing strategies.

  70% of the big firm you see today make efficient use of these tactics when they are just developing, these strategies tend to work for them because they make efficient use of them. Firms like;


  • Google 
  • Amazon 
  • Facebook 
  • Samsung 
  • Gucci 
  • Walmart 
  • General Motors 
  • McKesson 
  • Apple 

These firms were not like this before when they were developing. But gradually, they elevate to this present position.

 So, for you who want to learn small business marketing strategies. I will advise you to stick to them tightly and make efficient use of them.     Let move on!

The 7 dynamic small business marketing strategies that works perfectly 

Here, I will be listing out the core tactics for marketing your small business. 


  • Provisions of information 
  • Discount availability 
  • Market online 
  • Availability of education sector 
  • Use of broadcasting ads 
  • Attached marginal utility 
  • Welcome offers 


1. Provision of rich information

Rich information plays an important role when marketing a business, it one of the factors that provide knowledge to the potentials consumers you are marketing to. 


If you are an entrepreneur that is just starting an organization, and you want it to develop quick. I will employ you to create vivid details about the product or services your organization is specializing on. 

Marketing is not all about making your product known to the whole world, but it is also the act of providing valid and necessary information about your business output. 

For example, your firm is based on producing writing material. To make these look outstanding, you will want to classify your products under “stationary“. So when providing information about this product, all your details will fall under the term “stationary“.

The type of information that may be provided

 There are some specific details you can highlight when marketing your business product, which are;


  • The name and brand
  • Meaning of the product/services 
  • The characteristics 
  • The Advantage 
  • The materials and ingredient use for production 
  • The uses


With the help of these pieces of information you will be provided, it will aid your business outputs to gain more value during marketing. 

Example analysis: 

Let use the writing materials for example, which will be falling under stationary. When marketing this product, these are the information you will be providing.

1. Name

Content: Genuine success stationaries corp

2. Meaning of product/services

Content: “Our product is based on writing and inputting data”

3. The characteristics

Content: writing, presenting information, storing data, creating and erasing of information.

4. Advantage 

Content: “Our product is easy to use, it last longer, it convenient, smooth writing abilities”. 

5. Materials and ingredients used for production 

Content: “All our Biro consist of German ink, while our books with our other relative products are made using the following”;


  • Coated paper
  • Wood 
  • Plastics 
  • CCMR
  • Pigments 
  • Dyes
  • Charcoal 
  • Graphite 
  • Clay 


6. Uses 

Content: Our product is best for inputting data, setting information and performing all sort of data presentation.

This is how the information’s of your product/services will be presented when involving in marketing. 

2. High discount availability

These tactics are one of the efficient small business marketing strategies, it helps to tame new consumers easily.


 The discovery of discount availability was made by Asa Candler who is the owner of the coca-cola company, this invention takes place in the year 1887.

 Coca-cola was able to grow fast with the aid of putting discount at every purchase their consumers made. That way they got attracted easily by the public, which made them globally recognized. 

If your business is just established or developing, I will employ you to make efficient you of this small business marketing strategy. 

What is a discount?

Discount can be defined as the act removing specific percentages from the actual cost of a product or services. 


Now, let me give a clear explanation with calculation on discount. 

For example, if your organization is based on producing a smartphone. Which each of these smartphones has a specific tag price like; 

Name: Smartphone A1

Price: $500

Discount: 40%

 The discount means that you are removing 40% of the main cost of your product, it just like subtracting a specific amount from the cost price.  

Now let calculate!. 


Step1. Divide the discount percentage by 100, which is => 40/100 = 0.40 

Step2.  Multiply the Cost price by the discount answer, which is => 500 x 0. 40 = 200

Step3. Subtract the answer above (200) from the actual cost (500), which is => 500 – 200 = 300

There fore, our discount answer is = $300

As you can see, the price reduced by 40%. So, that how to calculate a discount percentage. 

We have similar small business marketing strategies like that of a discount, this one is called Coupon.

 Coupons ack like a discount, but in a different pattern. We won’t be treating that in this article, you can check later in our future post. 

So when marketing your business, make sure you include a discount in all your product and service. If you can do this successfully, your business will easily gain a lot of interest from the public within a short time. 


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3. Market online

In today’s business generation, a lot of things take place online.  Majority of the big firms market their products online, this tactics is one of the commonly used small business marketing strategies.


There are different means you can market your business online, you can use either one or all of the platforms listed below;


  • Google (SERP)
  • Facebook ads 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Quora 
  • Pinterest 
  • Adsense 

All this platform are often used to market online, they are used by small or big industry. If your firm is still under development and you want it to acquire millions of potential customers, I will urge you to try marketing your small business online. 

To say the fact, the internet consists of billions of pages. And also, up to millions of searches are made on the web a day. 

Now imagine how many potential consumers you can acquire within some hours, which can be from 50 upward. 

The most effective way to market online is to create a website with a good niche or, involve in Facebook ads. 

How to create a website

There are various ways to have a website/blog easily, which can be either be free or paid. Before you can have a website, follow these simple steps;


  • Choose a good niche 
  • Buy domain
  • Choose a website developing platform (WordPress, HostGator)
  • Design your site 
  • Create content and necessary post 
  • Publish or launch your website 

This is the steps you need to take before you can get your business website ready on the internet. Once you have successfully launched your website then, you can start working on your  SEO ( Search engine optimization). 

Without a good SEO, your business website won’t be able to rank on the web. And if your website is not ranking, there won’t be anybody visiting your site. So, make sure you work hard on your SEO for better ranking. 

But if you want a quick response, you can try Facebook ads or Adsense. This two platform are frequently used by entrepreneurs. 

They are often used than the other online small business marketing strategies tools. To create ads on Facebook is very easy, it just requires some steps and procedures to take.

 They will help you get to your potential consumers online at no stress but it only depends on the amount you spend on the ads. 

4. Availability of education sector

For a new firm, your marketing strategies have to be different from others.

 You can do this by creating a sector where you will be educating your potential consumers about your product, the uses and other things relating to it.

 Marketing is not only about creating awareness, it also consists of the passing of valuable knowledge to your consumers. 

For example, you produced a gadget that is rare in the market. But you want your users to make use of the gadget rightly. For you to be able to achieve this, there is a need to create a platform for education during your marketing tactics.

 Once this is done successfully, a large number of potential consumers will have interest in your product or services because you have enlightened them on the area they are been ignorance of.

 70% of the successful firms that produce complex electronic make sure they provide booklets containing all the descriptions and steps on how to use their products successfully without harm. 

So if you can add these tactics ideas to marketing strategies for your small business as an additional one to your skill,  you may create your evolution breakthrough on this aspect. 

5. Use of broadcasting ads

Advertisement has been one of the factors that promote a business, either new or existing. 

That why it among the small business marketing strategies, as we cannot omit it from the list of tactics provided here. Broadcasting involves the act of display active ads through a device to the viewers or listeners.



 There are three common types of broadcasting ads, which are;


  • The Television 
  • The Radio 
  • The Internet


While the most efficient type of broadcasting ads is the Television and internet, radio tend to fall behind as the user’s decreases. 

For small developing business, the use of broadcasting ads will help your product and organization to easily get recognized by a large number of consumers.

  65% of product/services are discovered on the broadcasting media. With the help of this platform, consumers are easily persuaded by the ads displayed on the television. 

This is because, television provides more visuality, pieces of information and interaction than other ads platform. So if you are trying to market your business, make sure you include the broadcasting ads platform.

 Once this is done validly, your product and service will gain dynamic consumers with high patronizing rate. 

6. Attached marginal utility

Before we can even touch this sector, which is among the uncommon small business marketing strategies. Let know what it means at first. 

What is marginal utility?

Well, this can be defined as the additional merit consumers obtain from consuming a particular product or services. 

Now, let me explain it better in illustration analysis. 

illustration analysis:

For example, your organization created an android device that can access the local UHF or VHF channel with the aid of an inbuilt chip and antenna.

 Now if we take a look at the device’s characteristics, we will notice that it is different from other normal android devices. 

This is so because your devices allow consumers to watch their local channels without using the television.  By doing this, you have attached marginal utility to your product. 

The marginal utility has been one of your small business marketing strategies, it will help you to build a patronizing and attracting spirit in your potential consumers. 

The more people discover how useful your product is, the more it will expand in the demand rate. 

These tactics will even be more useful to you because your product is just new to the market, and it needs to be discovered. 

So to make this easier, make sure the majority of your organization out-puts are attached with marginal utility. The main role of these tactics is to make your marketing skills different from other small business marketing strategies. 

So, make sure you include a marginal utility to your product during production. 

7. Welcome offers

One of the studies of consumers behaviour enlightened us that; an average human being will rather patronize products or organizations that will benefit him/her more than the other available product.

 So, I will distinguish these tactics to be one of the best among the other small business marketing strategies. In these sectors, it can involve; Discounts, coupons, Gift, give away or other valuables things. 

This strategy will help your business brand to easily get noticed by a large number of consumers. Although, it often depends on how valuable your offers are. 

The reason why I recommended these tactics for small business is because of many reasons, but the core one is = Abundant existence of related organizations. In this present century, we have a lot of firms that are doing well.

 Majority of them have their constants patronizer which no other firm can easily hijack from them. Now for you as a new small business owner who also wants to get a constant and valid patronizer, there are multiple works for you to do. 

But to make this easier for you, try to add a welcome offer to your small business marketing strategies. If you do so, your organization will easily be attracted by the public.  

What your welcome offer should look like

There are different method to present an offer to your potential consumer when they patronize your product or services. As I said earlier, it can be informed of;


  • Gifts 
  • Percentage discount
  • Giveaways 
  • Coupons, and many more. 


Let me give a brief example of this explanation


In most African countries, their service providers always look for a way to gain new subscribers. So, they indulge in special offers program called “Bonus“. 

Once they make this available, the majority of individual will want to switch to their network so that they can benefit from it. 

The moment they choose their network, the service provider offering the bonus as automatically gain new subscribers. That an example of welcome offer marketing strategies. 


If you can notice vividly, 60% of a new product always come with an extra package. Let take Apple product for example. The new Apple product which is iPhone 11 comes with an Air pod which is not common in their package.

 But, they do this so that potential and constant consumers will have more valuable reasons to purchase their product.

 To end these subtopics, try to make your small business marketing strategies different from others by enabling welcome offers and other necessary tactics. 

Advantage of using this distinguished small business marketing strategies 

By using our distinguished tactics, there are a lot of benefit attached to it. This merit are precisely highlighted below;


  1. Easily attracts new consumers 
  2. Makes your business marketing skill different from others 
  3. Affect the development of your organization positively 
  4. Distinguished your business product from others 
  5. Assist you at creating a new positive evolution of small business marketing strategies 
  6. Make your firm less competing and still remain on top 

Here are the things you will benefiting from using the small business marketing strategies highlighted and enlightened on this post. 

Popular Questions & Answers 

Here, I will bringing frequently asked questions with answers so that you can understand the value of this topic better.

A. Question: What advertising method should I use most if am just starting my business.

Answer: Actually, you can use all. But the best for you who has just established a firm is = Online or internet ads. 

B. Question: How does small business marketing strategies works

Answer: They works efficiently, but it depends on the way you practiced them. 

C. Question: Can this small business marketing strategies work for a large business organization

Answer: I can’t guarantee you 100%, but it also works for big firm perfectly. Also, I will advise you to try it out and tell us your  outcome. 



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