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100% Solution to unemployment

100% Solution to unemployment: The development of any countries in many ways as created a lot of opportunities to get something doing in order not to

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100% Solution to unemployment: The development of any countries in many ways as created a lot of opportunities to get something doing in order not to remain jobless. 

The rate of unemployment In most of the African country is due to the state that they are under development and slow in the rate. 

      Recommended tips to stick to

   The following tips will give you the right guidelines and knowledge on how to prevent you from unemployment in your particular country.

1. Be productive

   One out of the reason of being unemployed is caused by lack of productiveness, which is known as the way of bringing something out of nothing best define productiveness. 

In order not to remain jobless, find a way of creating something with a new idea which no one as done before in your society. This will help to solve the issue of joblessness and create employment opportunities for other individuals without employment.

2. Make researches on available jobs in your area

   Go into deep research of available jobs in your region so that you can able to discover new employment opportunities available for individuals who are in search of a job. 

Do not wait until companies and other industrial services provider openly announced job vacancy in order for you to apply for. So be the first to discover by searching and also apply with a complete genuine document for approval. 

 Most unemployment state of individuals is caused by a lack of findings that lead to a lack of awareness of available employment.

3.  Acquire more vocational skills

    This is the act of learning of additional skills and knowledge through vocational institutions. In most Africa countries, these are used as an additional job to their existing ones due to the low employment rate in the country. 

The extra vocational skills help individuals to remain jobless and serves as an extra income to their normal earnings, example of extra vocational skills are;


  • Technical engineering
  • Knitting 
  • Hairdressing
  • Tailoring 
  • Internet occupations like blogging, video editing, taking online surveys.


 Note: Major of this skills listed above are mostly practised in Africa countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and so on, 

while the internet occupations are practised by western countries likes American, UK, Canada e.t.c. African countries too do engage in online business but not as deep as the western world.

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4. Apply for job for a government employment opportunity

    The government of some particular country fully help in the creation of employment opportunities for individuals that obtain the required qualities, 

These are free and open jobs created by the government of a country in which individuals can easily be employed in without passing too many procedures before acceptance. 

Discover employment opportunities in your country created by the government in a way of making research and asking relating questions from other citizens of the country, 

this makes you know of existing and future employment opportunities in your particular country.

   The following listed and explains tips on how to remain jobless in your country should be read and understood carefully, in order to be knowledgable about the reasons of your unemployment and how to solve them successfully.

Where to easily obtain a job

There are a lot of places to quickly search and get a job, but I will recommend you should seek employment from the popular website listed below 
  2. Indeed job search 
  3. LinkUp
  4. Monster 
  5. Flexjobs 
  6. LinkedIn 
  7. Robert Half 
  8. Glassdoor
  9. Google for jobs 
  10. Info
In order for you to begin with your search, click here to start right away without moving an inch from where you are. 



A lot of individuals remain jobless not because of no employment opportunity or job vacancy, for it is due to their own ignorance and low productivity zeal in them.