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High 5+ responsive steps to take when your business is down

What to do if your business is down: Nowadays, major entrepreneurs don't know what to do if their organization is down. They tend to give up or qu

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High 5+ responsive steps to take when your business is down

What to do if your business is down: Nowadays, major entrepreneurs don’t know what to do if their organization is down. They tend to give up or quit at obtaining success, which is totally wrong!. 

The fact that your business is not functioning the way it supposed to be, does not clarify the end of it, you can still get your business to even more higher level. 

The development of your firm highly depends on you because you are the CEO of the industry. So if you are facing any challenges at running your organization, and you want to put an end to it. 

Then read this post carefully because I will be providing some useful tips that will help you get out of it.

 Once you correctly apply to the guidelines that I will be providing, your business will turn a new leaf for fast development. Let move on!. 

Your business can’t just be down without any reason causing it, for there are three common factors that cause the present status of your business. Which are; 

  • Poor management 
  • Lack of good productivity 
  • Absence of valued marketing strategies 

Here are the three negative factors that lead to the downfall of most business organizations. 

To eradicate this, let dive into a subtopics that provide you with the best and immediate ways to get your business up!. 

7 great practice to exercise when you firm is down 

Here, I will be listing and explain the distinguished action to indulge in if your firm is not functioning well. 

Let move on!.

1. Recognize and amend your mistakes 

The reason why your business is down is because of the certain errors you’ve made, which you may not be aware of.

 So, To make your organization get up again. You have to identify this blunders and correct them immediately. 


How you can recognize your mistakes

There are different ways to recognize your mistakes, but I will be providing you with the best out of the multiple. 


  1. Point out the factors that never work positively for your business 
  2. Analyze your business strategies 
  3. Provide statistics that present your organization operations 
  4. Go back to your firm account and locate your strange and frequent loses with it causes 

This is the best way to easily identify your mistakes. 

Once you can figure out what you’ve done wrong while running your organization and validly correct them, then your business is close to regaining its active status.  

 It is only the correction of your error that will allow positive changes to take place because you may end up doing the same all over again and still remain stagnant.

  The major successful firm you see presently once made a mistake but they always find a solution to it, which is the best thing for you to do at this crucial moment. So, stick to that and make effective use of it. 

2. Seek a valued business consultant

There are diverse things you can do if your business is down, as you can also get help from a consultant. 



Their aid may not be informed of money or physical help, for it can be a piece of advice that can change the situation of your organization rapidly.

 If you are just new to this sector “business consultants” and do not what it means or how they work, then let me simply expatiate the term for you.

Who are business consultants? 

 This is a set of individuals/organization that assist capitalist by giving them advice and perfect guidelines on how to successfully run their business. 

The main job of a business consultant is to put you through the strategies and steps to take while managing your organization, especially at this point when your firm is down. 

There are a lot of firm consultants you can reach out there, either digital or physical type. The best ones are highlighted below.

The best business consultant to contact

Here, I will be listing out the distinguished aiding firms. 


  1. Orchid Black 
  2. Asambly Consulting 
  3. Accenture 
  4. Alvarez & Marsal
  5. Flobotics 
  6. Bella Vix
  7. Out2 Bound 
  8. Mako Design Invent 
  9. BS LLC Branding Agency 

This are the recommend business consultant that could aid in changing the situation of your organization for better. 

To solve your current problem, you will be needing the help of others. Though, this help are referred to be “external assistance“. 

So, to get your firm back up, try to seek one of the business consultant listed above because they will be the one to put you through your present issues. 

If you can’t get enough help from one of the following, you can easily try another consulting firm.

3. Get a long term business loan

In most cases when a firm is down, there will be no income to perform certain operations.



 In this state, your organization has lost its capital together with the profits. So, to get your business back up with the money, you need to acquire a loan. 

There are different loan you can apply for but the recommended one for you at this present state of your firm is “Long term business loan”.

Meaning of long term business loan

This can be defined as a temporary provision of money for capitalist which is attached with a specific interest for a long time.

The main advantage of this type of loan is to give your firm enough time to make efficient use of the money borrowed before payback. 

In this case, your organization will be able to regain its normal functioning ability. 

Where to successfully acquire a business loan

If you really need to borrow money for your business to retain its position, then there are a lot of  firms that are offering this opportunity. Some of them are listed below;


  • Accion
  • Smartbiz
  • Lending
  • Funding circle 
  • Rapid Finance 
  • Kabbage
  • Fund box

With the aid of these debt financing organizations highlighted above, you can easily apply for a long term business loan. 

The documents you will be needing…

Before you can acquire a loan from a debt financing organization, there are some certain credentials you must provide.

 This document are made important for any capitalist that want to borrow money from external Organizations, which are;


  • Valid bank statement 
  • Business licenses 
  • Tax returns 
  • EIN ( Employer identification number )
  • Evidence of ownership 
  • Evidence of firm identity 


Note: Other debt financing organization may ask you to provide a document that not part of the credential highlighted above. 

So, I will advise you to get fully prepared by providing more core files when applying for a business loan. 

4. Change your current marketing strategies

In most cases, the reason why major firms tend to be down maybe because of the way they market their product and services.

 So for you as a capitalist, you may be using the wrong tactics which are affecting your organization negatively.  

Your marketing strategies may be the cause of your business downfall, so you need to switch to other tactics of marketing your firm output. 

 There are different types of valuable ways to make your product and service available to the public, which will also help the current situations of your business positively. 


How to obtain a good business strategy

There are different means you can obtain good marketing Skills, one of the easiest ways is to search the Internet or seek a business consultant online. 

But not to worry, we have specially provided startup business marketing strategies that will aid in the development of your organizations. 

 Once you get the guidelines, be sure you make efficient use of it.  

5. Start operations again with a different pattern

The fact that your firm is down doesn’t take away its existence, for you can begin all over again in a different way. 

In this case, you will abandon the old pattern and adopt a new one.

 Let take a brief example of this aspect.


If your firm normally produced one colour of nylon in the same pattern.

 To change your pattern, you will enable your nylon industry to produces nylon with different colours and diverse pattern. 

By doing this, you have successfully changed your business patterns.


As we all know our popular social media app which is Facebook. This organization normally changes their pattern every specific season, Which could be informed of;


  • Updates 
  • Design 
  • Functions e.t.c 


The reason why Facebook do this is that they don’t want their organization to remain stagnant. Though, it can also aid them to attract more consumers. 

Going back to our topic, I will urge you to change your pattern of operation and productivity if you want your business get up back and able to function again. 

The current state of your firm won’t change if you don’t deviate from the way you run it. Changes only occur if an action takes place. 

Note this: When changing your business pattern, try to distinguish It from other relative ones.

6. Apply for a valid business grant

There has been the existence of different organizations or group of individuals that willingly want to support growing or downed entrepreneurs with money, which they often make it in form of a grant. 

They usually give a capitalist large amount of money without no interest nor intention for them to pay back, this set of an organization makes their help totally free. 

What is a business grant? 

This is referred to as the act of providing money subsidy mainly for firms (CEO). 

One of the factors of a downed organization is lacking money to fund it, there is neither present of capital or income/profit to perform any activities. 

Although some organization may not be suffering for money, it could be another factor affecting the industry. 

But if you need free financial assistance that won’t be paid back nor attached with interest, then I will advise you to go for grant opportunities.

Where to acquire valid firm grant

There are various money subsidizing organizations which are meant for entrepreneurs, some of them are listed below; 


  • US-African Development Foundation 
  • AYEEN financial grants 
  • GroFin Fund 
  • Bank of Industry 
  • CIPE Private funding 


Note: These opportunities are applied to all countries but they are mostly focused on Africa. 

7. Join a standard business supporting cooperation 

A place where you can easily gain support and receive immediate assistance can be best referred to be a “cooperative“.

  These days, we have a lot of association that are meant for different purposes. 

But we will be talking about the business cooperative as it relates to our topic.  

The main role of cooperative is to provide support for their fellow co-partners. So for you whose firm is down, you will be needing them for their assistance. 



They will help you to some certain extent where you can easily take over.

Popular business cooperatives

Here are major firm association you can easily partake in. 


  • Rabobank
  • Amul
  • Cool
  • Cabot Creamery 
  • KPMG
  • Sherwood Co-op
  • Shared Interest

Note: Don’t be assured to receive 100% assistant from this cooperative, as they perform their aid based on their capability.

Attempting Questions & Answers

Some certain questions popularly asked on the search engine that needs to be answered. Here, will be treating them quickly. 

A. Question: Can my business exist again if abandoned?

Answer: Yes of course! If you can follow the steps highlighted in this post and make use of them vividly. 

B. Question: What are the things that make my firm rundown? And how can i solve them?

Answer: A lot of factors can make your organization be at this present condition, but you can easily recognize them if you carefully study your business. 

There are different way to solve this issue you are facing, but you can try out our simple solutions on this article. 

C. Question: which best business consultant can i contact for immediate response.

Answer: Though we have different available consultants for firm, but i will recommend to go for “Orchid black”. 

D. Question: What is the difference between “grant” and “loan”.

Answer: The core differences is; loan is money borrowed that must be returned at a specific period of time which is added with a certain interest. While grant does include internet and cannot be returned.