Popular technology innovator you need to know about


Popular technology innovator you need to know about

Let use electricity for example by been One of the greatest product of science that was mainly invented by Thales of Miletus at 600BC ago, but was lat

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Let use electricity for example by been One of the greatest product of science that was mainly invented by Thales of Miletus at 600BC ago, but was later reformed and given the name “electricity” by a scientist called “William Gilbert” in the year 1660. This is the scientist that brought the idea of creating an electrostatic generator for generating static electrics. Due to this great technological innovation, we are presently living a simplified life with the help of electricity and electronics. In today world, most of our activities are made simplified with the help of a gadget that is being controlled by electricity. Most of the appliances in our home will be very useless if there is no source of electricity.
With this, the discovery of electricity is ranked over every other invention. For electric is the soul of every active technology.
Moving further, let check out another technology innovator that has really made this earth a sweet home for us

Charles Babbage (Inventor of Computer)

The computer has been a very useful tool in the business sector, it makes all activities to be done accurate at a faster rate.
Following the developmental history of the computer, it was recorded in the mid-1830s when Charles baggage invented the first automatic digital computer. He was the first man to invent the computer that can operate digitally. Charles Babbage also improve more by developing the first Analytical Engine in 1833. Since the occurrence of this early invention, it has been a stepping stone for the development of the computer.

The generation of computer

Computer development takes place in different dimensions for a set of years.

1. Vacuum tube stage – created in the year 1940 to 1955.
2. Transistor stage – created in the year 1950 to 1960
3. Integrated Circuit – created in the year 1964 to 1971
4. Microprocessor – created in the year 1971 till date

These are the different generations used by computer technology used for complete developments.

Inventor of programming language

Inventor of programming language

Again let take a look at another popular technology innovator whose name is Ada Lovelace who invented the first programming language.

Ada Lovelace was a worker at Charles Babbage company. She was the one that created the first Algorithm for the Analytical Engine in the year 1883. This program engine was created to compute Bernoulli numbers which were created by Charles Babbage.

Technology innovator of programming language

Ada lovelace

Ada Lovelace has been the one who started the programmatic evolution on planet earth. This breakthrough has served as the bedrock for other programming languages to rise up.
Some of this language is;

  • Assembly language
  • Autocode
  • Algol
  • LISP
  • Basic
  • Pascal
  • Ruby
  • C++
  • Java
  • Visual Basic
  • Pythons
  • Go
  • Ruby
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Swift. E.T.C

There are some of the programming languages that were invented after Ada Lovelace inventions.

Since the invention of programming language, the way technology way tech and digital used to operate change. This time around, this device is giving the ability to operate on its own with just a little help from Man.
One of the most used programming languages for tech and software development is “Python”. Pythons have been a great coding language that has been used to solve the different solutions of Man. This language is often used by other languages to bring out the best results needed by developers.

Benefits that are earned from the invention of programming language

Since we’ve talked about the way languages that is used for coding are been invented. Also, let check out the advantage obtained from it.

1. Increases the production of tech device
2. Helps at simplifying human Life
3. Improves digital technology
4. Helps the Evolution of AI (Artificial intelligence)
5. Changes the business world and its activitie

Moving on to Another technology innovator who invented the “Internet”.

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Who invented the internet?

Who invented the internet

On this type of invention, it was only done by one person. It was a gradual process by different scientists who put a lot of theories into practice.

The first idea of the internet was introduced by Nikola Telsa. The is a scientist that thought of the inventions of the worldwide network (the 1900s).

The internet was nearly fulfilled when J.C.R Licklider brought the idea of creating “intergalactic Networks” that will be based on computers.
This second scientist idea has been the one that brought light to what the internet is today even if it was not projected at that time.

The process does not end here. Year after, the internet system was developed to the “packing switching” method by the scientist. This system has been a stepping stone to make what the internet is today by enabling the transmissions of electronics data from one computer to another wirelessly.

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Who is credited for the inventions of the internet?

Since nobody is been fully noted for the complete inventions of the internet, then the world has to a conclusion to only credit two computer scientists who are; Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn.

These are the scientist that invented the packing switching internet protocol we use presently today.

Now, it is time to check back in history who first invented the first automobile and what model it is.

Who is the first to ever come up with an idea to create an “Automobile

According to history, Carl Benz was the first mechanical engineer to create the first automobile (1885 – 1886)

Technology innovator of the Internet

During the period before 1886, Carl Benz first automobile car was still under development. This automobile was made of a one-cylinder with a two-stroke unit. This automobile uses a gasoline engine for movement also made to possess lightweight according to the structure. It also comprises of three wheels ( two at back and one at the front), this old Benz has the look of a tricycle due to its wheel type. Carl usual uses this automobile to travel to a distance ranging from 170 – 180 kilometres. The general output for this car then was 0.75hp (horsepower).

Technology innovator of car

Carl Benz

Since then, Carl Benz has been working on creating a new model of care since he launched his first model (no 1) in 1886 with a patent number of “37435”.
Currently, Benz is one of the top leading cars with high mechanical technology for transportation.

How do I become a technology innovator

There are some steps that are required of you which will make you achieve this goal easily.

  1. Identify your potential
    Set your focus
  2. Work in your science weakness
  3. Observe things around you carefully
  4. Develop the appetite for solving problems
  5. Start making trials on your dreams


The role of technology innovator from that past to the present world had been very useful for the human race. With the help of their inventions, we are all able to live in a comfortable world today.