15 super valuable things you can do with your smartphone for business purposes

    15 super valuable things you can do with your smartphone for business purposes:  For you being a capitalist that controls a part

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15 super valuable things you can do with your smartphone for business purposes


  15 super valuable things you can do with your smartphone for business purposes:  For you being a capitalist that controls a particular business, there are diverse operations you can perform on your smartphone for the purpose of achieving a certain aim in your firm. 

With the help of developed technology, our current mobile device now obtains some dynamics features that made some impossible things possible to perform.  Like the;


  • AI-Powered system 
  • High internet speed 
  • Availability of large storage 
  • Dynamic camera lens 
  • The fast processing system, and so on. 

If not for technology, there won’t be any existence of smartphones. That is; the development of technology directly varies to the development of our smartphone.   Simple!. 

What is a smartphone?

According to its name, it can be defined as a type of mobile device that is capable of executing extraordinary tasks successfully with the aid of its smart feature ( AI ).


Fact: Do you know that our first mobile device was invented on… 3rd Of April 1973 by the Motorola company. Thus, the calculation of this invention is approximately 48 years ago. 


As I go on with my explanation, let quickly look at the various areas where your smartphone phone will be useful for in an organization.  Stay on!…

Some certain things you can do with your  smartphone for business purposes

In this section, I will be listing out the operations you can execute on your smart device for the aim of your firm with vivid explanations.    Let get started!…

1. Simplified communication

With your smartphone, you can easily pass a piece of information across many people at the same time interval. 

Currently, most entrepreneurs don’t need to meet their business partner before they execute any task. 

This is because, with the aid of their smartphone, they can easily communicate with each other over very long distances. 

As a fact, our first mobile phone was mainly created to enable communication between one another. That the reason why communicating is said to be one of the core features of a mobile phone.

Now, let talk about the different dimensions you can use your mobile as communication for the purpose of your firm.


  • Voice call 
  • Video call 
  • Messaging 
Voice call: With the aid of your device, you can make a voice call to pass and execute any information to your co-workers or client at ease.

Video call: This is another form of communication in our device which any capitalist can use for conveying information to another individual virtually. 

Video calling makes you see the person you are currently communicating with, and also provide the real virtual identity of the individual. 

 Let take a little example to see how you can efficiently use video call to achieve some business aims. 


If it happened to be that you travelled to a very distant place from your firm and your employers need your quick attention on something very important at your industry which you know you won’t be able to make it there at that right time.

Now, what will be your next act of action or plan B

With the help of your device, you can simply do a single or group video call with your employers so that they can feel the present even though you are not there physically. 

And with that, you can easily attend to them with a better virtual explanation.  Simple as that,  Let move on!

Messaging: This has been one of the major used types of communication for some decades now. 

What is messaging? 

This is best referred to be the act of exchanging text data or e-mail to one another with the use of an app installed in the device ( computer ).

In this century, 70% of business-owner often use this type of communication method to interact with their client ( consumer ) officially.

 With my own overview, they often use the following platform (apps) effectively 


  1. WhatsApp Business 
  2. Facebook 
  3. LinkedIn 

These are the most popular business messaging app for entrepreneurs and individuals. 

What can I use these platforms for? 

Actually, there are a lot of operations you can perform with this. But notwithstanding, I will be listing the core ones out. Which are;


  • Creation of firm group
  • Promotion of business out-put 
  • Interaction class 
  • Obtaining of consumers 
  • Quick conveying of pieces of information 

To wrap this up, your smartphones can be used for different communication method which will also contribute to the accomplishing of your firm purposes. 

2. Easy data entry

In most cases, 65% of the things you perform on your computer can be done on your small portable cellphone successfully especially in this aspect. 


What am trying to say is that; the majority of the documents or data you create with your laptops can simply be achieved with your mobile device. 

What does data entry mean? 

It refers to the act of inputting data ( type of data) into the computer system with the aid of a keyboard ( software or hardware ). 

Note: The term ” computer system” stated above also referred to any device that can compute ( receive, store and processing information) like your smartphone. 

With the aid of your device, you can simply create business documents, data, file and credentials without using a computer but with several applications found on your mobile phone like;


  • Note 
  • Microsoft word 
  • Magpi 
  • Survey CTO
  • Teamscope 
  • Auto entry 
  • Ninox
  • CommCare , e.t.c. 

By using these apps, you can simply create valid documents anywhere you find your self even in time of business emergencies. 

So, can you now see the advantages of possessing an advanced smart-device as an entrepreneur?.  

Leave that answer to your self as we proceed to the next stage.    Stay on!.

3. Easy data storage

Storing of data has been made more simplified on our smartphones, especially the devices with advanced technology. 

That is, they provide more storage capacity for abundant of files to be stored. 

On a constant occasion, major firms tend to store their files and documents in a computer with large memory. But in this case, you can easily store all of this on your smartphone conveniently. 

Although, it is compulsory for all large firm to use standard computers for the storage of their documents. But your cellphone can also perform this successfully with the aid of the following;


  • High storage capacity 
  • Internet storage providers 
  • External storage system 


For the internet storage providers, you can choose between Google or iCloud platform. 

By using the following method highlighted in this sector, your business files and important data can be stored on your smartphone for a very long time. 

4. Prompt digital marketing

With the aid of your enhanced device, you can easily market your business online with the help of the following apps and website; 


  • WhatsApp 
  • Facebook 
  • Adsense 
  • Pinterest, and so on. 

On a serious note, 70% of developing organizations use their mobile device to attract more potential consumers to what they produce. 

They neither use their computer nor other gadgets, but they still digitalize their business output mainly on their mobile phone. 

Reasons why you should use your mobile device for digital marketing

The following reasons are precisely listed below;


  • Quick campaign 
  • Very convenient to perform
  • It can be done anywhere 
  • It is not affected by some factors
  • Gives the privilege to be performed 24/7

So for you capitalist reading this post, it has now been made clear that you can also perform digital marketing conveniently on your smart device without depending too much on your computer.     R e a d   on !

5. Business analysis

Your firm can also be analyzed by the use of your smartphone.  Most times, some analysis is performed digitally.

 Which means: 

The activities won’t be informed of physical strength, but executed on any tech devices.  

What business analysis can I perform on my smart device?

There are different organizational analysis and balance you can execute on your smartphone, some of them are; 


  • Accessing business credentials on your device 
  • Using an external App to perform some specific operations 
  • Highlighting of your firm features with the aid of the internet service on your device 
  • Balancing your business operational time. 

Most entrepreneurs don’t know if they can perform any analysis on their device, which is obvious. 

But now, I hope have made it clear that several investigations of all the sector of a firm can be executed on your mini-mobile computer.

6. Valid business research

With the availability of the internet on your cellphone, diverse findings can be made for the purpose of your organization. 

The internet has been referred to be a home of diverse discoveries where a lot of ideas can be obtained. 



With this, it takes a core part when involving in research on your phone. 

Platforms where you can freely make business explorations 

Places that enable free valid research will are listed below; 


  • Google 
  • Bing 
  • Duck duck go 
  • Wikipedia

Again, you can also make business exploration with different means on your device, like 


  • Communicating 
  • Accessing records 
  • Finding on social media 


With the aid of your mobile communication, you can also make valid business research without surfing the internet. 


Fact: Making research on smartphones is more convenient than on a computer. 

This means: The way you handle your phone when exploring will be different on the computer. 

That is;  With your device, you are allowed to perform diverse operations comfortably than that of your computer. 

 Do  you  grasp  that?

I hope you do.   Let move on!

7. Quick emergency response

Some times in our business, we do experience some sudden incident that needs immediate responses which are hard to find. But with your smartphone, all this can be made possible. 

 How can this be possible?

On every device, emergency mode is implemented. This feature allows anyone to contact their nearest institutions that respond to the type of emergency you are currently going through. 

That is; If your firm is experiencing any unexpected crisis, you can simply contact any institution that best responds to the situation without paying any charges. (Callers fees).

Note: Your state or region emergency number will be needed to contact any institution that provides the service. 

So, make sure you make valid findings of all the important EMGY no your region uses. 

Also, you can use your phone to get a quick response to any emergency situations you are facing by letting the social media world to be aware of your business current problem.  

Note: I will advise you to make your statement serious when crying out for help on social media for help because you will be responded the way you present your situation. 

This is important!. 

For quick media response, I will recommend you to use the following social media platform when seeking for emergency help with your smartphone.


  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Tweeter
  • Quora  

In conclusion, I hope you’ve now seen the way your smartphone can aid you in getting a quick emergency response.  

8. Encryption of core information

On your device, you can simply save all your business vital information validly without it been accessed by unauthorized users. 



In most cases, big entrepreneurs do possess a lot of core credentials which they don’t want to be disclosed to their rivals (competitors). 

So for them to protect it, they can either use their computer or in other places like;


  • Flash drive 
  • CD drive 
  • By documentation  and 
  • In the bank, for storing core information. 

But for you reading this post, your smartphone can easily perform this action in a simple step.   Let prove that!

Normally, all phones are built with a space for storing information. 

But there are some other external organizations where you can store your information by joining their platform on your phone. 

The following listed below are types of online storage you will be needing, which are;


  • iCloud 
  • Google drive 
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon Dr 
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • ASP. Net core 

Note: The storage platform listed above are both compatible with iOS and Android phones.

Also, you can secure information on your device by protecting it with code, pattern or password.


9. Timing and accuracy

With the aid of multiple features our device possesses, it also makes the timing of activities in the firm possible. 

That is; You can simply use your cellphone to determine the finishing state of an active task, and also to measure the specific time frame of an operation. 

How you can perform this easily

With the use of the Timer and stopwatch you have on your smartphone, you can easily make this happen.  

The Stopwatch will help you get the exact time a task is performed in your firm, even though the action performed was for a very short time frame.

 It can still measure it in seconds or minutes. 

How does my smartphone make my business or me accurate?

There are the different way this is made happened, some of them are listed below


  • Obtaining the exact time needed 
  • By providing you with a correct time frame of a performed operation. 
  • Gives clear answer to the things that involve action in your business and your activities. 
  • Makes your timing 100% perfect. 


These are some of the things that enable your device to make you accurate in your business.

10. Environment security

With the improvement in technology, there are several means a portable device can protect some specific area of your firm. This can be performed through the power of AI or a mechanism. 

For example; If you have a CCTV camera implemented in the building of your organization, you can simply monitor all the activities going on there with your device by simply connecting the two gadget together ( phone & the CCTV camera) 

Which smartphone CCTV camera can I use?

For best performance, I will recommend you to use ZoneCCTV to protect your firm properties from internal or external dangers. 

Also, you can secure your firm properties by using AI robots or drone with your smartphone. Normally, the biggest organization uses AI drones to protect their entire structure from negative physical factors. 

11. Personal AI assistant

For every entrepreneur that controls a large industry, there is a need to be assisted in the role of his/her activities because they alone cannot accomplish all the task successfully. 

So to make it easy for you, your device can also be your personal assistant.



How this can be possible

With  the aid of the rapid development of technology, this is easily made possible. 

Now let me give an answer to the question highlighted above.

If you are an IOS user, you will easily grasp what am about to explain. 

As we all know that IOS phone has a personal AI assistant known to be Siri. This AI features allows the user to have to request, command and execute any tasks by just talking to it in the presence of an internet connection. 

Now imagine how this could be of help to you as a capitalist. 

Note: Android user can also perform this same operation by using their free google assistant. 

12. Voice and data translation

This has been a very useful feature installed on major the smartphones, which is used by business owners including consumers. 

With these features, you can communicate fluently with all your consumers that speak a different language without even knowing it.  

That the main work of data and voice translation on your device.

How It works

To make use of this translating technology, you are going to be needing an app called Google translate or other apps that can make the translation possible. 

Once that is done, what you just need to is;


  • Select or highlight the text 
  • Choose your desire language 
  • Finally, click on translate to convert it to your under-stable language. That all!. 

If you can use these features efficiently on your smartphone, it will increase your business;


  • Demand rate
  • Brand image 
  • Potential International consumers 
  • International and local sales 

Note: These features mainly work with your internet connection.

13. Creation of business logo

This is one of the easiest projects to perform on your mobile phone, as it has been simplified with some application. 

In this current century, major firms want their organization to be distinguished from others. 

So, they do this by creating a logo or standard business brand. But most of them hire graphics designers or professional logo maker to create one for them. 

But here, I will show you how to make a standard logo for your business with your smartphone.   Let move on!

Procedure to take….

Actually, there aren’t many things you need to do. But just download and make efficient use of the apps listed below;


  • 3D logo maker 
  • Logo maker shop 
  • Logo maker plus 
  • Sketch 
  • Logo factory app
  • Freelogodesign

Note: You may not be able to make perfect use of these apps at your first trial, but your continuity in it will make you an expert!. 

14. Creation of business Card


This also is related to the one listed above but of different uses. For an entrepreneur like you, you are required to obtain a valid business card. 

What is a business card?

This can be defined as a card that contains an entrepreneur’s business name, number, address, and affiliation.  

How do I create one on my smartphone?

This is not a big deal, you just need to make use of some application on your phone. After that, you are done. 

The apps you will be needing are;


  • Business card maker
  • Business card designer 
  • Canva 
  • CamCard 
  • Impress
  • AI business card generator 
  • iCheck business card 


Once you’ve created your business card with the applications listed above, you can print it out by connecting your mobile device to a compatible printer. 

Or if you are an android user, you can simply transfer it to your external SD card and perform the print out with your flash drive connected to the computer. Simple!

Note: This type of card you create on your mobile phone can also be called a digital card.

15. Processing of business transactions ( sending and receiving of firm values)

This has been one of the valuable tasks that a capitalist mostly uses their smartphone phone for, including you. 

With your device, you can send and receive money from any part of the world through your;


  • Local mobile banking apps / SBI 
  • SMS banking 
  • USSD mobile banking, and so on..

Although, the method listed above is based on your local bank. But you can make valid business transactions with other countries conveniently by using the following popular bank association, which are;


  • Western union 
  • Transferwise 
  • Money gram 
  • WorldRemit 
  • Skrill 
  • PayPal, e.t.c 

With the aid of them, you can easily receive and send money internationally for any business purposes. 

And again, they also provide you with a digital debit and credit card for any online payment. 

Note: These business transactions do not only involve sending and receiving money, for it also means the transferring or transporting of firm values like its products, services and so on. 

How does Smartphones phone help businesses?

As listed above in different categories, there are different way our enhanced phones could be of help to our organization. 
For example, when documents that are meant to be created on a laptop is executed on your smart-cell phone. With that, it has clarify how it aid to business development in different aspect. 
Some of the areas where this help occurs most is in the production, communication, documentation, and researching sectors in an organization.

The merit of using your enhanced phone for business purposes

By using your device to execute some task in your firm, it will provide you with the following benefits.


  • It simplifies your operations 
  • Saves time and energy 
  • High mobility of performable task 
  • Boost your digital marketing skills 
  • Make your firms macro gadget less dependent on 
  • Save organization utility costs and increase profits 
  • Gives you access to diverse tools for the development of your business 

At this juncture, let end this merit sector and move on to the opposite aspect of it.   S T A Y   ON !


Demerit of making use of your smart device for the aims of a firm 

In some cases, the utilization of your smartphone affects your organization negatively.

 Though it may not be rampant as a positive effect but it stills occurs rarely. 

Now, let look at some of them below; 


  • Poor output result 
  • Decrease inefficiency 
  • Neglected use of other valuable gadgets 
  • Deduct of cooperativeness and orderliness. 

Related Questions and Answers

IYeah!, we have come along the way in explaining the potential user of your enhanced device for business purposes.

 Now, let treat some questions that will enlighten you more on this topic.   R e a d  O n ! 

1. Question: Why do I need to perform some of my tasks on my phone when there is a computer available? 

Answer: Actually, there are portions of things you can conveniently execute on your smartphone than making use of your computer. 

And again, there are some certain features you can find on your android/iOS which are not on the computer. 

2. Question: Which type of device or model will be good to perform the operations listed in this article?

Answer: Though there is diverse smartphone out there you can use to achieve some aims in your organization. But I will recommend the use of the phone listed below; 


  • Samsung Galaxy S9-S20
  • iPhone 7 – 12 pro
  • Infinix Hot 10
  • Tecno Camon 12 
  • Tecno phantom 9 
  • Vivo Y12
  • HTC U play  


Or you can use any android phone that is version 10 or upward and have a storage of 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

3. Question: Which network method will be best for my smartphone if I want to use it for valid business research, is it wifi or cellular data?

Answer: for best performance, I will recommend you to opt-in for a WiFi network because it provides the best internet surfing experience with fast downloading.  

4. Question: Can I install some business software that is for the computer on my device?

Answer: Yes, but it depends on the software developers if they also create an android or iOS version of it. So, I will advise you to search the software relating name on your smartphone app installer like;


  • Google play    and 
  • App Store (iPhone)

5. Question: what type of business accept the use of a mobile device to perform operations?

Answer: Your smartphone can be used for any business you find yourself doing, but just make research on the sector where it will be effective and more useful.