Update on CorelDRAW 13 – How it can used to archive task in the organization

   Corel Draw is computer software used to create, edit, and format invalid media. This is mainly to create images, logos, files, documents a

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CorelDRAW uses in an organisation
 Corel Draw is computer software used to create, edit, and format invalid media. This is mainly to create images, logos, files, documents and things related to graphic arts.
 Corel Draw is known as one of the best graphic design programs used by top graphic artists. You can use this auxiliary computer application to make another project executable. 
After the creation of Corel Draw 13, 
the developers hope to build and update Corel 13, which is Corel Draw 20. 
This update has various benefits that can improve the way you complete your business operations and provide more reasons for entrepreneurs to use the software. 
In today’s business world, graphic design has occupied the position of portraits designs. So, that why every capitalist should at least understand Corel graphics.
In this article, we will just look at the potential that can be achieved and how to use it in conjunction with Corel Draw 9-20. let’s start!

Tasks that can be executed on Corel draw 9-20 included with

When a graphic designer uses CorelDraw software, there are several things that can be achieved. For entrepreneurs who don’t know how this software works, this may be a good time to learn. 
First, let’s see what can be done. 
One of the things this software can perform are;
  • Creating documents 
  • Display statistics 
  • Creating logos and brand images 
  • Formatting and editing documents

1. Document creation 

Corel Draw can be easily used to create documents with the functions you have already obtained. It can be a government identity certificate held by an organization or some kind of mobile document used in daily life. 

Using Corel Draw may be stressful, but it will not last long. If you have not installed the Corel Draw software, please click here to download any version of your choice. 
Note: Before starting the download, please make sure you enter choose your system window version. i.e window 7 32 bit / 64 bit, window 8 32 bit / 64 bit. 
After downloading and installing the Corel Draw software, you can launch the application and start using it. 
Create your first document in Corel Draw
 #1. After launching the software in the window, you can set a specific frame for your document by clicking the rectangular icon in the left toolbar. 
Then move the mouse to the centre of the CorelDraw screen and draw a rectangle while holding down the right mouse button while moving left and right on the screen. 
Usually, you can switch to the rectangular layout on the Corel Draw main screen. 
#2 Select the “A” text icon from the toolbox listed in the vertical part on the left, and then move the mouse to the position where you want to start writing. 
Then click the left mouse button to make the cursor appear on the screen
#3 Once the writing cursor is activated, you can use different sizes of text as headings to properly structure the document. The text size can be placed at the top. 
You can use any text size that best suits your document. 
For simplicity, Corel Draw makes them easy to access. 
#4 This is where you can change the text font to make it look better. It can also be in the upper left corner of the screen. 
#5 To add media to the document, you just need to copy them from anywhere on your computer and paste them into the Corel drawing board.
If you need to change any of the inserted images, the tools available in the software can do it. 
#6 Use the following keyboard shortcuts to perform operations in Corel Draw 
  • Ctrl + S (Save current operation) 
  • Ctrl + Z (Undo operation) 
  • Ctrl + P (Print document) 
  • Ctrl + E (Export current document) 
For reference, you don’t need any special knowledge to create documents in Corel Draw. 
With Corel Draw, you can create multiple pages without restriction. accumulation.

2. Statistical representation

It is easy to create a graphical representation of each data set in Corel Draw, and many tools are provided for this. 
In business, we can perform data analysis in, 
  • Pie charts
  • Bar charts
  • Donuts CharPie 
This are usually the most common type of chart used to display business statistics. Differentiate the data by sorting the information by 360° (the circumference of the circle) and keeping the answer as a percentage. 
Use the following methods to create a pie chart data view in Corel Draw. 
#1 Go to the left toolbar and select the circle from the group of shapes displayed there
#2 Draw a circle by moving and holding down the left mouse button until a circle is drawn.
#3 Use a straight line to divide the sectors of the circle to classify the data. These lines on the circle can be drawn using the Bezier tool

You can make your own pie chart, just make sure it is grouped. 
To do this, follow these steps: Select the pie chart. Right-click the centre of the mouse. Choose from the available options “Group” or “Group all”
We have reached the end of this section, and more graphics will be explained in our future versions.

2. Logo and trademark creation

As the Corel drawing shows, the software can easily create any logo and any image you can think of. For business purposes, it is very useful when you need to create a logo. 

let Learn what logos/brands you can create in Corel Draw
#1 Go to your toolbar and click on the shape or text, depending on whether you want to create a logo with your own name or brand image. 
#2 Use the shapes and letters on the toolbar to collect things you can find in your imagination.
#3 Decorate your logo with mixed colours to make your logo stand out. 
To insert any form of colour graphics, right-click on an mouse and left-click on any shadow. 
The colour palette can be found on the right vertical side of the screen or in the rectangular area below the tool
#4 After that, group your projects together when you are done.
Also, don’t forget to use Ctrl + E to export your logo to a file directory. 
Note: When exporting the project, do not leave any work outside or inside the editing layout. If so, make sure to delete them all to export them properly. 
Here, the image file type must also be set to; Standard JPG bitmap.

3. Format and edit documents 

There is nothing special about using Corel Draw to modify documents, it is just a term for updating or changing existing content. 
For example, an organization wants to make some changes to its privacy policy and policies, but this is not recorded in legal documents. 
If the documents were originally created using Corel Draw, you can easily update them by simply opening the above files and starting
Re-editing IT developers can easily make changes to the entire project in Corel Draw.

The reason why Corel Draw should be part of the company’s tools

When other bundled software is available, many entrepreneurs still think there is no reason to use Corel Draw. 
If you are one of these entrepreneurs, please see what makes this software useful for the entire company. 
  • Designed for various tasks 
  • Perfectly integrated with various tools 
  • Easy to use and understand 
  • Perform tasks at the same time.