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Using tic tac toe techniques can help you overcome your rivals in marketing

Marketing involves making your goods available to the consumer in exchange for money. It can also be referred to as a commercial process of pr

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  1. Tic tac toe marketing techniques

Marketing involves making your goods available to the consumer in exchange for money. It can also be referred to as a commercial process of promoting your goods/service for quick discovery and purchase by the consumers. 

Marketing has been the method producer uses to make his/her products with services reach the end-users at ease. Most time, these tasks are hard to accomplish because of multiple competition from the relative firm. 

An entrepreneur whose aim is to make his business outputs consumed by consumers at large will have various challenges in the process due to the high rate of other capitalists who is also after this same goal. 

With the help of some thorough research, we were able to discover a game that consists of some special techniques you can use to beat your rivals. This game is named to be tic tac toe which is mostly referred to as “X and O“.  

Tic tac toe a type of game that can be classified under puzzle genres, it involves the use of sense to defeat the other player.

In the section below, I will be listing the X and O winning method you can use as a technique to overtake your rival in the field of your business. 

X and O winning strategies that can be used as techniques to defeat your contestants

Players who win their opposite in this type of game uses three ways to make this happen.  These methods can be found below with a description of how to use them right. 

1. Mere starting point technique

There are several spaces to start in the Tic Tac Toe game, a player can enter any value between X or O in the upper right corner, the middlebox left corner, the left corner left and so on.


Mere starting point techniques



The majority of Tic Tac Toe players start with the middlebox or in the upper left corner, this has become the usual way of participating in games compete with each other.

By using a mere initial point technique, it will not be easy for your rivals to understand your movements. One unusual place that most players ignore this type of game is the middle and right-left corner.

This position seems to rarely win quickly.

But here, a mere starting point will be used as a technique for overcoming your competitors in business.

How it works …

There is nothing difficult about this special X and O strategy, you just have to be different in the field. Seriously doing things will make your competitor’s eyes on you. Simple like that!

2. Double-crossing techniques

In the Tic Tac Toe game, there are nine available spaces to enter a value. This can be x or o depending on the letters of the two players choosing.

 The dual intersection method occurs when a player is trapped in both angles by the opposite player. The picture below shows how X is trapped by O in the middle of the game.


Double crossing techniques


Looking at the picture above carefully, X has doubled by O in the upper right corner and at the lower-left corner. It tells that, O has a high potential to overcome X with these techniques.

Give more opportunities to win X at a difficult stage.

For each entrepreneur present at home now, a double intersection strategy Tic Tac Toe can help you deal with your rivals who after the same goal as you.

Dual intersection techniques can be used in winning business competitions by simply using them as used in Tic Tac Toe.

This is what happened in the realm of business …

As an example; An organization owned by you has a potential goal to produce a smartphone that will be used by people around the world. But because the relative other relative companies compete with you, it will be difficult for this purpose to be achieved in full expectations.

Even so, you can finish this by just applying Tic Tac Toe-Crossing techniques to your marketing skills.

I will provide some simple illustrations below of how to use this game strategy to deal with your rivals.

Here, we go to the main agreement

#1 To make this technique perfectly work, you need to make your organization extension that provides other services

Companies competing with you will need.

As an example; The main smartphone builder uses several resources outside their organization to complete the manufacture of devices. Technology materials such as microchip CPU are obtained from other industries that produce them.

By making these ingredients available to consume other relative companies, you are 2 steps from implementing X and O double-crossing techniques.

#2 After setting the extension of your company that serves some other company services of your type you will need, the next action that needs to be taken is;

A rebrand that extensions with other names and destinations that don’t easily point to your main organization. By doing this, your rival will find it difficult to find the secret action executed by your organization.

#3 The last step you need to take is; Publish an extension and recommend your business rival to patronize the services offered.

With that, you are enough to cross them by having an organization that provides important ingredients needed by your rivals for the complete production of their smartphones.

3. Two opportunity technique

When the players keep the game, there is a high probability that a double opportunity to win will fall into one player, there will be two incoming opportunity techniques.

Most of the time, the dual intersection method always leads to the availability of two ways.


Two opportunity techniques


Look at the picture above again, you will see that O has gained two opportunities to win X. This is how the technique of two opportunities is seen in the Tic Tac Toe game.

Implementing this strategy in your business marketing skills requires several simple procedures.

For business, the technique of two opportunities can only occur after you have managed to practice the Tic Tac Toe Double-Crossing method.

Here’s how it works …

#1 You will get two opportunities to win your rival when your company has successfully used a double-crossed strategy by making extensions that serve their core needs.

#2 This becomes more valuable when your competitors then realize that they depend on your organization before the production can work.

With that, they will give up chasing the goals they are looking for.

Note: Always in his mind; Without using Tic Tac Toe Double-Crossing techniques as the foundation, the development of other strategies will be difficult.

Reasons for using this technique  

Imitating the skills of a game skills played with high-level sensitivity is a smart idea. With the number of benefits that can be obtained from the Tic Tac Toe game,

This gives more reasons for use by entrepreneurs.


  1. Easy to implement
  2. This technique is equipped with a different pattern
  3. Anyone can use it
  4. Unknown
  5. Tic Tac Toe technique does not require special skills
  6. It will help in developing your company


Adapting to the technique for games can be very clear, but think about the benefits that can be obtained from it.

 Tic Tac Toe Marking technique can be one of the factors that will change your company and also make you win over whatever competition you find.

You are advised to try all X & O winning strategies highlighted in this article and don’t forget to give us valid feedback about the results through the comments section below.