13 distinct ways to prevent your firm from future breakdown

     As an entrepreneur, there are a lot of things to do in order to keep your business running. Its progress and continuity mainly depend

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13 distinct ways to prevent your firm from future breakdown



 As an entrepreneur, there are a lot of things to do in order to keep your business running. Its progress and continuity mainly depend on you!. 

In this 21st century, the majority of known companies are no longer in operation. They are either down or extinct in a physical aspect.  

The reason why this catastrophe occurs to them maybe because of their own actions or external factors, one out of the two can be the cause of it.

 So to prevent this same catastrophe from occurring to you or your business, you must have indulged in some preventive measures. 

That the reason why I will urge you to put the tips that are listed on this post at your right hand

Meaning you should make use of it and never forget them.  If you can perfectly do so, there is high tendency that the future of your company is safe. 

But if you fail to practice them, there is low tendency that your firm might exist for long. 

As said earlier, the future of your firm lies in your hand. It now left for you to take the right actions or otherwise. Now, let get started!. 

12 extraordinary method that aid at preventin firm future downfall 

Here, the outstanding tips for avoiding posterity breakdown for your organization will be detailed out. Now, let get started!.

1. Create valuable leverage 

In an organization, there is always a division of labour. Each department in a company performs different functions that they are assigned to do. All these things are done to improve the productivity of the organization, and also keep it operating. 



What is leverage?

This can be defined as the engaging of many skilled substance or individuals to specify on one particular thing at an effective rate. 

Note: This definition does not apply to “account” theory because they are totally different. 

By creating a large amount of leverage, you are simply giving your organization a strong definite future. Leverage helps to reduce your stress and still improve your development at a dynamic rate. 

2. Super insure your business

This is one of the vital ways to easily secure the future of your organization, as it is mostly used by the major firm we have presently.

 Once your organization and its cores sectors are on paid protection, then the posterity of your firm is safe. 

Meaning of  insurance

This is bestly defined as a paid protection against future losses which is provided by a company. 

There are a lot of thing you don’t know may happen to your firm in the nearest future. So, it will be best for you to insure it. To make it easy for you, let quickly look into popular insurance company you can partner with. 

The popular insurance company you can rely on

Here are the top organizations that are best at securing the future of your firm, which are;


  • Next Insurance 
  • Founder shield 
  • Berkshire Hathaway 
  • Ping An insurance 
  • Aviva PLC
  • Simply Business 
  • State Farm 
  • AXA S.A 
  • Allianz SE 
  • Insureon 
  • Anthem, Inc.
  • Prudential plc


With the help of this insurance company, you can fully protect your business from future disasters.

3.Create active branches

The amount of extension a firm possesses will determine how long it will operate at different locations.  By creating branches, you are simply establishing the clone of your firm in a different area.


What is a branch?


In a layman language, a branch can be defined as the division of a larger or complex organization in a different area. 

The essence of a branch in this topic is, it  could serve as a substitute if the main firm is down or facing any hazard like;


  • Fire out beak 
  • Explosion 
  • Earthquake 
  • Robbery attack 
  • Climate factors 
  • Collapse e.t.c 

Then, the business branches will be used to continue their operations. In this case, your firm has been potentially saved from future downfall. 

4. Enable private savings

The ability to keep money in a special place for a specific period of time is best referred to as savings. 

But this type of savings is different from the other ones you’ve been practising. 



In this aspect, the money you are keeping will neither be for you nor for external bodies, for it is only meant for your business. 

If you can cultivate the habit of saving for the sake of your firm, it will be hard for your organization to experience a downfall. 

Where you can save your business money

 There are different ways you can keep your income, though you can easily save them at; 


  • Local Banks 
  • Cooperatives 
  • Digital banks ( transferwise, cowryrise, kudaki, western union e.t.c )


The best place to save is recommended to be at your local bank because you can easily open a savings account for your business and start operating it instantly. 

The moment you start saving, that is when you have a solid assurance of overcoming any unexpected financial crisis.

5. Employ extra – qualified employers

The people working with you also make a great impact in your organization, either positively or negatively.  There are two main types of employers you can employ, either a qualified or unqualified type.

 The unqualified type is easy to get and abundant in nature while the other type is directly opposite to this one. 

To protect the future of our firm, it will be best for you to sign in a competent and skilled individual that is best for the position of the job.

Key Fact: What makes up a successful organization are the factors that constitute to the operations performed daily. 

To conclude this, make sure you take your time to search, select and employ a qualified employer. 

Once this is done accurately, your firm will easily exhibit good factors and also prevent it from incidental downfall. 

6. Avoid frequent loss

When an organization often experiences loss, there is an  high tendency of nearest breakdown. Though it okay for you to to have some loses, but it is not acceptable when it occurs frequently. 

Your loss is advised to be moderate and replaced with an increased profit, so as to save your business from future downfall. 

Ways you can avoid excess loss

There are diverse simple ways to avoid deduct the income of your business, the significant of them are precisely highlighted below;


  • Proper management 
  • Good accounting 
  • Simple distribution channel 
  • Avoid debtors 
  • Prevention of Product damage 

The following will help you to solve the loss issue, but not to 100%

The main activities and running of organizations depend on money because it is an income that enables development. 

So If your income is affected negatively, then the development and function of your organization will also be affected negatively. That simple!. 

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7. Always stay fully updated

Different things are going on around you which you may not be aware of, for you may only come across a few of them. 

As an entrepreneur, you are required to be business-wise. Meaning you should be filled with current knowledge about business and other things collaborating with it.  



As we all know that we are developing every single day, and a lot of things has to change which will also affect the way we run our business.

 So if you don’t get updated, you may be left behind. There  are different aspect you can be current, it can either be in;


  • News 
  • Your strategies 
  • Things you use 
  • Method of operation 
  • Rules and regulations and a lot more. 

There are still more numerous way we can be updated, you can even spot them out easily by your self. 

How you can be updated

There are different means you can make yourself current, as you can watch the news,  gather information from tv stations, or you can easily visit these websites to make it easier;


  • Bloomberg 
  • BBC
  • Insights Sucess
  • Fortune 
  • See Business 
  • Business Daily 
  • Financial Time 
  • Seeking Alpha 
  • Yahoo News 
  • Business Standard 

By being updated, it will help the development and operations of your firms. And also prevent it from nearest breakdown. 

8. Avoid practicing excess loan

Loan has been the easiest financial assistant that most organization apply for when they are in need of money. 

But in most cases, capitalist tend to practice it frequently even if they can handle the present situation with their normal income (profit), which is totally wrong!.

 A loan is best needed if our business financial status is very low, and you can’t survive it. But if you can still manage through with your regular income, you don’t need to seek for any loan. 

This is because excess borrowing of money will later make you bankrupt.  if this happens, you won’t be able to payback and it will directly affect your business. 

So, I will advise you to abstain from applying for loans frequently. You are only advised to borrow when you have no other option, but not when you still have an alternative. 

So, I will urge you to regulate your system of acquiring for Loan. This is because too much of it may constitute to the downfall of your business. 

9. Implement strict laws and regulations

When a community is guided by rules and regulations, there will be enough chances to control and regulate the action of people living in it. 



This also applies to a business organization because it also a type of community, but of different aspect. For your firm to be maintained, you must implement a strict law with tough punishment. 

If you can do this successfully, your employers won’t want to disobey the laws because of the consequences attached to it. 

And once this happens, the posterity of your firm is dynamically saved. But without the implementation of these laws, the following things may happen to your firm;


  • Not organized
  • Decrease in development 
  • Decrease in productivity 
  • Embezzlement of business profit
  • Unexpected breakdown and so on. 

The essence of law is to govern everybody in a community including the leaders. So, this may even help you to take your business serious and prevent in from future breakdown. 


10. Partner with successful organizations

The best method to easily earn assistance is by associating with your fellow firms, especially the successful ones. This is because, they will help you out if your organization is facing any challenge, and you will also help them out if they also need you.  

There are different way you can partner with other companies, it could be in local or international form.

 The local partnership is common and easier to join because it is based on your particular country. While international partnership may require long processes.

 You can partner locally by searching around you or even creating an association for others to join. But the best of all is to partake in an association that has been long existing and also possesses a good image.

 By partaking with them, you will have an assurance of their assistance when you really need it. 

Note: I will recommend you to carefully select out the best partnership, so as not to fall into the wrong hand. 

11. Give extra support to external organizations

The way you help others will determine the way others will assist you. By supporting an external organization, you are indirectly supporting your firm. 

This may not sound well or it may look obvious to you, but this is the actual fact. 

Some small organizations around you need assistant, either locally or Internationally. It does not matter how distance or how close they are to you, for you can simply help them out if you are in the position to do so. 

Most football club you see today are sponsored by different external firms, they are provided with either;


  • Money 
  • Facilities and equipment 
  • Brand and logo e.t.c

With the help of this, their club will be able to develop fast and earn multiple fans. 

The merit you will obtain in doing this

There are a lot of benefits you can earn from offering this aids to others, let look at some of them below;


  • Improves firm image 
  • Increase your consumer 
  • Available Potential assistance from others 
  • Helps your marketing strategies positively
  • Make your firm widely discoverable 
  • Prevents the downfall of your business 

The major aid you will gain in helping an external factor is the improvement of brand image, which means people will recognize your organization for the good deeds you have done. 

In reversal form, other organization will also want to help if you need assistance. In this case, your firm is successfully prevented from future downfall. That a simple logic!.

12. Check your equipment and facilities regularly 

The things that are used in an operational industry needs to be frequently checked, especially the electronics ones. Without doing a checkup on them, they could experience an unexpected breakdown or even leads to dangerous hazards like;


  • Explosion 
  • Exotic scents 
  • Fire outbreak 
  • Disruption of building, and so on. 

But if the equipment is well managed and serviced, there won’t be any negative effects of it because the tools will be in their best conditions.

 Now, let relate it to the aspect of a business. As said earlier, what constitutes to the development of an organization are the factors that involved in it. And this factor could be;


  • Labour 
  • Capital 
  • Skills
  • Equipment and gadget, e.t.c

While the most effectively used factor is labour because it involves the presence of a human. 

Though human can do all the work a lot alone, but they also need gadget and tools for supporting the assistant. Now, what if these tools are not in good condition, Will accomplishing of operations be possible? 

The answer is absolute No!. Without an equipment in good order, the productivity of an organization will be affected negatively.

  And if the productivity is affected, your business is likely to experience an unexpected breakdown. 

So to prevent this, make sure all your firm tools and gadget are in the right state.  By doing so, the posterity status of your organization is fully saved. 

13. Inspect the operations performed in your company frequently

There are a lot of things that take place in your organization that you may not be aware of, some are openly done while others the opposite.

 In most cases, major operations performed in your company may not be done in the right way which is due to lack of inspections by you or the manager in charge. 

And if this continues without making amendments, it could affect the; 


  • Development 
  • Productivity 
  • Profit and demand 
  • Brand image, and many more. 

The worst part of it is that, by the time things start to go wrong, you may not be able to trace the cause because you are ignorant of the things happening in your organization. 

And if care is not taken, it may lead to the downfall of your business.  To prevent this incident from occurring, I will urge you to always inspect the operations performed in your organization. 

With that, you will able to know what’s is going on and also have the ability to take immediate actions if a blunder is committed in the tasks performed. If all this is done successfully, then the future of your firm is brightly encrypted. 

What are your thoughts?

In this post, we’ve talked about a lot of things that could aid in preventing your firm from future downfall. Reasoning in my own perspective, I believe you have grasped some things from this article. 

But to enlighten your more, I will be treating some questions attached with the answer you may be willing to ask. Let get started!. 

Answered questions that may be asked

1. Question: can I predict the future status of my organization. 

Answer: well, to say the fact. You can’t do that at 100% rate because you don’t know what the future may bring. 

But I will advise all capitalist out there including you! to develop the zeal of pursuing their dreams and also stick to their progressives plans. 

2. Question: What if my business is currently down, can I still project a good future for it. 

Answer: Yes, of course, there are sure big chances for it, but only if you can bring it up back by taking some certain steps. 

3. Question. How can I implement leverage in my business?

Answer: It easy to do actually, you can simply apply leverage by having more internal and external employers to perform a different specific task that is based on what your organization produces. 

By doing this, you are successfully using the power of leverage to run your business. 

4. Question: How will I know if the future of my business is safe?

Answer: By making sure you do the necessary things that are to be done and also taking note of the positive changes that occur in its status of your firm.




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