which client would you advise to advertise on the search network?

Which client would you advise to advertise on the search network?

Again, we have come up with another answer for a popular question that is being asked on the internet by entrepreneurs and business owners.

This questions mainly deals with online advertising and promotion which takes place on the search network. Before I elaborate this question, Let us quickly check out it answer from the options highlighted below.

  • Jim, who wants to reach people on social networks interested in poetry
  • Suzy, who wants to reach people browsing travel websites about China
  • Bill, who wants to reach people looking for plumbing services
  • Carol, who wants to reach people watching YouTube videos

From the options listed above, the correct answer to the question is “C” Bill, who wants to reach people looking for plumbing services.

Now it time to elaborate this questions for better understanding.

When ever we are talking advertising online or on search network, it makes creating awareness to product and services to the right audience. As is it in the options above, since Bill want to reach out to people looking for plumbing service. Then the place for him to attract the rightful customers is on the search network by creating a campaign.

Popular search network like Google helps business to meet their rightful consumers through google ads.

What is google ads?

Google ads is a platform that allow entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals to run a campaign where by their ads will show across millions of site on the internet and also on search network. This is how the google ads works.

So for Bill using the search network platform for his plumbing business, it will be very easy for his potential consumers to discover him. But If he decides to use the broadcasting platform, he won’t be able to track his audience like the the way it can be done on google ads.

Also, don’t forget to read the article google created for this type of question by clicking the link below

Read also: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/1722047

In conclusion, the option B perfect gives the right answer to this Google ads Fundamental Certification question. But

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