Work from home part time jobs in 2021 you need to know about

Are you looking for work from home part time jobs in 2021? And you need it urgently? Then that should not be your problem again because I will be outlining different online paying jobs you can easily start within this year. Also, bonus tips will be shared for free at the end of this article. So, I will urge you to read till the end for the best experience of this post.

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5 work from home part time Jobs you can massive income from in 2021

As said earlier, different profiting online jobs will be highlighted out with full details.

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  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Vlogger
  • Virtual assistant
  • Data entry 
  • SEO Manager
  • Online Advertising Manager

1. Freelancing

Freelancing online remote work

Freelancing has been one of the fastest-growing remote work from home jobs that is paying more than other online work. At the time of the pandemic ( COVID-19), freelancing grew up to 36% within 12 months. Most of the people living at the western uses the freelancing market to looks for professional individuals who can execute their task for them online since they are not permitted to go outsides from their outside by their government.

Now we are talking interns of an individual for post tasks in the freelancing market, even big companies were found on the freelancing market looking for individuals who can help them perform some tasks for their business in exchange for a reasonable amount of money.

So now your questions may be;

Where is the freelancing market?

How can I register and get jobs for what I am good at?

Here is it

The freelancing market is not located elsewhere except on the Internet, It is not like the physical market you think it is. Freelancing is a market that is mainly operational in an online platform like; Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, e.t.c These online platforms allows you to be able to meet those who are in need of the service you can render without doubt about it.

For instance, a company is looking for a freelancer (You) that can develop a standard website for their company. And as for you who saw their job request in the freelancing market, you will want to apply for the job if you are a professional in this field.

In this way, you will easily get employed online with the skills you have acquire.

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2. Blogging

Yeah!, we’ve come to another popular work from home part time job you easily begin within 2021. Blogging has been and always will be one that multipurpose online work that anybody can do if you know how to read and write.

Blogging work from home

The only thing that can cause an obstruction for you in this field is not possessing all the digital gadgets that it needed for accessing the Internet intensively. This is because blogging requires a lot of tools to be used in order to get the best out of it.

How do blogging works?

This online occupation is not complicated though, all that is just needed of you is to have a website, niche, domains, unique content, approved advertising platform or other monetization platforms, and decent amount of traffic. That all!.

If you want to become a blogger then you must have a blog (Mini website) where you can easily post all content you’ve written by yourself. For you, if you are just starting in this blogging career, then I will strongly recommend you to create your first blog on

Wait.. wait…. You may be thinking about the money that is needed in order to get your blog register on this platform.

Here is the good news.

Blogger is free blog creation platform where you don’t need to pay a dime to get your website live. This platform is proudly owned by Google and they are the one that is still in operations.

Now, this is what is needed of you now.
Go to the platform, find a good niche, register your domains, choose a theme and start publishing unique content.
That it. You are good to go.

3. Affiliate marketing

As the world is developing, the Internet is developing and as the Internet is developing, the business sectors are also developing.

What you see above is the source of where Affiliate marketing is given birth from.

Affiliate marketing is another online work entirely that you do part time from home.

Affiliate marketing work from home jobs

What is Affiliate marketing?

This is the act of helping other businesses to promote their product and services in exchange for a commission.

In a nutshell, the definition above simply means;
You or some sets of individuals will help a firm to sell their product and services with the aid of marketing skills in exchange for some specific amount of money which is called (Commission).

It is now very easy to start Affiliate Marketing in this current century, I mean the internet based one. Since every business wants their products to dominate the Internet, they will do all it takes to make this happen.

You can be in your room and be making thousands of per week by just promoting other people’s products online.

This is what I call the “New Age Affiliate Marketing System”.

You really don’t need to start meetings people physically one or one all in the name of marketing a product. All these can simply be done online by using three internet promotions tools.

How to use Affiliate marketing to work from home in 2021

Now, it’s time I show you how to start making money from the comfort of your house with Affiliate marketing.

Note: These are procedures that will be listed out consequently

  • Search for Any product online
  • Located their affiliate marketing ares
  • Sign up and select a product to promote
  • Use affiliate marketing skills to
  • promote the business product online.

The best affiliate marketing platform to joins in 2021

Without a platform, you won’t be able to exercise your ability to market a product online and also make money from it. The best affiliate marketing platforms to join this year are listed below;

  • Amazon associates
  • ShareAsale
  • ClickBank
  • Awin
  • Bluehost
  • eBay partner network
  • Peerfly

This are the best affiliate marketing program you can easily join in 2021 to making money from home


4. Vlogging

Vlogging is the opposite form of Blogging, it deals with creating, editing, and uploading video on the internet for monetization purposes.

Vlogging online work

Vlogging is another work from home part time job you can easily go for if you have no interest in writing content online. But the things that are just needed of you in this platform are just to be uploading video content and you will be paid per view.

Best Vlogging platform to join in 2021 for online work

As a reminder quote; For everything thing your will be doing online, you need a good online space to execute your ability. Here, I will be listing out the best website where you can upload your video and earn a reasonable income from it.

  1. Youtube
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Vimeo
  5. Flicker

Youtube is the best video monetization platform ever if you want to make enough money from your creativity. Since youtube has over 2billion active users on their platform, making a reasonable amount of money under them won’t be a hard thing.

For Facebook, this is also a great platform where you can easily get known by Millions of people in your entertainment field. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms on planet earth with over 2billions users.

Then why not try this platform out. You are going to love working with them.

As for Instagram, it already migrating from a normal picture and chat social platform to a Vidoe social platform. Instagram knows well known as a place where you can post videos and easily get viewers within a minute. Soon, this social platform will be like our current popular video platform (youtube).


5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assisting job has been one of the fastest online part-time works that pay better than other physical assistant jobs. This type of work gives you access to work for different companies and different individuals at the comfort of your home. You don’t have to be seen physically first before getting allowed for this job. Once you are fitted for the jobs, you will be instantly employed online.

Online virtual assistance worker

What is the main role of a Virtual assistant?

As the name implies, you will act as an assistant for a company or individual who needs helps to get business/personal tasks executed quickly.

In this job role, you are to help whoever paid through digital means.

Popular part time virtual assistant jobs available for you


1. Virtual Executive Assistant – Olympia area


2. Virtual assistant – Streamline paint inc @ Santa Rosa


3. Administrative Assistant for a Publishing Organization in Taiwan – Virtualcoworker @ Davis, CA


4. Administrative Assistant I – Vetsource Portland, OR


5. Office assistant – JCYC @ San Francisco, CA


This is the list of the available online virtual assistant jobs you can easily apply for in 2021.

6. Data Entry

Do you know how to type quickly on the computer keyboard? Or have any expert experience in editing of documents? If yes, then this job is suitable for you.

Data Entry simply deals with typing of information into the computer. You can receive the different aspects of this kind of job online. It can be informed of editing, creating, and formatting of documents.

But Note this: This type of online occupation mainly deals with those who are computer/keyboard gurus. Meaning those who can type very well on the computer without stress.

7. SEO manager

SEO work from home jobs

Here we come to meet other popular online occupations that pay extremely high. Any individual applying for this type of work tends to be an SEO genius. Which’s means; He/She know how search engine optimization works with the easy ranking strategy.

Who is A SEO manager

This is an individual whose occupation is to maintain and improve the SEO status of a website that belongs to a person or a company.

The main goal of this online job is to make a website receive more traffic from search engines.

For you to be an SEO manager, you need to be an expert in search engine optimization. Or else, you will be able to work for no one. In this type of occupation, your number of online income depends on the level of your skill.

Places to find SEO manager work from part time online job in your vicinity

Since this is a critical type of occupation, the best places to online employment opportunities are from popular platforms like;

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Jobberman
  • Myjobmag
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor

LinkedIn is one of the best places to see all kinds of employment opportunities. It is a business social platform that allows the CEO to easily communicates with a potential employer. With the help of LinkedIn, you can get the jobs you’ve been dreaming of within some weeks.

This is how it works,

Once you’ve created a LinkedIn account, all information you provided when registering on the platform will be used to match you with companies who are in search of the type of skill you acquire. That all

Taking a look at Facebook from this aspect again, it is still one of the leading social platforms to get employment opportunities from business online. Since Facebook has a section where Jobs seeker and owners and owners can interact, then it will be easy for you to get employed on this platform.

8. Online advertising manager

As the digital advertising sector grows every day, it enables more extensions to be created. You can now help companies to run campaigns on the internet and get paid instantly for the task carried out.

Because of the way the internet has gotten overcrowded, it has now given firms no choice but to hire an expert who can expose their product and service to millions of audiences online. With this, I has given you lots of opportunities to get employed in this field.

Which platform will be best for executing this type of job?

Not to lie, social media has been a place where a lot of business transactions take place. But notwithstanding, there is a place on the Internet that dominates the advertising sector.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Google ads are the best advertising network on planet earth by it possessing millions of active advertisers all over the globe. Google ads have always been the first tool online marketers opt-in for when they won’t promote a product or service on the internet .

Here is how Google ads works

First, advertisers pay to google some amount of money needed to launch their campaign on the internet. Then Google takes this campaign a place across a website that has the same keyword as the one provided by the advertisers. That it.

Available Jobs for online marketing manager

Latest employment opportunities available for this type of occupation in 2021


1. Digital Marketing and Advertising Manager – Hey SoCal | Monrovia, CA


2. Amazon Hub Coop Advertising Manager Amazon | WA, USA


3. Marketing Manager – Museum of Science | Boston, MA


4. Digital Marketing Manager – Synergy Global Housing, LLC ~ San Ramon, CA, USA


5. Remote Ecommerce Advertising Manager – West Coast Career | Seattle, WA


6. Digital Marketing Executive – SY2, Shrewsbury, Shropshire


7. E-Commerce Manager (Digital Marketing) – Pertermps Telford


Which job is best for work from home?

There is various online work out there you can do from home but the best ones are listed below as has also been provided above.

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Content writing
  3. Web development and blogging
  4. Virtual assistant
  5. Video skit maker
  6. Translator
  7. Freelancer


Bonus tips

I hope you remember what I said about freelancing at the beginning of this post? Now it is time for me to tell you the best freelancing market you can use in 2021 and upwards. Not to put you in suspense, the best platform to receive remote jobs online is called “Fiveer”.

Fiverr is the largest freelancing market we have on planet earth. On Fiverr, an order is made every 4 seconds.
That cool right? Yeah

This means you can receive an unlimited amount of jobs from Fiverr if you can use the platform well.



At this stage, I hope you have gotten at least one work from home part-time job that you easily use as a source of living in 2021. For those who still don’t get things right in this article, you can simply contact Us to get ultimate support from our delegated team.

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